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    Admonition for Priests and Leaders -- From Jesus Christ, God


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    Admonition for Priests and Leaders -- From Jesus Christ, God

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    Notebook: 1943
    Page: 427

    October 28

    Jesus says:

    "Too many have wanted to eat with blood. And blood forms a knot in their throats. Blood extorted out of overbearance, pride, lust for power. Too much blood was shed and is shed on earth by those who have lost even the slightest conception of Good and Evil and are butts of mockery in the hands of Satan, who waves them like his banner to confuse and pervert the weak.

    "Too much of the 'illicit' has been made to become 'licit' just because it was done by the powerful. But consider, O men of power for an hour, that the only Powerful One is already holding his thunderbolt to burn to ashes in your hands the fruits you have stolen, first of all, and, if you still do not repent, then you yourselves.

    "The true possession of the earth will not be given to the violent, killers, corrupters, betrayers, and the perverse. It will belong to those who live according to my Law. You can take this earthly day away from them before sunset comes; but in the tremendous and blazing Day of My Coming they will judge you with Me, you that now regard every illicit verdict as licit.

    "Woe to you, then, when behind Christ the Judge, whose immense Majesty will shake the worlds with a trembling much stronger than that which opposed the tombs and split the veil of the Temple at the hour of my death, woe to you when behind Me you see all those whom you have killed and tortured and whose pains I will bear in mind in judging you for eternity.

    "Cities, kingdoms, and peoples fall because of your sin. You have wanted to dominate, and with fierce absolutism.  I will create solitude around you. You will remain like the surviving column of a collapsed building. But remember that it may happen that those living amid the ruins are ruined and whoever produces ruins is certainly destined to ruin. And you can still call yourselves happy if on falling you remember that I am the Lord of the world.

    "As for you, soul of mine, do not tremble and do not grow proud. Fear and pride are equally harmful. May you be left indifferent by praise and derision. Live solely in the thought of serving the cause of your God. The derision endured for God's cause is already a halo.

    "Praises! Oh, the praises of men! They are the vainest thing there is and that which most readily vanishes into nothing. More than air bubble rising from a slimy depth, gas from putrid mud, to burst forth on the surface of the waters, on which it marks a circle immediately dissolved--such is the praise of men. It always arises from a human sentiment, drags its miasmas after it, breaks the mirror of inner peace, and then nothing more remains of the latter. Blessed are those who, like water wanting to remain pure, continue to act in God and go swiftly, leaving behind even the memory of the useless praise prompted by passing into contact with humanity which is humanity alone.

    "May human praises never seduce you. Always consider that they are half hypocrisy and half thoughtlessness. As they adulate you today, tomorrow they denigrate you. Consider that even the best--with that goodness which is entirely human, though--listen to you out of delight at the words, not because of the words' substance. Concepts are pleasing because they are harmonious and artistic; they do not meditate on the core which supports them: 'To them you are like a song sung by a sweet, soft voice; they listen to your words, but do not put them into practice.'

    "Let them act. All the worse for them. They refuse another gift of my patient Mercy and, in refusing it, heap upon themselves the coals of my Justice, for they had someone who brought them the Word anew, and they have once again disparaged It. The prophecy of Isaiah may once again be applied to this generation: 'You will hear and not understand; you will look and not see. For the heart of this people has become insensitive; they have become hard of hearing and have closed their eyes so as not to see and not hear and not understand in their hearts and not be converted and not be healed by Me.'

    "Adulterous and accursed generation that so readily believe in those killing you spiritually and reject the Christ and his prophets, who want to give you Life, how often, generation of those already marked with the sign of Christ, which is a contradiction upon you, wedded to the Enemy and the flesh, how often I have sought to save you, receiving in exchange stones for my prophets and crucifixion for your Master! Foolish and betraying generation, generation of Judas that sell Me and engage in trade for an unclean appetite and deny the Light to sink into the darkness, welcome to what you want. You shall have death, for you did not want Life, and you shall have no other signs to awaken your somnolence as a guzzler but the tremendous signs of my wrath.

    "But when what has been foretold occurs, and it is coming, then you will know that there has been a prophet in your midst, a servant, a "voice" of mine.'

    "Daughter, write:'Woe to the shepherds who feed themselves.' Shepherds of souls and shepherds of men. My priests and the heads of nations.

    "The tremendous responsibility of being administrators of lives and Lives cannot be fulfilled in holiness and justice unless you remain in my Holiness and my Justice. There are no others. Outside of God and His Law there is no continuous honesty in works. You can rule for some time, but you then decline and are the ruin of yourselves and others.

    "You deform your mission; you feed yourselves instead of giving food. You do not exhaust yourselves in the holy and gentle task of fortifying and healing souls--you, the first shepherds, and, in the just and blessed task of protecting your subjects, you, the second shepherds. You have persecuted and neglected. You have condemned and slain. O tremendous judgment awaiting you!

    "I repeat: the despair of those subjects falls upon those who prompt it. Every disturbance, every curse upon those who cause it to issue forth. Every agony of souls, upon those priests who know only how to be rigorists and are without charity.

    "Woe, woe, woe to you powerful ones. But woe seven times over to you priests. For, if the former leads bodies more than souls to death, you are responsible for the death of the souls, beginning with those of the powerful, whom you are unable to contain, or, at least, do not try to contain with a firm 'Non licet,' but whom you leave to work their evil out of a delicate deference which is a betrayal of Christ.

    "I told you: 'The good shepherd gives his life of that of his sheep.' You pay attention to preserving your own; and the sheep, great and small, have dispersed, as the prey of the fierce, and have died having fed on unhealthy pastures.

    "One must be able to chain the feet of the big plant which does harm. And not consider that danger that it and its offshoots will turn against you with the chain and take your life, but act to protect the highest Life. You do this less and less, and ruin devastates that earth, and ruin devastates spirits.

    "I now tell you: Behold, I Myself will become their Shepherd. I will come to gather my sheep together. I will gather them in my pastures outside the haze of the foolish, pernicious doctrines which produce the deadly fevers of the spirit. I will separate them; indeed, by themselves they will separate from the kids and the rams, for they shall hear the Voice that loves them. They shall no longer hear it as they do now, through my servants, but issuing forth like a river of Life from the mouth of the Word coming back to take possession of the Kingdom.

    "I will gather in my sheep with mercy, including those that your neglect has ruined. But get out, get out of my flock, wolves in sheep's clothing; get out, slothful shepherds; get out, those thirsting for wealth and pleasure. Those who follow Me must have charity towards their brothers and sisters and not grow fat while leaving to others wretched grass trampled upon and filthy, and water made cloudy by human intrigues. And this also applies to those who in the congregations of lay people are inclined only towards offices arousing vainglory. Down with pride, if you want to be my lambs, and down with hardness of heart. They are the pointed horns with which you wound and reject the meek and oppress the weak.

    "When I have cleansed the flock of what is false and impure, in my period as King of Peace, I will instruct those remaining for the final instruction. They shall know Me as now only the chosen know Me. There shall be not twelve of them, but twelve thousand times twelve thousand creatures called to the knowledge of the King. Heresies and wars shall fall. Light and Peace shall be the sun of the Earth. They shall feed on the living seed of my Word and shall no longer be languishing with spiritual hunger. They shall worship Me in spirit and truth.

    "When Satan's final revolt against God takes place, the final Judases will not be lacking among those called to the knowledge of the King. The gold of the Eternal City must be refined by three filters so as to become a thurible before the throne of the glorious Lamb. And this shall be the last filter. But the 'faithful' shall remain faithful; they shall know that I am with them and that they are my eternal people.

    "But from this moment on, O my beloved ones, O soul that love Me and that I love, know that, even before I come to gather together my flock to take it to the eternal pastures of Heaven, you are my beloved lambs. You shall enter into my Kingdom before the others because you are my flock and I am the Lord your God, your Shepherd, who takes his delight in your midst and calls you to his dwelling to live with you in the Peace and reserved for Christ's faithful."

    Peace be with you always
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