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    Hidden Manna in the Word


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    Hidden Manna in the Word

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    Notebook: 1943
    Page: 249
    Chp: Hidden Manna in the Word

    August 19

    Jesus says:

    "As we continue to see the words of the Beloved disciple with My Sight, it is understood that the 'hidden manna' is also My Word. Manna, because it brings together all the sweetness of love of our Trinity, which is the Father, Brother, and Spouse of your souls and loves you with the three highest loves. Hidden, because it is spoken in the secrecy of the heart to those deserving to savour it.

    "I would certainly like to be able to have it rain down on everyone and nourish all with it. But it is said, 'Do not give pearls to swine and holy things to dogs.' And many who have even been washed in my Baptism and redeemed by my Blood are lower than swine and more canine than dogs.

    "You have read that the manna in the desert was ruined for the ancient Hebrew, undeserving of possessing it. They proved undeserving because of their lack of faith and their human concern. Can I have less respect for my Word than I had for the manna destined to nourish the stomach, whereas the Word is destined to nourish the spirit?

    "I thus give the manna to those who gain victory over the lower part, with all its tendencies towards non-faith, the senses, and base, selfish concerns. I give the manna of my Word, which fills your spirits with sweetness and light. I give the 'little white stone on which a new name is written'--that is, on which a Truth which is silenced for the unworthy is revealed. It is the Truth which opens to you the gates of eternal Life, which gives you its keys, and sets you on the Way to arrive at the Gate of my heavenly City.

    "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Apart from Me there is no other way, truth, or life. Those who overcome all obstacles to follow Me will become pillars in my temple, and through the Word which they have kept and practised, after having been saved in the tremendous hour of the trial of temptation which slays, they will have a place on My own throne, together with the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit."

    Peace be with you always

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