The Words Given To Maria Valtorta Written in English

    Jesus' Lesson on a verse from the Gospel of Matthew


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    Jesus' Lesson on a verse from the Gospel of Matthew

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    March 28, 1944 to Maria Valtorta

    Page 243-245

    Matthew 24:12

    Jesus continues to speak:

    "Now, Matthew's Gospel states, 'Because of the multiplication of iniquity charity will grow cold in many.'

    O children, this is a great truth which is meditated on very little.

    "What are you suffering from now? From a lack of love. At root, what are wars? Hatred. What is hatred? The antithesis of love. Political reasons? Living room? An unjust border? A political offense? Excuses, excuses.

    "You don't love one another. You don't feel yourselves to be brothers and sisters. You don't remember that you have all come from one blood, that you are all born in the same way, that you all die the same way, that you are all hungry, thirsty, cold, and sleepy in the same way and need bread, clothing, housing, and heat in the same way. You don't remember that I said, 'Love one another. From the way you love one another people will understand that you are my disciples. Love your neighbor as yourselves.'

    "You think these truths are the words of a fairy tale. You think this doctrine of mine is the doctrine of a madman. You replace them with poor human doctrines---poor and wicked, according to their creators. But even the most perfect ones among them, if they differ from mine, are imperfect. Like the mythical statue, a great many of them will contain precious metal. But the base will be made of slime and in the end will bring about the collapse of the whole doctrine. And in the collapse, the ruin of those who have relied on it. Mine does not collapse. Whoever relies on it is not ruined, but rises to greater and greater security: he rises to Heaven, to the alliance with God on earth, to the possession of God beyond the earth.

    "But charity cannot exist where iniquity resides. For charity is God, and God does not coexist with Evil. Whoever loves Evil thus hates God. In hating God he increases his iniquities and separates from God-Charity more and more. This is a circle that one does not come out of and that clasps you to torture you.
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    Post on Tue Dec 21, 2010 9:18 pm by Poem

    Jesus says:

    "Whether powerful or humble, you have increased your sins. Having neglected the Gospel, derided the Commandments, and forgotton God--for those living according to the flesh, those living according to mental pride, and those living according to the counsels of Satan cannot say they remember Him--you have trampled on the family, robbed, blasphemed, killed, borne false testimony, lied, fornicated, and rendered the illicit licit. Here robbing a job, a wife, or a patrimony; there, higher up, robbing power of national freedom, increasing your thievery with the sins of lying to justify to peoples your conduct, which sends them to their death. The poor peoples, that ask for nothing except to live in peace! And that you incite with poisonous lies, hurling them against each other to guarantee for yourselves a well-being which it is not licit for you to obtain at the price of blood, tears, and the sacrifice of whole nations.

    "But individuals--how much they are to blame for the great sin of the great! It is the heap of little individual sins that creates the basis for Sin. If each lived in a holy way, without greed for flesh, money, and power, how could Sin be created? There would still be evildoers. But they would be rendered harmless because no one would serve them. Like well-isolated madmen, they would go on raving over their obscene dreams of overbearance. But the dreams would never come true. Even if Satan helped them, his aid would be nullified by the opposing unity of all mankind, rendered holy by living according to God. And, in addition, mankind would have God with it. A benign God towards his obedient, good sons and daughters. Charity, then, would be in hearts. Alive and sanctifying. And iniquity would fall.

    Do, you see children, the need to love as not to be iniquitous and the need not to be iniquitous in order to possess love? Strive to love. If you loved...Just a little! If you began to love. The beginning would suffice, and then everything would go forward by itself."

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    "The harvest cannot be gathered if the ear does not mature. The ear cannot mature if it is not formed. And it cannot be formed if the tuft has not formed. But if the farmer did not cast the little seed into the sod, could the green tuft supporting the glory of the ears like a living chalice emerge from the furrow? The seed is so small! And yet it breaks the glebe, penetrates the earth, sucks on it like an eager mouth, and then exposes to the sun its blessed pomp of the future bread and with its color of hope or its gold rustling in the wind and shining in the sun sings the blessings to Him who gives the Bread and bread to man. If the seed no longer existed--so small that many of them are needed to fill the gullet of a sparrow--you would not even have the Host on the altar. You would die of physical hunger and spiritual starvation."

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