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    Jesus Says Only The Life of A Christian is Acceptable to God


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    Jesus Says Only The Life of A Christian is Acceptable to God

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    A Christian Life. Then God blesses the whole Earth and keeps the Enemy away.

    When the high dignitaries in the Church fail to continue to promote Jesus Christ in hearts and to admonish the inhabitants to be 'Good' then the Lord lets the 'dogs' out to tame man. To remind man that, he must be good. Why? Because God created man. Not man created man. To obey the Creator not as harsh beatings, but with Love, Kindness, Mercy. That is God, God is Love. When the Enemy is set out, the Lord is reminding the wandering soul who listened to the whispers of the Enemy down below, 'Is this what you want?' 'Do you like Hell that much?' 'Do you like slime and mud?' Seriously folks do you like 'roasting.' For all eternity? If you saw how the Devil really looks and what Hell really is, you would be running to God. And that's what the world is going to get, because they, the majority are calling for it in the hiddeness of their hearts. In their actions, in their speeches, in their lifestyle.

    Jesus says, 'Only A Christian Life, a life what Christ has laid out for us in the Gospel.'

    Peace be with you always

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