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    Whatever Is Not Heaven


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    Whatever Is Not Heaven

    Post by Poem on Fri Jan 14, 2011 8:56 pm

    From God's Perspective Who is Eternity and Peace and Love, Paradise is with Him for He is Perfect Happiness, Anything that is not Heaven, is considered Hell for the realms of Limbo which is cutoff from God's Presence; Purgatory, which is cutoff from God's Presence and finally Hell the place of eternal torture, which is most definitely cutoff from the Presence of the Lord.

    Heaven is Paradise. And Heaven is Filled with the Infinite Presence of God. Infinitely Peaceful. A peace we do not have at this moment.

    When God created Eden, God was in Eden, His Presence was there. What is it like? Well, we have the old glass for starters, you can have a drop of water, or ten thousand drops of water, that is the difference in defining 'presence of God.'

    Heaven is the Fullness of God's Presence, while on Earth those who live pure and holy lives experience more than a single drop of water. The more one fills himself with Grace, the more God is in that person. Man is a 'capacity' to be filled, by God. That is man's original Design by the Mastermind who is God.

    Lastly there is a Second Heaven, the Perfect Heaven, that comes after the Final Judgment, until then, the current Heaven, is considered by God a region of Hell. Four regions of Hell. The Abyss, Limbo, Purgatory and Heaven.

    After the Final Judgment, only two realms will exist.

    The New Heaven and the New Abyss. These are Perfect in every way. Perfect Heaven, and Perfect Hell. Total and Complete. The current Hell, is used to gather in the elects for both End Destinies, Heaven and Hell. It is quite interesting that God has put like this.

    So, as Jesus tells Maria, the New Heaven and the New Earth will be so perfect, that, you won't recognize even the New Earth.

    And Hell will be perfect and complete Too! Fire and brimstone, in abundance, real charcoal, imagine that! Human beings become the charcoal as well. Don't forget to bring the Barbeque Sauce! Make it ready!

    Peace be with you always

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