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    He Who Has Love, Has 'Everything'


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    He Who Has Love, Has 'Everything'

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    It has taken me well over three years to understand this after having read it 100 times. Why?

    Humanity in me. The lower, carnal. To think and reason in human terms. this is why.

    Jesus says, to, become angels, meaning, spiritualize your flesh. How?

    Sacraments, and allowing those inspirations and aspirations purely spirit to break forth, burst into your thoughts and fill them. Then, the atmosphere of Heaven fills and expands, making the Kingdom of Heaven in you.

    When this happens, God is in you. What is God? God is Love. Thus, if you have Love, you have everything.

    What is God? God is Light, thus, Light illuminates your mind and intellect filling you with His Thoughts, the Word of God.

    What is God? God is Wisdom, thus, Wisdom descends to Teach giving you His Thoughts, the Word of God.

    What is God? Purity. Crystal Purity of Heaven. Heavens, Purity descending into those Able to keep themselves pure. This is correct, you have to do your part. Just as the boatman works hard to keeping his ship from sinking when the storms, the waters, come over the sides, he works to bail out the water that seeks to sink his ship.

    But now lets go onto to the 'Advanced' thinking of God is Love and what it means to be 'priests' for the Kingdom of God.

    From St. John's Revelations (Apocalypse)

    Chapter 1

    [6] And hath made us a kingdom, and priests to God and his Father, to him be glory and empire for ever and ever. Amen.

    St. John's First Epistle

    Chapter 1
    [5] And this is the declaration which we have heard from him, and declare unto you: That God is light, and in him there is no darkness.

    1 John 4
    [8] He that loveth not, knoweth not God: for God is charity.

    In my inspiration:

    God the All, the Perfect Spirit.

    Imagine the All for your viewing only, in the form of a man. Just for your image. God is a Perfect Spirit, He.

    God made or created Man into His Image and Likeness, that being a Spiritual Likeness and Image, but, also concerning His Visage, He created Man. The Earth is the Clay to form the Shell of Man, which Encases the Essence of God, the Soul of man which comes from God's Bosom, directly from God. Imagine an artist taking a balloon and filling it with air. God did the same with man. God created the flesh from the Earth and filled Man with His own Essence, thus creating a Soul. The part we do not comprehend at first and for quite sometime is that God created man to progress and become more Like God, thus, we think in human, 'fallen,' human terms and thus cannot seem to really grasp this wonderful, truly wonderful Design of God.

    It is simple, it is so simple, yet, very hidden.

    Now imagine, God creating man, to His Image and Likeness.

    Then add these:

    the Angels worship, God in us when we have Christ in us, the Trinity in us, in our souls. Thus, the First Commandment: Thou shall not make any graven images, You shall not worship idols or any thing or man or angel. Why? So God is in you and the angels, come to adore Christ in you and not the 'creature.'

    Now imagine Man, perfectly in reflecting God in his soul. Hosts of angels worshipping God and God adoring you. Adore here is not the sense where we are the 'idol' or the thing of worship, but the adoring of a child of God who understood the Original Design. God in the child loving God. Thus this reciprocates into the highest form of Love and God is burning in us so brightly that God see's himself reflected 'perfectly' in us. As spirits.

    Then Man is said to be, 'priest' of the Most High God. Serving God not in slavery of servitude, but in the Freedom of Love, that has no restraints. And this Love, is so immense, dense, wide, that you understand and see God in His Infinity. But this happens when we are in Heaven. On the present Earth, is corruption.

    Now, let's take this further, from This Corrupted earth to, the New Heavens and the New Earth, which descends from God in Heaven.

    The New Heavens and the New Earth, are in Heaven. For the former, which means the present Universe will be wiped from existence and only Heaven will exist for the Chosen, the Elect that did not, fall to perdition.

    Now what I have in my mind as a vision is very difficult to explain in words at this moment. So I will take many words from this point on to capture this vision.

    I will use a canvas.

    On this canvas is God the All.

    the All is a Perfect Spirit. For us to understand, I will use human definitions, words to describe, it is up to you to ask the Lord to reveal what I am conveying.

    the All is on the Top Level.

    The Saints, the ones that have given everything for God, that became Seraphims are around God worshipping Him, then we have a mixture of as they descend in rank. I'll use the Saints that have become Seraphims such as St. John the Beloved of Jesus.

    The Saint reflects God perfectly like a mirror and around this Saint is God being worshiped by 'angels.' Hosts of Angels, probably, legions of them in Heaven.

    Love is the only thing Heaven accepts. Nothing else can enter.

    Now, imagine that Man did not sin and this present Earth was not compromised by sin and Satan. Once you have imagined this, take this thought and transport it to the New Earth, for the New Earth, will be much more than this tiny thought in comparison to the Grandeur that we will experience for Eternity with God.

    For when man has reached God as his reward, God will than put His finishing touches to our intellects, mind and will, that will suddenly be restored and we will have the capacity as the Angels do now in this respect, but a higher vocation: Priests of the Most High God. Jesus being the Eternal Pontiff. This is for those who are in the Religion, Catholic, Roman, Apostolic, Holy.

    Peace be with you always

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