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    You Are the Light of the World


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    You Are the Light of the World

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    Jesus spoke these words to the First Priests of the Church, informing them, teaching them, giving them light, that they are 'stars' shining high in the Heavens to bring Light to the world just as Jesus, brought Light. No different.

    For, Christ taught as a Man, with the Wisdom and Words of God. To bring to men, the way of Light to bring them back to the Kingdom of Light. Bring them out of darkness.

    So I remind you priests. who do not see Christ's life so well, that you need to study, Jesus Life well. Imitate Christ's ways. And leave the Judgment part to God, Christ the Judge.

    Christ has many roles, manifestations. Multiple.

    The first year of his ministry, He was the Messiah.
    The second year of his ministry, He was the Savior.
    The third year of his ministry, He was the Redeemer.

    Christ wears many hats: Doctor, physician, friend.

    Then at the End of the Age of Man, Christ the Judge.

    In Heaven, Christ is the High Priest, the Pontiff, the God-Man, the Word of God, the Son of God, the Holy of Holies, Bread of Heaven, Prince of Peace, King of kings, Saint of saints, many other titles. Christ is the complete package. God.

    Jesus, gave to man instruction on how to be a priest foremost in the Gospel.

    In Heaven, all souls except women, are priests of one type or the other. Kings and Priests. Jesus is King of kings, meaning King of little kings, those who suffered as Christ suffered, these who became kings in God's Kingdom. A Kingdom of kings and priests.

    Upon the earth, all His disciples, are priests, two kinds of priests, those who are ordained, and those who are not. The ordained priests once they complete their life, enter Heaven as 'stars.' They receive, according to their merits. But each gets a special something which was not spoken of in detail as to exactly what each gets, but a crown and some jewels. What kind is in God's hands. The priest is according to Jesus the least among men. Thus, if a priest makes himself something on the earth, like some, then they become least in Heaven. That's the way it works out. For when a priest who is a nothing, like the rest of mankind, makes himself something, which means to exalt himself, then they did not surpass the righteousness of the Pharisees. He is then the least. Do not die in this state, for God will not be pleased at all.

    The Lord has no pleasure in souls that shrink back. Means He is disappointed after having given a great deal of knowledge, graces and so forth for you to be a Light to those in your area.

    I just left a place that was hounded by Satan's. Many of them. The light coming from that church parish had been hid under a bushel and thus little satan's had strangled that area. How sad. The Bishop is sitting on his laurels, doing nothing to bring up the light again. Lukewarmness.

    It does a whole lot of good to read the Acts of the Apostles several times a week, to catch the Spirit speaking to you. We need more priests that's for sure. We need more of every category to reduce darkness in the world. The parishes were created to bring Light to the neighorhood. To bring Light means to bring God. The watered down Gospel coming from the pulpits, reveal, the priests are lukewarm. The water is warm, not hot. The light is refracted not brightly intensely shining out to pierce souls and give them light.

    The Light of God works much different from what man thinks of as light. The Light of God brings, wisdom, strength, love, purity, holiness, sanctity, increases the life of grace in souls. It is vital energy and essence for souls. When a church parishes light is refracted, such as the case in point, the Enemy has already done his damage. Which means that area is running rampant with legions of demons. Thus, souls run amuck after carnal living. When the Light of God is not refracted or obstructed in an area, there is a different atmosphere and souls are morally upright. But, where is this evident today? Not here.

    Not where modernism and human carnal living is thriving like wild bushes.

    It is unfortunate that souls do not understand God and Church. Because they do not understand the world is thus. In shambles. A true ruin and it is only getting worse by the minute. Not by the day, by the minute.

    Not too many study the Bible to receive Light and comprehension, they read to exercise their eyes. Oh, I read two chapters, three verses, but I don't know what it was saying! Reading with your eyes, not with your intellect to absorb. Thus, there are those who read. Read with your spirits, the intelligent part of man. The flesh is the animal part of man, that does not comprehend spiritual teachings. Your soul must absorb the Spiritual lessons. Being taught is different from scanning or to find something to appease your own ego. Ego's are a block. God is benign. Not overbearing, rough, brash, hardcore, so forth, but Gentle. Soft. He is a Gentleman.

    Why work so hard to tell people? Because I want you all to escape Hell and live eternally Blessed.

    Peace be with you always

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