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    God Perfects Souls, Not Carnality


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    God Perfects Souls, Not Carnality

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    From Bible

    Luke 9:56
    The Son of man came not to destroy souls, but to save. And they went into another town.

    Genesis 2:7
    And the Lord God formed man of the slime of the earth: and breathed into his face the breath of life, and man became a living soul.

    So, by the very definition soul, means, 'man' in Grace. The complete man. For man is a living soul. Whether his soul is dead to Grace or imprisoned by sin. How it this? Simple, God infuses a soul into every man and woman. From the fallen state, then, man has to choose the way to 'regeneration.' From the Fallen state. Adam and Eve fell. Jesus and Mary, came to 'redeem.' Through the gifts of God which are in Christ Jesus, man can climb his way back out of the fallen state.

    The soul is what animates man. A man with a dead soul, is lesser than what God created, he is no different from the animals in life. Yet, the soul, urges man to rise up, elevate himself up.

    The soul is from God directly infused. The flesh however went through a twisty change from what God originally created, in that, Eve and Adam fornicated and gave birth to the animal man which God then infused a soul.

    Whereas, if Eve and Adam did not fornicate but instead wanted God to administer the procreation process, every man and woman would be much different today. The entire man.

    This is where it gets' confusing because of the Sin. Sin brings about a mess, chaos, confusion, and people have a hard time grasping what the Sin damaged in man. The Sin separated man from God within and without. The whole man fell from the lofty place of Grace into the mud. His spirit, became heavy with the flesh and the flesh which was blessed and raised, fell into the mud. When man begins to climb back up to God, his whole being under goes a conversion little by little, restoring man back to Fullness of Grace if he so wills. To get to this raised state, one has to live the life Jesus lived. He showed us the Way, and taught the principals.

    Today the world does not know. The world doesn't care. It has its own ideas of how to live and its own ideas about the Gospel. It is a life of denial of the sensual, the pride, and the greedy for gain of the material life. What Jesus commands is to love God and neighbor and not things and idols. Not a selfish love. But to want the good of everyone. In doing this, you end up in Heaven, with a boatload of things never thought possible. God gives gifts. Life is a gift. The Sacraments are gifts, though they were given by pain and suffering. The Earth is a gift. The Universe is a gift. All life is a gift on the Earth.

    Man by the definition of God means literally a living soul. That is what God created. The Sin brought about a degradation, mutilation, of man. Evil was introduced into his blood and intellect. The blood. This is the part that many scientists have a hard time believing in the modern world. The Bible clear states, the life is in the blood and Jesus shed all His Blood to give us the 'antidote' to Satan's venom. Satan is depicted as a Serpent. This Serpent is not a material Serpent, but a spiritual Serpent. Who likes to eat his prey. He likes to eat souls. Soul eater, after he poisons them to death.

    To the modern world blind to God and Satan, they think souleater is cool. Oh, how cool! But when the souleater comes after them, they don't think it's cool then. Jesus tells us in Poem of the Man-God to fight evil and not be afraid of it. For, He states, that what is the enemy before the Almighty, but vapor? Exactly, vapor, smoke. The Infinite looking at a mere atom in comparison. And with God on your side, who can lose?

    It can live in two states upon this Earth: living in sin or living in Grace. And whichever it chose to live, ends up in the Final Two Destiny's: Heaven or Hell.

    God came to restore the soul through Jesus Christ: John's Gospel chapter 3.

    Without true restoration, the soul if good and lived a virtuous life but not in the Holy Religion, still gets Heaven. But as Adam and Eve did, they went to Limbo. These go to Limbo till the Final Judgment Day.

    Without true restoration, the soul that lived in sin, obviously, according to God's Laws and Rules, goes to Hell. Not by God's choice, but by that souls choice.

    The third being a useless soul that remained 'lukewarm.' Sat on the fence and hid. These kind chose to be their own masters as well and well, they get spewed. They did nothing for God.

    The Lukewarm soul as it seems remains more or less in venial sins, because it is afraid to do evil. And at the sametime it is afraid to become truly hot for God by living according to Jesus' commandments, written in the Gospel.

    Some words, I did not write down the Notebook year, chapter and page but is in the Book Victim-Souls which is about 85 pages of text copied from the Notebooks themselves. (A small collection of Notebook pages)

    A few excerpts from the Notebooks:

    Jesus says:

    "As long as a soul refuses to allow itself to be admitted into the secret of suffering that I, Christ, tasted to the very bottom, it cannot claim to know My Doctrine completely, nor to have Lights that, stand out from the small Lights given to everyone."

    "I allow Rays of special Lights to escape from my Forehead crowned with thorns, from My transfixed Hands, from My pierced Feet and from My torn Breast. But these Rays go to those who fix their eyes on My Wounds and on My Grief, and who find Grief and Wounds more beautiful than any other created thing."

    "Stigmatization is not always bloody. Yet, every soul in love with Me, to the extent that she follows Me into that torture and death which is life, carries My Stigmata in her heart and mind. My Rays are weapons that wound, and Lights that illuminate. I am Grace who enters and gives life: I am Grace that instructs and elevates."

    "Because of My Generosity I give My Gifts to everyone, but I give infinitely more to those who give themselves totally to Me. And consider: if the works of all the just are written in the great Book that will be opened on the Last Day, the works of My beloved, who go so far as to make themselves a holocaust for Me, the works of those who became victim-souls voluntarily, just as I was, for the Redemption of their brethren, their works are written in My Heart, and will never be erased from there, for all Eternity."

    Peace be with you always

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    Spiritual perfection by evolution through Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and All of Heaven.
    For God originally created a spiritual son, encased in flesh. Then with the instigation of the devil he became a beast because he only thought about the flesh from then on. But later on he repented after all the evil had befallen him. To sin, means to give license to Satan to do whatever he wishes which is destruction and death. Sin comes in all shapes and sizes and it is 'endless.'

    To desire to live after the flesh means certain 'death.' Death to Heaven, to God, and to your own soul.

    The soul animates the flesh. Without it the flesh is the same as the rest of the beasts of the field.

    One must understand the 'spirit.' This is vital and crucial to successful Christian living at any time on the earth. For Jesus said: 'My words are spirit and they are life.' He wasn't talking to the carnal flesh, He was talking to souls. The flesh of man has it's own will and intelligence though rather limited to instincts like beasts of the field, and without a soul, the flesh would remain a beast. But because man has an higher intelligence which comes from God, he is able to elevate from a beast to a civilized man or woman.

    Definition from Merriam Webster though a lame explanation:

    Definition of CIVILIZED
    : characteristic of a state of civilization ; especially
    : characterized by taste, refinement, or restraint

    See civilized defined for English-language learners »
    Examples of CIVILIZED

    A civilized society must respond to crime with fairness and justice.

    Stop yelling. We have to be more civilized about this.

    Try to act like a civilized human being!

    a civilized way to spend the evening

    Definition of Civil still lame:

       [siv-uhl] Show IPA
    1. of, pertaining to, or consisting of citizens: civil life; civil society.
    2. of the commonwealth or state: civil affairs.
    3. of citizens in their ordinary capacity, or of the ordinary life and affairs of citizens, as distinguished from military and ecclesiastical life and affairs.
    4. of the citizen as an individual: civil liberty.
    5. befitting a citizen: a civil duty.
    6. of, or in a condition of, social order or organized government; civilized: civil peoples.
    7. adhering to the norms of polite social intercourse; not deficient in common courtesy: After their disagreement, their relations were civil though not cordial.
    8. marked by benevolence: He was a very civil sort, and we liked him immediately.
    9. (of divisions of time) legally recognized in the ordinary affairs of life: the civil year.
    10. of or pertaining to civil law.

    Civil means to respect and honor a higher social attitude. To do things in an orderly manner that is not overbearing, mean, slanderous, biligerent, but, polite, courteous, kind, intellectual, patient, doing the work or association in a quite manner where minds meet and can agree to a common living, livelihood, getting along and when disputes occur, they are dealt with in a peaceful manner not withholding, but just where all can benefit. To be civil means to come to terms while keeping all the meaningless anger, words, and other things in check. Means to suffer a bit for offenses. Civil means to come to an agreement in life with others so others are benefitting without being greedy, overbearing, looters, cheaters, thieves, murderers, and so forth. A civil society, deals with problems and issues to help others become better.

    Today this is not happening, because the world has taken on the doctrine of beasts, demons and devils. Thus, looting, thieving, murdering, stealing at any cost. The end result of this is nothing short of catastrophe and seriously undoable destruction. Hell comes to roost and eats a lot of souls.

    Satan lives to gulp down souls to fill up his miserable cave. You next?

    Peace be with you always

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