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    Why the World is Perishing. -Do you believe it's Not?


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    Why the World is Perishing. -Do you believe it's Not?

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    Notebook: 1943
    Page: 250

    August 19

    Jesus says:

    "The world is perishing because it has not kept my Word, because it has neglected and derided it. No human force will be of avail to check the world's race towards the abyss because the one thing which saves is lacking to the world and to the world's forces.

    My Law

    "An empty space has been created in the mystical forest which I had cultivated for you so that you would have a dwelling place in the shadow of my provident love. Your sins have created it, and in that space the eternal Serpent has installed himself as the master who poisons you with his breath and slays you with his bite and prevents my Law from being an agent of Goodness in you.

    "You have fumes, venom, horror, and desperation in yourselves and around you. And you could have had Light, Peace, Hope, and Joy. You could have had this if you had followed my Word, for I consumed all the horror of life to protect you from that and did so with the atrocity of that agony which I suffered for you.

    "But you have cast My Gift aside and called Satan to be your master and king. And Satan instructs and rules you, salts and lashes you to make you worthy of his Hell."

    Peace be with you always

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