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    The Passing on of Good and Evil, Both.


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    The Passing on of Good and Evil, Both.

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    I'll try to explain the passing of Good and Evil.

    In the Notebooks Jesus explains this clearly but I do not have the Notebook beside me opened to the pages. In fact He teaches this over a few lessons throughout the 'dictations' to Maria Valtorta.
    So one has to read them.

    Jesus is the Word of God and reading the Word of God is literal infusion of Mana.

    Most people have not understood this last statement.

    Why do I speak so much? Because the Word of God in Me urges me to. The Word of God does. Cumpassio Jesus!

    The more you eat of this Fruit the more you gain. In the adverse, the more you eat of the Forbidden Fruit the more you gain. The forbidden fruit thoroughly corrupts one to stinking putrid.

    That my friends is what Communism is stinking putrid to the fullest. It comes from the Pit of Hell where nothing but Stinking Stench of Putrid rises. The breath of Satan. Smell it, it's not just sulphur. It is every rotten stench you can makeout that is not human by nature.

    I hate saying this, but my observation and the lessons of research have told me that, all the governments are today, stinking putrid, they smell of Satan's breath. They are satanists in guise of men. They have become the demon-man-beasts as Jesus described. Pray for them to be shocked back into the Truth and saved from the clutches of Satan's claws.

    In order for you to understand what I'm saying, you have to be a student of Maria Valtorta's dictations. Namely all the Works including the Notebooks.

    The Lineage is very important. Pay close attention to those who are good and humble, kind and gentle, they didn't become like that overnight.

    The average person is not like I just described it is very few as Jesus also explains this clearly to Maria. Why is this?

    The lower nature of man. It is man's weakest part and easily lured. Human Pride, three times, human pride.

    Jesus explains to Maria that, man is three parts: Lower being the flesh, morals being the governing center; and spirit or supernatural, that being the soul; all enclosed in the creature called 'man.' This is actually a great lesson from Jesus to mankind about what 'man' truly is. It is actually great if you are still a 7 seven year old child because it is easier to absorb, whereas if you're old like myself, it takes time to crush and destroy all the wrong information that grew into some ugly plant inside. Nevertheless it is a wonderful lesson from Jesus and He teaches incrementally over time so that the first seeds sprout.

    The good that I have described above, is passed on from one generation to the next being perfected in each generation, an evolution of good. A process over generations.

    This same process is used for the not so good and evil.

    The middle of the road person who remains seeing and seeking both good and evil, uses good for his or her own reasons, their own gain, they are the 'gods' which the Serpent lured Eve to to procreate, they are the 'product' of Eve's error. Notice I used Good. For evil is in man through the 'Fall.'

    The wicked are the Cains which Eve and Adam procreated. How strong was the influence of Evil in Cain? Very! For he was jealous, envious and a murderer of his own brother. See this? Of his own brother.

    We are all brothers and sisters today and throughout all generations. We can be traced back to Adam and Eve through the flesh and we can be traced back to God because we have a soul which comes from God. And if we trace back to Adam and Eve, we can thus say, we come from God. God's creation.

    The error in the world had worked so hard at disproving that we come initially created by God. But in the end, their scientific instruments only proved what God has written in the Bible. They can't believe it!

    Interesting, it is only natural this is the conclusion because, God created the Earth too wherein all the instruments come from. Also the Universe, because the scientists are looking for proof of aliens and the proof of God's existence.

    The Notebook's explain that how God created the Universe and man (and the Earth). He doesn't however explain how He made or created 'water' 'air' 'fire' in the simple term we would like but He does leave enough there for you to see. See with your soul. Because after all God did not create man to be an 'animal' but a 'spirit.' God hid things. Why? So man who is not 'vivified' by Grace would gather harmful and destructive things from creation and use them against his own as beasts do. What beasts? Satan and his rebels in Hell. The first child of Adam and Eve, killed. What would happen if all Adam's and Eve's children were evil? No one left. They would kill each other. This is what God prevented. But today, this is again, by means of the same 'fruit' being done again: It's called the Great Tribulation.

    The First Man and Woman were 'spirits.' What does this mean?

    In order for there to be a 'fall' there has to be 'spirits.'

    God is the Most Perfect Spirit and God created a son in Adam. Adam fell from Grace and became mud or animal. For the flesh of man came from the slime of the earth. What makes man of any value before God? His soul. Otherwise man is the same as the beasts and animals of the field.

    When Adam and Eve fell from Grace, they put out the Light of Grace from themselves, rejecting Light for Darkness and they fell to Hell. They certainly did not rise to Heaven when they died. They went to Limbo which is Hell. Puragtory is also Hell. Then where the Devil dwells is also Hell. There are three realms of Hell at present. This is depicted in Apocalypse as well.

    Now this falling is unique because, it should not truly have happened. But it did.

    And this also makes man very unique in that he is not fully a spiritual complete being as are the Angels and God.

    Man is the union of Soul to Mud. Imagine your body as a building a house for the soul to dwell in, like fire being lit on top of the candle. But man is more than just these in the creation. Minus the Sin and Evil.

    I'm describing man without sin and evil here what God created. Not what you know man to be.

    God created a perfect being to be, called Man that made Lucifer want to rule over man. He wanted to be King of Men. See how unique man is? It made an angel roused! Extremely! We of course do not perceive this. It never enters our minds and hearts because we are too busy about all the wrong teachings. Seeking self embellishment.

    I on the other hand seek to know the mysteries of God and to Know God intimately so I will not be spewed to the depths of Hell with the ugliest being there is: Satan.

    I want to love God so much that it makes up for all those who do not. That is my desire at present.

    God My Father! Who loved me enough to send me His gift: Poem of the Man-God and the Notebooks to explain to me what happened and what I must do to earn Heaven and His word: Welcome home My Beloved Son! Well done My Beloved Son. I Am Well Pleased My Beloved Son! These are the words in Light I desire to Hear and See. Nothing else. Because in those words are His Pleasure for a Son and they speak volumes of words not said, but Hidden.

    Good then has to be mastered in one person and then taught and infused into your children who in turn, find someone similar and carry on this same tradition perfecting the bloodline to Good Will. That is to be Perfect as Your Father in Heaven is Perfect. Perfect in Charity. Humble and Meek. Gentle, kind, loving.

    The first Man and Woman were innocent and well, Jesus explains they had not perfected this tradition which makes all men acceptable to God without a Savior. The 'just' in God as Jesus describes, were these souls that did understand and were simple humble good souls that kept the tradition and God took them to Heaven. They are not in the worlds history books. They are in God's Book.

    Peace be with you always

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