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    The Unrepentant Thief Crucified Next to Jesus


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    The Unrepentant Thief Crucified Next to Jesus

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    From Book 5
    The Passion Section

    But the robber on the left hand side continues to insult from his cross. He seems to have summarised all the curses of the other people and he repeats them all, and ends by saying: « Save Yourself and save us, if You want people to believe You. You the Christ? You are mad! The world belongs to crafty people, and God does not exist. I do. That is true and everything is permitted to me. God?… Nonsense! Invented to keep us quiet. Long live our egos! Man's ego alone is king and god! »

    The other robber, who is on the right hand side with Mary almost near his feet, and looks at Her almost more than he looks at Jesus, and for some moments has been weeping murmuring: « My mother », says: « Be silent. Do you not fear God even now that you suffer this pain? Why do you insult Him Who is good? And His torture is even greater than ours. And He has done nothing wrong. »

    But the robber continues to curse.


    The Judaeans, driven beyond the open space, do not stop insulting, and the unrepentant robber echoes their insults.


    The other robber continues cursing.

    The unrepentant robber, on the left side of Jesus, met his end on earth and for the afterlife, Eternal Life because he did not allow the Good thoughts, sentiments, rather he was overcome by the crowd. The crowd which consisted of Pharisees, Scribes, Sadducee's--those of the Temple, were spewing Hatred--Satan's thoughts and sentiments thus, that robber followed this train of thought and sentiments.

    The other robber, who at the beginning also cursed, had a sudden change. Why? he had good in him, he was able to overcome at the last moment. The very last, since he's about to breath his last.

    Disma was saved.

    As you read this, Passion over and over, it is a serious trial for Jesus and His Followers.

    At this point, we have full Hatred in Man railing on Jesus and the Followers, His Disciples on one side, but all in front of Jesus, and the Disciples, looking on praying.

    The scene is thick with Hatred. Nothing but it.

    Roman soldiers are at this time, Guards. They are standing fast to allow no one to get past the perimeter. It's like God had a standing order given to these Roman Soldiers and Longinus was the Leader.

    It is a massive test of will power. The accusations coming from the so called supposed to be following God, Temple members, and the laymen, and certain soldiers, are insulting. To be humble and meek like Jesus is what it takes to ward off, such insults that comes from the 'pit' of Hell.

    These accuser, railing insults speak the words of Satan. It truly shows how much Satan Hates God. The unrepentant robber, was a child of Satan as well, because he allowed himself to be filled with his doctrine. Hatred and vice.

    Peace be with you always
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