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    Jesus Explains 'The' Definition of Life; Pro-lifers Read - This Means You


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    Jesus Explains 'The' Definition of Life; Pro-lifers Read - This Means You

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    « Man falls into error when considering life and death and applying these two nouns. He calls "life" the period of time in which, born of his mother, he begins to breathe, to nourish himself, to move, to think, to act; and he calls "death" the moment when he ceases breathing, eating, moving, thinking, acting and he becomes cold insensitive remains, ready to go back into a bosom: a sepulchre. But it is not so. I want to make you understand "life", and point out to you the actions suitable to life.

    Life is not existence. Existence is not life. Also this vine which is interwined around these columns, exists. But it does not possess the life of which I am speaking. Also that bleating sheep, tied to that far off tree, exists. But it does not have the life of which I am speaking. The life of which I am speaking does not begin with the existence of the body and does not cease with the ending of the flesh. The life to which I refer does not start in a mother's womb. It begins when a soul is created by the Thought of God to dwell in a body, it ends when sin kills it.

    Man, at first, is but a seed that grows, a seed of flesh, instead of gluten or of marrow, like the seeds of cereals and of fruit. At first he is but an animal taking shape, the embryo of an animal like the one now swelling in the womb of that sheep. But the moment that this incorporeal part, which is also the most powerful in its subliming incorporeity, is infused into the human conception, then the animal embryo does not only exist as a beating heart, but it lives according to the Creating Thought, and becomes man, created in the image and likeness of God, the son of God, the future citizen of Heaven.

    But that happens if life lasts. Man can exist having only the image of man, but no longer being man. That is, he is a sepulchre in which life putrifies. That is why I say: "Life does not begin with existence and does not cease with the ending of the flesh". Life begins before birth. Life, then, never ends, because the soul does not die, that is, it does not fall into nothingness. It dies to its destiny, which is the celestial destiny, but it survives its punishment. It dies to that blissful destiny, by dying to Grace. This life, hit by a canker which is the death of its destiny, lasts throughout centuries in damnation and torture. This life, if preserved as such, reaches the perfection of living, by becoming eternal, perfect, blissful like its Creator.

    Have we any obligations to life? Yes, we have. It is a gift of God. Every gift of God is to be used and preserved carefully, because it is as holy as the Donor. Would you ill-use the gift of a king? No. It is handed down to the heirs, and to the heirs of the heirs, as a glory to the family. Why then ill-treat a gift of God? How is this divine gift to be used and preserved? How is this heavenly flower of the soul to be kept alive to preserve it for Heaven? How can you achieve "to live" above and beyond existence?

    Shout: "Mercy!" But rise from the dead. Do not be dead people alive, so that in future you may not suffer eternally. I will speak to you only of the way to reach and preserve life. Another man said to you: "Do penance. Cleanse yourselves of the impure fire of lust, of the mud of sin". I say to you: My poor friends, let us study the Law together. Let us hear in it, once again, the fatherly voice of the true God. And then let us pray together the Eternal Father saying: "May Your mercy descend into our hearts".

    It is now gloomy winter. But spring will come before long. A dead soul is more sad than a forest made bare by frost. But if humility, good will, penance and faith penetrate you, life will come back to you, like a forest in spring, and you will blossom to God, to bear the everlasting fruits of true life in future, in the future of centuries without end.

    Come to Life! Cease existing only and begin "to live". Death, then, will not be the "end", but the beginning. The beginning of a never ending day, of a peaceful immeasurable joy. Death will be the triumph of what lived before the flesh, and the triumph of the flesh called to eternal resurrection, to take part in this Life that, in the name of the true God, I promise to all those who "want" that "life" for their souls, crushing under their feet sensuality and passions, to enjoy the freedom of the children of God.

    The above is from Clear Water Sermons Book 1

    Peace be with you always

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    Post on Sun Mar 06, 2011 12:49 am by Poem

    The error in the world is based on 'Evolution.' These are taught in secular or public schools: Elementary, Junior High, High School, then College and Universities. If you attended anyone one of these, you learned the 'Error.' And you might believe it more than what God teaches, for your have been 'programmed' to think in those terms. The world is 'Babylon.' In Babylon these errors and ones stemming from them are spread thick. Therefore, the world reacts and instructs, works and thinks in these errored' terms. It's in their lifestyle, which means its in them. The world believes these errors which have come through man from Satan. Those sold to Satan. Those who cannot believe in God and Creation. They outright reject, God and Creation. No point in arguing. No point in believing 'them.' Because they are the Evangelists of Error.

    Satan has erected a system to match God's system one for one. Christ has Apostles, Satan has Apostles; Christ has Disciples, Satan has his disciples and so on and so forth. It is a spiritual warfare, Ephesians 6.

    Study to show yourself approved unto God. Nothing else will do.

    Peace be with you always

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