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    In Poverty Is Where We See Jesus Not in Riches


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    In Poverty Is Where We See Jesus Not in Riches

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    Jesus lived a life of poverty.

    He says, to imitate Him, in his suffering, no earthly riches.
    As you can see and have witnessed, what earthly riches leads to.
    That is why Jesus says to man, because it is alluring and is a trap and a snare, to live in poverty. What comes in goes right out. Jesus did not keep one coin. He gave what He received to those in need. When He was crucified, he did not have even his own tunic. The Romans after they scourged him provide him with a tunic. This is the tunic he wore to Calvary. His own tunic was removed. He went to Calvary on Roman clothing. He went to Calvary with 'No Possessions.' No, home, no business, no clothing, no vehicle, no bank account, no insurance, no credit cards, no savings account, no iphones, cellphones, computers, toaster ovens, etc.,. He went to Calvary with a covering and his sandals.

    This is why those who have big houses and live to match the Jones, cannot see Jesus, You first have to sell all you have, cut your earthly attachments, and humble yourself, to see Jesus. He then comes.

    Read the parables in the Gospel. Do not delude your self into thinking you can be another Lazarus. Jesus says, only a very small few can ever be like Lazarus. The rest think about riches more than the Kingdom.

    Try to gain some perspective here.

    The Gospel must first be totally and completely understood and assimilated, the Life of Jesus, you must see Jesus in all his acts and manifestations. He teaches you one by one. This is A Father Teaching a Son.

    God has prepared a Mansion for the True Believers. A Mansion. God has prepared. No work for us in the hereafter. We labor now, we rest 'eternally.' Can't beat that with any stick. And the sham life which the beasts are so caught up in, is their only life, No hereafter for them. They stuffed themselves like stuck pigs with every material they feel has 'value' to them. Poor wretches. They have only rocks and paper. These all burn up melt in the fervent heat. There is no 'reincarnation' there is no other form of longevity, or life prolonging science and technology. God controls, Death. When it's your time to go, you cannot outrun "death" God's final 'servant.' Thus, they labor in vain. What are you laboring for? A phantom. Who put this silly idea into your mind? Satan. You're all Satan's pets. Slaves, Servants who live according to material wealth. Material gain, material ideologies, that return to dust, corrode, bend, crunch, becomes a point of robbery, all the reasons why people live for such things. Nothing is protected. Don't delude yourself. Even if you have 'security' measures. It's just another job. People have no sense of duty, no sense of caring, no love. Matthew 24, 'love will grow cold' one of the signs of those times. Increased knowledge. Increased sin and iniquity, parties, banquets, so forth. Living it up. These are the times, but it must still become worse. Where love is trampled on. Which means they've become 'demons.' Demons if you recall 'Hate.' They are the Opposite of God. Hate. Mankind will know and experience 'true' hate, because they rejected true love.

    Here's a contradiction in their overall thinking. Many say when you die, and knowingly say this, that, you can't take anything with you. They say this about 'money.' Why? So that you won't take up their share. They want all the money. Money is a phantom a well laid, ideology, to fool man. What is money backed by? Gold? Silver? Rubies? Diamonds? None of these. It is backed by, words. To give you an explanation of this foolish scheme that has been going on for only God knows, one day someone who was not thinking about God, thought only about the earth. How he could control all that is 'freely' given to 'every man.' Food and substance for shelter and clothing. Land, trees, vegetation, animals. He said, I want to be the King. I want to be the one everybody has to bow down to, to get fed, have a home, so forth.
    Money. Money then is a control method by egotistical men who want to be king. The celebrity. The main man, in short 'god.'

    Now, these men are crafty, Satan taught the fine art of swindling and being, this phony 'god.' Delusion.

    This silly game has gone on far too long. Everything is black and white, black casts shadows, things fall through the cracks.

    God has said, He will expose all injustice. All cruelty, All, evil on the 'Face' of the "Earth." Read the Book of Wisdom and Ecclesiasticas. Read the Four Wisdom Books.

    God does not want man to be left without Wisdom, so He had men inspired to write Wisdom Books. For your benefit. And he who does not use them, is unwise. A fool. God provides Knowledge. The Best Kind there is. Make use of them.

    Read them all with spiritual comprehension. Otherwise they do not sink in deep roots, but remain in the pages.

    Peace be with you always

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    From Notebook 1943 Increase of Sin and Pride

    Jesus says:

    "Idolaters, idolaters, pagans, sold to the flesh, money, power, and Satan, who is the master of these three accursed realms of flesh, money, and power!

    Peace be with you always

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