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    They Shall Look Upon the One They Have Pierced


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    They Shall Look Upon the One They Have Pierced

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    Notebook: 1943
    Page: 246
    Chp: They Shall Look Upon the One They Have Pierced

    August 17

    Jesus says:

    "When I have it said by the mouth of the Beloved that 'even those who pierced Me' will see Me, I do not intend to refer to those who pierced Me twenty centuries ago.

    "When I come, the time of the triumph of my Kingdom will have come. I have explained to you what my Kingdom and its subjects will be like It will be the time of the testimony of the spirit, the divine part enclosed in you which give you the image and likeness of God. As it is such, the spiritual parts will be the ones under consideration before the decision of judgment which separates the accursed from the blessed. And among the accursed will be those who with their sacrilegious spirit, which has sought the Beast, worshipped the Beast, and prostituted itself with the Beast, have, over the centuries, pierced the divine spirit of the Son of God after having pierced the flesh of the Son of Man in the founders of the accursed succession.

    "The Son of Man. Have you never reflected that in this term lies the truth explained yesterday? By my human lineage, I am the (Firstborn) Son of Adam.

    "The multitude of those piercing Me is as numerous as the sand on the shore of the sea. Its grains cannot be counted.

    "All the crimes, all the sins committed against Me--now untouchable as regards human suffering, but still sensitive to the offenses committed against my Spirit--are registered in the books recording men's deeds.

    "All the betrayals after my benefits, all the disavowals, all the denials, and the sins against the Truth, brought by Me, all the sins against the Holy Spirit, who spoke through my mouth and came through Me to illuminate the words of the Word--all these piercings, committed over the centuries, by the race which I wanted to save, through knowing it to be so disinclined towards Goodness, will be present within the spirits brought together, who, in the dazzling Light of my flashing, will recognize what they did with their stubborn will to contest what was said and done by One who could not lie or perform works which were not useful according to the divine law of love.

    "The deniers of Love are those who have pierced Me and, along with Me, have struck Him who has begotten Me and Him who proceeds from our love as Father and Son. All judgment is entrusted to the Son, but the Son will also pronounce judgment on all the sins committed against the Father and the Spirit.

    "The bearer of Life, the eternal Living One and the eternal Immolated One, whom the world wanted dead, slain as one slays the delinquent who does harm--whereas I was the Holy One who forgave the Good One who did good, the Powerful One who healed, the Wise One who instructed--is He who will open the gates to true Death and enclose therein both the bodies and souls of those who have pierced Him. The bearer of Life which is lived in Heaven will close the gates of Hell upon the untouchable number of accursed, who have preferred Death to Life.

    "I shall do so, because I, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, your Savior and Lord, the eternal Judge, hold the keys to Death and Hell."

    Peace be with you always

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