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    The World Does Not Listen to Advice From God. Why Is This?


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    The World Does Not Listen to Advice From God. Why Is This?

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    Modernism. Humanism. Atheism. These are a few, but they 'engulf,' all the others that derive from and spread out into, a nice set of plants. One seed dropped, many sprouts up afterwards, like 'weeds.' Very nasty plant.

    As Jesus has spoken in the Past through the mouths of the Prophets which were obscure at that time, which today is more 'obvious' then ever, Jesus says: God is now letting the what man calls 'nature' having its way, another words, 'Words' are of no avail, so, let's use, the ground, the air, the wind, the water, (elements) and some thought, but let's not waste our breath anymore.

    What does He mean? Speaking to man, obviously doesn't work, so God resorts to 'nature.' Make man uncomfortable, shake the ground, bring in cold air, hot winds, no winds, dry heat, so forth. Many ways God can stir the 'pot.'

    It will take much more before people, the majority, to wake up and those who reject, will be enormous amounts also, well think about it there are some 6.8 billion people living on the planet, minus a few thousand today from the disaster in Japan, so enormous means billions, and there will be close to hundred millions who wake up. I do not personally know the exact numbers here, but, from what I've read, it will be the worst time 'man' on Earth has ever under went. Whew! It took some courage to write this.

    Conversion to Christ, to God. To become true sons and daughters of the Most High God.

    If you want to be your own 'gods' forget all that is written here and continue your life. If you want to serve Satan, forget all that is written here and continue your life. But, there's always a 'but' you will roast in Hell for all eternity when you could have lived in Peace and Bliss for all Eternity.

    It's your free will choice.

    Pray for those who are caught in the middle, those innocent ones that are good willed but have not heard the 'Way' to Heaven.

    Pray for the wicked, governments, peoples, that God will give them graces to turn and convert. To lift the blinders, the veil of darkness which makes their path unseeable. In the Darkness one needs a lamp. Without the true Light shining on your path, you cannot make your way out of the 'Darkness.'

    Peace be with you always

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