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    The Humanity of Jesus, an Issue with the Majority


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    The Humanity of Jesus, an Issue with the Majority

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    First, we are indoctrinated with 'Jesus' as God-Man. This is how many of us first come to know Jesus, as God-Man. We read about Jesus:

    in the Gospels, healing, curing, raising the dead.

    We are in wow! or in disbelief!

    We neglect the two other important parts: His Birth and Death.
    A man and animals 'die.' But we are so confined to the idea that Jesus was God, that, there's no way 'He' 'Died.' Turns loops in our intellect. The Lord takes the wisdom of the wise of this earth and turns them into mud. The Wisdom of the Lord is higher than the Earth. Thus, as scientists who do not believe in Creation, try to figure out how all things were made, they are confounded.

    What does this really mean? It means that man, all men are born in Sin, which includes degraded and damaged intellects. We do not think perfectly, which means we do not see the whole. If we saw the whole, we would comprehend the whole. But since the whole Universe is vast, man will never on his own, comprehend the Universe. Not possible unless God made that man capable.

    What's this like making man capable? I'll use Exodus.

    Exodus 28:3
    And thou shalt speak to all the wise of heart, whom I have filled with the spirit of wisdom, that they may make Aaron's vestments, in which he being consecrated may minister to me.

    Exodus 31:3
    And I have filled him with the spirit of God, with wisdom and understanding, and knowledge in all manner of work.

    Exodus 31:6
    And I have given him for his companion Ooliab the son of Achisamech of the tribe of Dan. And I have put wisdom in the heart of every skillful man, that they may make all things which I have commanded thee,

    Exodus 35:31
    And hath filled him with the spirit of God, with wisdom and understanding and knowledge and all learning.

    Exodus 35:35
    Both of them hath he instructed with wisdom, to do carpenters' work and tapestry, and embroidery in blue and purple, and scarlet twice dyed, and fine linen, and to weave all things, and to invent all new things.

    See this: "God made them capable."

    Let's look at the 'real' facts.

    Jesus was 'born' in the flesh from a Woman. He was raised as an infant and a child and He reached adulthood. God is Who Is, doesn't Change. He can however, become 'Incarnate' because He is God. God can do anything He wishes. This is the part we do not understand and comprehend.

    We like to put God in a 'box' according to our human limited thinking. A very small capacity compared to the "Infinite" God. The First Man and Woman were created a little lower than the angels, another part we do not understand and comprehend. It is in the Bible written exactly as I just wrote. The Bible is not here say, nor a fable, but 'All Truth.' Nothing in it is false nor a story made up. Nothing, every word that points to a truth describes the truth from God.

    When I first read the words, "You made man a little lower than the angels," I did not understand what God meant. I truly did not. Then after reading Poem of the Man-God and the Notebooks, Jesus brought these few words to life for me to understand. I now understand. Jesus first had to 'make' me capable of understanding to be able to receive this: God made man a little lower than the angels. In short, I was 'illiterate' when it came to truths in the Bible which encompasses every page in the Bible that has not been altered by the modern age. So I read the Douay Rheims Bible.

    From my own words of what I have comprehended, to help those to see and comprehend, --it really depends on where you are in learning--, it wasn't until I read the 1945-50 Notebooks where Jesus explains the difference between, Adam and Jesus how each was created. Adam was created by God's Hand. From the slime of the earth, God formed Adam's flesh. From an Immaculate Womb, the Holy Spirit created Jesus' body to be 'born' of a Woman. Both of these were the 'operation' of God. Whether born of woman or created from the slime. God created both.

    In the First Book of Poem of the Man-God, Jesus comments about when He first began to realize He had power to perform miracles. This was a shock for me to read, and also, for those certain 'clergy' they thought this was 'blasphemy.' Because they thought Jesus was God only. We all fall into this thinking. None of us are perfect.

    It is not blaspheme for God to become Man to take up Man's short comings and pay for his sins. It is blaspheme to say God did not do any of this: "Become Man and pay for his sins!"

    When Jesus explains that He was truly a Human with the Divinity of the Word of God infused in this 'Body', this is when all things click and wow, it's a doozy to take in. But once you sort them out, it then makes it easy to understand this: "Jesus as Man, demonstrated that a Man can live the life of Grace without sin."

    We all stand condemned because, a Representative of God, proved that a Man can live a Holy Virtuous Life. Thus, the Gospels and the Epistles, rightly proclaim. So, now you understand why, many Catholics end up in 'Purgatory.' Because they did not understand the Gospel whole and entire. A great many Clergy of our times are not able to explain the two natures of Jesus: God and Man.

    Jesus as God Incarnate to take upon Himself our Sins was Man.

    This is the part that proves He was God hidden in Man, it took me a while to see it, because it is 'hidden', His Death.

    His Death proved He became Man. His Resurrection proved He is God.

    One last point about God-Man, on Mt. Tabor Jesus became Transfigured, He Transformed into the God-Man before the Almighty Father.

    A great many Catholics are short changed of the Truth.

    Love elevates to God's Bosom.

    Peace be with you always

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    Post on Tue Mar 29, 2011 6:43 pm by Poem

    Folks, Don't feel bad if suddenly you are 'enlightened' --we are all lacking true knowledge of Jesus.

    Jesus said, I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. If the Son of Man has set you free, you are free indeed. But, the lessons of Wisdom is designed to teach men and women the complete Truth. If you are living with a microscopic amount of Wisdom, this truth hits a 'homerun' every time. Then, your scales have fallen off your spirits eyes and you see clearly.

    Peace be with you always

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