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    Two Mindsets in the World Today


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    Two Mindsets in the World Today

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    Jesus explains to Maria that, in the Times of the Great Tribulation, that Evil will become Perfected. And since, this is not without opposition that Good will also become ramped up to counter the Evil. And increase in both.

    One being the evolution of evil to perfection while the other being the spiritual evolution to counter such evil.

    In the world it is divided into really two mindsets: Those wanting peace and harmony and those wanting destruction to control the world and the populace-inhabitants, resources, land, etc.,. The latter ending up in the pasturages of Hell. For Jesus has so 'promised.'

    Now, I have been following from time to time, Benjamin Fulford's information. Some of it is a bit too Scifi, while some of it is very good information. He wants, Peace and Harmony and solved in a peaceful manner, it's like he's the Moses for the civilized world or the 'spokesman' for this to come full bloom. He uses words like, the cabal, the warmongers, the criminal groups, that want to bring the 'end times' sooner than later and words like, lets bring the era of peace. The Lord says to 'see God' in 'everything' so you will know who's side people are on, Good or Evil. To interrogate with scrutiny those who say they want peace and harmony, because those separated from God always spout a different kind of peace and harmony that is not perfect with God's Peace and Harmony.

    I find that Benjamin Fulford is sometimes, maybe coached and at other times, very sincere. But, in the past years I've read and heard his speeches, he has not wavered from this peace and harmony desire for the world of man.

    I say to those who are sincere about such desire, continue, march forward, for Your God is with you. The Only Wise God there Is.

    You will have to gather under My Mantle: Roman Catholic Church, under My Cross to defeat the Enemy. Do not look at Men look at Me. Trust in Your God, Jesus.

    Peace be with you always

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