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    The Selfishness of Eve


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    The Selfishness of Eve

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    I was doing some work and then the Holy Spirit began to interrupt my work with this thought, 'how selfish Eve was.' I listened. The lesson was, to not become like her. Selfish.

    Just think, these two were created to be the propagators of mankind. What they choose gets passed down to each generation. Her selfishness brought man down to Hell.

    Before their choice which brought them down, was Heaven, Paradise; we would have all breezed through in 'bliss' 'peace' and 'joy' without any of this which I call and condense into one word: 'Crap.'

    Breezed through with perfect intelligence. With perfect non-degraded memory. With perfect 'beauty.'
    No one person would have been 'ugly.' Fat, skinny, short, miniature, etc.,. But all would have had similar but distinct beauty, size and shape without fat, obesity. Pimples, deformed bodies, so forth, would not have existed in any person.

    Consider how selfish she was. Then contemplate the Blessed Virgin Mary what She had to make up for.

    Peace be with you always

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