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    God as 'Administrator' and 'Judge' - Refering back in Time to Adam, Eve and Cain


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    God as 'Administrator' and 'Judge' - Refering back in Time to Adam, Eve and Cain

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    First from Notebook 1945-50 'Men and Apes' a paragraph taken, which Jesus explains several things: God is Love and wants His creatures to be like Him in this great attribute.

    This is where God has always wanted man to be, and then, Jesus the Prophet of prophets, the One, which was promised, the One, that will explain the Law and the Prophets, the One who 'perfects' them comes.

    Here's the paragraph:

    "Adam and Eve had sinned against the first of God's commands for man. A command implied in the other one, obedience, given to the couple: 'Eat everything, but not from this tree [Genesis 2:15-16, 3:2-3]. Obedience is love. If they had obeyed without yielding to any pressure by Evil exerted upon their spirit, intellect, heart, and flesh, they would have loved God 'with all their heart, with all their soul, and with all their strength,' as was explicitly ordered by the Lord much later [Deuteronomy 6]. They did not and were punished. But they did not sin in other other branch of love--love for one's neighbor. They did not curse even Cain, but wept over the one dead in the flesh and the one dead in spirit in equal measure, recognizing that the pain which God had permitted was just because they had created Pain with their sin and had to be the first to experience it in all of its ramifications. They thus remained children of God, and, along with them, the descendants coming after this pain. Cain sinned against love for God and love for his neighbor: He violated love completely, and God cursed him, and Cain did not repent. He and his children were thus nothing but children of the animal called man.
    Page 313.

    After having read through, most of the Notebooks, All of Poem of the Man-God (second time through) I have a clearer intellect then when I started.

    God is Love. He wanted his creatures to Love God, and Love our neighbors as we love ourselves. The condition: with all our hearts, with all our minds, with all our soul, with all our strength, in short, with all our being.

    Man had lost the ability to love when Grace parted from man. Grace is God, God is Love.

    Man had then two choices before him to form his character and person: Evil or Good. God is Good, Good is Love.

    The Lord calls the 'second' tree, the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil. I think meaning, man has now chosen to either form himself as good or evil. Whereas, God created, only Good in Adam. Then with the instigation of Satan, he learned Evil. So, in man are the incentives of both good and evil.

    Cain was cursed by God, because he did not Love God nor his neigbor. See here? God banquished Cain, but allowed him to live out his life, according to 'his' choice. Free will. See here? God administrated and orchestrated Cains removal from the 'family' of God's children.

    God always allows man to live out his life. But, remember, if you stray into serious evil and fall into it, never to come out, you are teetering on the brink of being removed from the land of the living. In some cases. God allows true evil to remain for a time as it is written in the Bible for God's purpose to come about. He is Administrator of all Life.

    Love motivates God. If there were many loving souls upon the earth, God would no doubt, do a lot of miracles we could not conceive of. As demonstrated by Jesus as Man-God. Love motivated Jesus to perform miracles, save souls, heal, convert and the Love from His Mother towards others, motivated Jesus to forgive certain sinners.

    Love motivates God.

    Love is obedience to God and obedience is love.

    In the times ahead, will you choose to love? Or will you choose to hate?

    Peace be with you always
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    Post on Tue Aug 09, 2011 6:01 pm by Poem

    The nagging question if Adam and Eve were in Grace, how could they still make the wrong choice?

    I had the same nagging question for a long time.

    They were not created Angels, they were given free will, they did not fully understand love even though Grace was love in them. This still did not fill the question.

    Adam and Eve were the first. They saw the work of God before them. They wanted 'more.' But innocently wanted more because God did not create 'bad.'

    This is where it gets really complex. We need more intelligence and understanding to see clearly their desire to know, Evil.

    To help us, the Lord explains Lucifer's desire to be like God. To actually be like God in ruling Heaven.

    Now let's understand, that God did not create 'evil.' God created a spirit, with free will. As long as you remain in 'Love' you truly remain free. Once you entertain another thought that is contrary to freedom, you become a master of slavery like Lucifer, and a slave to flesh like Adam and Eve. Not so bad you say? Wait till you meet with Satan who slobbers all over you and speaks. His voice is terrible.

    Now here comes the human reasoning without, Wisdom.

    An individual who became a god, based on self-centric 'I am.' Notice we have not individually 'always existed.' God on the other hand always existed. Thus we are born, and He is.

    Yes, from the lesser god that I am, I as the ego, said, well that's slavery to love! I'm not free! If God made me to love him, how come so and so? This doesn't seem right to me.

    Well, now the Wisdom begins to speak: "HE" "SPEAKS"

    He says, "I created you."

    I say, 'What?!'

    the ego is speaking here saying all kinds of rash rational thinking.

    This is the feeling of being separated from God. The ego thinks and believes 'it is,' because it is existing.

    I feel rather, pained about existing because, there are so many examples of 'it is' out there.

    Once I realized what 'Evil' is, I didn't want to copy that and live like that and be like that. But, my ego had not fully understood that I was created for God and by God to love. To love, and be free. Lucifer also did not love God fully and thus, he fell first before Adam.

    We have to individually contemplate and sometimes it takes a long time it seems and weigh all that the individual ego has come to understand. This is called 'rationalism' at work within man to keep God from teaching and taking possession of that soul to bring it 'Home.' Prodigal Son Parable.

    God is out there calling sons and daughters, 'prodigal ones,' to come home. But the rationalizing world with it's thickets and doctrines, have infiltrated and setup house in these individuals. It takes some time to break through these 'barriers.' Walled up. But, the individual must have at least an intrigue, 'good will' must also be there in that person. God works with 'good.'

    I still have areas where I cannot see within that is keeping me from a full freedom from these thickets I had been infested with. Layers of garbage.

    But let's read what Jesus says about 'change'

    Book 5

    23rd March 1944.

    Jesus says:

    « I could have intervened in time to prevent Lazarus' death. But I did not want to do that. I knew that his resurrection would be a double-edged weapon, because it would convert the righteous-minded Judaeans and would make the non-righteous-minded ones even more rancorous. The latter, because of this final blow of My power, would sentence Me to death. But I had come for that and it was now time that that should be accomplished. I could have gone at once, but I needed to convince the most stubborn incredulous people by means of a resurrection from advanced rottenness. And also My apostles, destined to spread My Faith in the world, needed a faith supported by miracles of the first magnitude.

    There was so much humanity in the apostles. I have already said so. It was not an insurmountable obstacle, on the contrary it was a logical consequence of their condition of men called to be My apostles when they were already grown-up. The mentality, the frame of mind of a person cannot be changed between one day and the next one. And, in My wisdom, I did not want to choose and educate children bringing them up according to My thought to make them My apostles. I could have done that, but I did not want to, lest souls should reproach Me for despising those who are not innocent and should justify themselves with the excuse that I also had made it clear that those whose characters are already formed cannot change. No. Everything can be changed if one is willing. In fact I turned cowardly, quarrelsome, usurious, sensual, incredulous people into martyrs, saints and evangelizers of the world. Only those who did not want, did not change.

    I loved and still love little and weak people - you are an example - providing they are willing to love and follow Me, and I turn such "nonentities" into My favourities, My friends, My ministers. I still make use of them, and they are a continuous miracle that I work to lead others to believe in Me, and not to kill the possibility of miracles. How languishing that possibility is at present! Like a lamp lacking oil it is in the throes of death and it dies, killed by the scanty or lacking faith in the God of miracles.

    There you have you, 'Only those who did not want' did not change.

    100% Desire from You men and women! 100%, even an twinkling is what Jesus even says in the Notebooks. The Desire to change must be in you or, no go. No pain, no gain.

    No couch potatoe ever change until they said: "I want to change." "I want."

    Interesting thing here folks, Jesus often said before He performed a miracle, "I want" ! Bam, the miracle took place and people were praising and thanking GOD.

    Where there is a lack of faith, there can be no miracles. Ask God for 'faith' to believe in Him.

    'God, because I know I do not have faith, in You, I cannot receive the miracle. But God I want to have Faith, I want to change, I want to Hope, and most of all I want to 'love.' '

    The simple answer to the first nagging question, is too simple that most people would not accept it. They simply, wanted to learn more, and to be like God in knowing evil. Then and only then would they have felt they were like 'God.'

    To break through the rationalism, one requires the desire to know God. This means a good will. An 'good' in you.

    Rationalism, is a nasty thing, because it cannot accept, a simple answer. Rationalism is in itself, complexity, a complex work. Once infested, the individual cannot, does not, accept a simple answer, therefore while seeking the absolute 'truth' when faces with the 'Truth' cannot accept it. It is counter productive to accepting the 'Truth.'

    Go,d even thought He created complex things of matter, is 'simplicity.' The creation shows God's intelligence, power, and creative thought. While on the other hand without simplicity, a thought to create cannot be born. Complexity happens in the 'work.'

    Thus, man is on the receiving end of complexity, His Work. And man trying to understand the complex structures created using matter, is scratching his head, because he first sees the simplicity of the thing, but when investigating notices the complexity of the created. Thus, he concludes without Wisdom the wrong summary. He doesn't see a Higher Intelligence at work. A road block, a thing of contradiction. Amen.

    Peace be with you always

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