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    The Glory of the Immaculate Mother in God


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    The Glory of the Immaculate Mother in God

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    Poem of the Man-God: Book 4
    Chp: 453

    « May God bless You, Son, today. »

    « May God be with You, Mother. Was the night unpleasant for You? »

    « No. On the contrary, very pleasant. I seemed to have You, a little Baby, in My arms… And I dreamed that a kind of golden river was flowing from Your mouth, emitting such a sweet sound that it cannot be described, and a voice said… oh! what a voice: "This is the Word which enriches the world and gives beatitude to those who listen to it and obey it. Without any limitation of power, time or space, It will save". Oh! My Son! And You, My Child, are that {241} Word! How will I be able to live so long and to do so much as to be able to thank the Eternal Father for making Me Your Mother? »

    « Do not worry about that, Mother. Every beat of Your heart pleases God. You are the living praise of God, and You will always be so, Mother. You have been thanking Him since You… »

    « I do not seem to be doing it sufficiently, Jesus. It is so great, so great what God did for Me! After all, what do I do more than all those good women do, who, like Me, are Your disciples? Son, tell our Father to give Me the opportunity to thank Him as His gift deserves. »

    « Mother! And do You think that the Father needs Me to ask Him that for You? He has already prepared for You the sacrifice which You will have to consume for this perfect praise. And You will be perfect when You have accomplished it… »

    « My Jesus!… I understand what You mean… But will I be able to think in that hour?… Your poor Mother… »

    « The Blessed Spouse of the eternal Love! Mother, that is what You are. And the Love will be thinking in You. »

    « You say so, Son, and I relax on Your Word. But You… pray for Me, in that hour that none of these understands… and which is already impending… That is true, is it not? »

    Peace be with you always

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    Post on Tue Mar 29, 2011 6:31 pm by Poem

    Continues on the same page as above:

    It is impossible to describe the expression of Mary's face during this conversation. No writer can possibly translate it into words without spoiling it with mawkishness or uncertain hues. Only he who has a heart, a kind heart, even if a virile one, can mentally give Mary's face the real expression which it has in this moment.

    Jesus looks at Her… Another expression untranslatable into poor words. And He replies to Her: « And You will pray for Me in the hour of death… Yes. None of these understands… It is not their fault. Satan is creating fumes so that they may not see, that they may be like drunken people who do not understand, and therefore unprepared… and easier to bend… But You and I will save them, despite Satan's snares. Mother, I entrust them to You as from this moment. Remember these words of Mine: I entrust them to You. I give You My inheritance. I have nothing upon the Earth, except a Mother, and I offer Her to God: Victim with the Victim; and My Church, and I entrust it to You. Be her Nurse. A short time ago I was wondering in how many people, in future, the man of Kerioth will be reviving with all his faults. And I was thinking that anyone, who were not Jesus, would reject that faulty being. But I will not reject him. I am Jesus. During the time that You will remain on the Earth, and You are second to Peter with regard to ecclesiastical hierarchy, he being the Head and You a believer, but first as Mother of the Church having given birth to Me, Who am the Head of this mystical Body, do not reject the many Judases, but assist and teach Peter, My brothers, John, James, Simon, Philip, Bartholomew, Andrew, Thomas and Matthew not to reject, but to assist. Defend Me in My followers, and defend Me from those who want to disperse and dismember the dawning Church. And in future centuries, Mother, always be She Who pleads for and protects, defends and helps My Church, My Priests, My believers, from Evil and Punishment, from themselves… How many Judases, o Mother, in future centuries! And how many will be like half-wits who cannot understand, or like blind and deaf people who cannot see or hear, or like cripples and paralytic people who cannot come… Mother, let them all be under Your mantle! You alone can and will be able to change the punishment decrees of the Eternal Father for one soul or for many of them. Because the Trinity will never be able to deny its Flower anything. »

    « I will do that, Son. As far as it depends on Me, You may go to your goal in peace. Your Mother is here to defend You in Your Church, always. »

    « May God bless You, Mother… Come! I will pick for You some calyces of flowers full of scented water, and You will refresh Your face with it, as I did. Our Most Holy Father prepared them for us, and the birds have pointed them out to Me. See how everything is useful in the orderly Creation of God! This elevated tableland close to the lake, so fertile because of the mists which rise from the Sea of Galilee and of the tall trees which attract dew, allowing this luxuriance of herbs and flowers, even in the excessive summer heat. This abundant fall of dew to fill these calyces so that His beloved children may wash their faces… That is what the Father has arranged for those who love Him. Here. The water of God, in calyces of God, to refresh the Eve of the new Paradise. » And Jesus picks the very wide flowers, the name of which I do not know, and He pours into Mary's hands the water collected in them…

    The others in the meantime have tidied themselves up and are coming looking for Jesus Who had moved a short distance away from the resting place.

    Peace be with you always

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