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    What People Do Not Understand About God one of the Main Ones


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    What People Do Not Understand About God one of the Main Ones

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    See, God is like a Good Father. If God did not reproach, man for sinful, bad behavior, then God would not be a True Father. Simple.

    The terrible wording you read about in the Apocalypse is God showing the future of Man fornicating with Satan. And a few saints that worked the 'Days' to convert these lost souls. They are lost souls. One way or the other.

    The terrible words could be 'greatly' more descriptive. But the Lord being Love has withheld His Tongue from speaking the 'barbaric words that is associated closely with 'beastly' living. Instead He tone down the words. For can loving souls that really love deeply spout 'barbarism?' Think about it. The pure, humble, chaste, loving souls, these barbaric words do not enter. Because they are pure.

    But, the Lord Jesus says, that He will speak barbaric words, which no man has heard to those who need it when the time comes. And He will speak them to the world at that present time. I don't think you want to hear them.

    To remain pure one needs to keep pure of filthy words as well as the other filth. The world obviously is full of these impure words. These words come from the instigation of Hell to corrupt man.

    The words the Lord uses are not impure words, but very descriptive words to bring to light of the impurity that is evident in many souls.

    A true Father, does not sit and say nothing. Sit and Say Nothing. He acts. When words fail, he goes into action.

    Do not get caught in the place where you cannot turn and repent like the Unrepentant Sinner crucified next to Jesus, and the Pharisees, Herodians, Sadducees and the Jews that were just like the Unrepentant Sinner. The difference between the Unrepentant crucified and those doing the harassing with vulgarity is, the cross. For, think about it, the one that was crucified, went to hell, and those who were mouthing off and remained that way, also went to Hell. Doesn't matter if you are caught stealing and punished or remain uncaught, you both go to Hell, the one with Demons in it. The other two are for the 'just' and the ones that did not deserve Hell.

    The Unrepentant sinner was given one last chance at Death. The Other's were too, but they remained obstinate towards the Loving One. Although Jesus did not name the names' of those who were there spouting off at Him, He said in a disclosed manner, those did not make it to Heaven. It's what He does not verbally say that is hidden to the masses at large that you must pay attention to.

    The average person, only knows 'what he she is told.' They are like sheep following other sheep.

    Wisdom is for the 'individual.' It is when individuals with this same Wisdom join that it becomes a true Church.

    Peace be with you always

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