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    Repentance What Constitutes True Repentance


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    Repentance What Constitutes True Repentance

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    In Book One of Poem of the Man-God, A man had, killed his family, for the inheritance. He came to Jesus at the Clear Water by the Jordan to repent. His repentance was a short one as far as words were concerned, but, here's the point, his heart understood what he had done and Jesus saw true repentance in the soul. Jesus forgave him, but the man had to expiate for the rest of his natural life and depending on how he expiated on the Earth, may spend less or more time in Purgatory.

    Expiate means to make up for the sin, through suffering, suffering for the wrong he committed to God and Man.

    Repentance, to give you a better idea of what takes place in a soul, concerning this, when a soul, who is suffering through God's intervention which aids a soul to see the wrong they had done, God's hand being heavy on that soul, to breaking through to that soul so God can speak a few words and give that soul some light, to illuminate his mind and intellect, the process we are not well versed in nor understand, when that soul has received light and is illumined, enough to comprehend, understand it was a sin and that soul has good will, and understands good and evil to some degree, they start looking for a way to amend this. They come to meditate, because God has given you light, you may not being meditating so it takes longer to get the whole picture, the soul is now in touch with God and God reveals the sin. What to do next?

    How can one be truly sincere?

    Humbling oneself.

    This is the difficult part, after being shown the sin.

    A soul if they meditate too much and do nothing, but sit, the soul becomes heavy burdened by the sin. But always remember that when you sin, run to God! This is the only way to deal with committing sin. Run to God. Do not wait. Do not take more time to think about your offense, just go to God and ask him to help you confess your sin to Him, He will counsel you then what to do.

    After talking with God, go to a priest and confess the sin. Here you receive the Blood of Jesus as the sprinkling to wash away your sin for good. It is now wiped from God's memory, but, there's a punishment for sins. Suffering, it's called expiation. Every sin is punishable by God, but God's punishment fits the crime in most cases, and if you're a good soul that crossed a few hairs and got caught off guard, God will still reveal to what happened so you do not do it again. Stubborn souls do it again and again, because they have a seed of stubbornness. This is another lesson about stubborn souls.

    Now the sprinkling of the Blood of Jesus at Confession. Yes, this is what Christ reveals in the Notebooks.

    Where did this start originally? With the Hebrews.

    They brought peace offerings, sin offerings, alms offerings using animals blood. Animals or beasts, quardrupeds and birds, and fowls, have not sinned. So they were used by God in the interim, leading to the Lamb. Jesus was this perfect Lamb of God without sin, who took all our sins once so He can become the Perpetual Sacrifice for generations, eliminating the need for animals to cover our sins. On the Cross was twofold sin offering, one for Sin of Origin and the other for perpetual atonement. For, all men have sinned and every man born is stained with Sin of Origin and men sin along the way who need to have Blood to wash away sins. Thus, Jesus is this Perpetual Sacrifice.

    Christ teaches us in Maria's Dictations much more about His Sacrifice. A great deal more, the hidden secrets of His Blood, His Perpetual Sacrifice.

    His Blood not only covers our sins once for Sin of Origin and a perpetual one for sins committed and then confessed in the Sacrament of Confession, but it also, works in our body internally when drunk, taken in that sip from the Chalice. If Christ's Blood removes sins, what a powerful medicine internally.

    Thus, many have failed to understand that the Blood is Life Giving.

    The Bread is also Life giving, strength to the soul.

    When a soul is then cleansed with Christ's Blood, and receives the strength of God in the Bread, Grace is able to fortify the soul unlimitedly as long as the soul is comprehending and is given to the Holy Spirit. Christ comes to restore man back to Grace. To bring man back to Grace, His work is needed to restore the soul of man so that Grace can unionize with it and make it the son of God, daughter of God.

    The Work of Christ, we are so ignorant of this mystery. Read the Notebooks and learn from Jesus what a wonderful Gift Christ has given to man. What God the Father has given to Man, that God has not forsaken man, by giving us the greatest means to be restored in Grace. Let Christ and Grace give you life as it is meant to be.

    Peace be with you always

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