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    The Repentant Robber Crucified Next To Jesus


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    The Repentant Robber Crucified Next To Jesus

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    Book 5

    The other one, who now looks at the Mother with deeper and deeper compassion, and weeps, answers him back sharply, when he hears that She also is included in the insult. « Be silent. Remember that you were born of a woman. And consider that our mothers have wept because of their sons. And they were tears of shame… because we are criminals. Our mothers are dead… I would like to ask mine to forgive me-… But shall I be able? She was a holy woman… I killed her with the sorrow I gave her… I am a sinner… Who will forgive me? Mother, in the name of Your dying Son, pray for me. »

    The Mother for a moment raises Her tortured face and looks at him, the poor wretch who through the remembrance of his mother and the contemplation of the Mother moves towards repentance, and She seems to caress him with Her kind gentle eyes.

    Disma weeps louder, which raises even more the mockery of the crowd and of his companion. The former shout: « Very well. Take Her as your mother. So She will have two criminal sons! » The latter aggravates the situation saying: « She loves you because you are a smaller copy of Her darling. »

    Jesus speaks for the first time: « Father, forgive them because they do not know what they are doing! »

    This prayer overcomes all fear in Disma. He dares to look at the Christ and says: « Lord, remember me when You are in Your Kingdom. It is just that I should suffer. But give me mercy and peace hereafter. I heard You speak once and I foolishly rejected Your word. I now repent. And I repent of my sins before You, the Son of the Most High. I believe that You come from God. I believe in Your power. I believe in Your mercy. Christ, forgive me in the name of Your Mother and of Your Most Holy Father. »

    Jesus turns round and looks at him with deep compassion, and He smiles a still beautiful smile with His poor tortured lips. He says: « I tell you: today you will be with Me in Paradise. »

    The repentant robber calms down, and as he no longer remembers the prayers he learned when a child, he repeats as an ejaculation: « Jesus Nazarene, king of the Jews, have mercy on me; Jesus Nazarene, king of the Jews, I hope in You; Jesus Nazarene, king of the Jesus, I believe in Your Divinity. »

    Lord mentions in the Notebooks that He had met Disma, during the three years. Disma was a highwayman, or bandit who gather in groups around certain pathways in the country, an open road type thing where the land is suitable to hide and ambush people in caravans, horses, donkeys, carts, walkers taking a journey. It is common knowledge that certain roads were used for 'business' purposes.

    Disma had rejected the Lords words, yet during the course of, Disma had given to Jesus something, some food.

    Certain circumstances cause people to take to the extreme and opposite moral stands, because, they have nothing, no home, no family, no work, nothing, and they do not want to starve to death. Disma had become unfortunate, yet he had good in him. This good even a morsel saved him in the end. While the other robber, brushed aside any good. He probably had some good, but, believed more in evil, because he could not see any good. This is very not good when souls are not able to see any good anywhere, thus, they lose hope and decide that good does not exist.

    What happens if every single soul thought this way? The Devil Wins.

    And all men end up in Hell.

    This is a war between Satan: Hell and Hatred, and, Christ: Good and Heaven.

    If you allow yourself to be convinced of no good, then you're Hell's child.

    If you allow yourself to be convinced of Good, then you have hope.

    Because either way until the last breath, you have a choice.

    The two robbers: They were judged as robbers and sentenced to die.

    How many robbers in the world that have not been judged by man? Billions.

    Robbers in God's eyes are those who rob God of the wealth of souls.

    Now back to the previous thought.

    These two robbers, convey to us, a very deep thought. They were on the verge of 'death.' People who are on the verge of death, have two choices in front of them. The first one is to die, rejecting Heaven, through Christ, redemption and salvation. And the second one is repenting before Christ that Heaven, will be your final destiny.

    It is probable that many souls in the world when they are on the verge of death, the reality will hit them. Their good will emerge and repent.

    Prayer makes this possible. To pray for souls daily. You contribute by your prayers. The Holy Mother prayed for Disma right then and there, and Her prayers to God is what saved Disma. Because Disma asked.

    Jesus says, this at the Wedding of Cana, "Be Friends with Mary."

    Peace be with you always
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