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    Conquer People With Love


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    Conquer People With Love

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    In the Poem of the Man-God Jesus uses several words: obtain, and conquer.

    Obtain virtues. Conquer vice.

    Obtain Charity, and Purity for true strength.

    Then once you have obtained and conquered virtues, as in mastered them because, there is the incentive of evil,
    one must obtain to conquer the evil.

    And then He says: "I have created Heaven for you" Conquer it. His use of conquer, is to overcome, a conquest. To struggle against and gain the victory.

    Man is in a fallen state and evil is predominant choice for most, darkness. To get out of darkness one must conquer the fallen state. God created Heaven for man to obtain, originally without all this suffering and struggling and obtaining, but, since man chose to become 'gods' rather than remain 'gods' of a Greater God, he must now conquer evil that is passed on through Original Sin. The Sin against God.

    Once you have understood the language of God, that is weeding through tons of false leads and deadends, it becomes very clear and the task to conquer is clear as day. Once you learn the Truth about the whole thing, then, your understanding is then, made clear. Once you a person understands, the undeniable Truth about the whole thing, it is relatively half the step. The rest is obtaining and conquering through the trials God sends to weed out the evil vices. That's what trials reveal, the hidden things that need to be cut off so you can enter directly into Heaven, at death. Without going to Purgatory to have them purged.

    Heaven is Pure, no evil, no foulness, no malice, no half measures. It is Pure Holy and Love. Therefore, you must strive to conquer vice and obtain all virtues to make sure your plant of Love, is the only one, and has bloomed perfectly so God can snatch you into Heaven without all the humbug.

    Peace be with you always

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