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    Christ the Lamb of God


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    Christ the Lamb of God

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    The Passover Meal was eaten once a year at Passover in the Jewish Tradition as given by God's instruction to Moses to carry on perpetually, year after year, signifying, that one day the True Lamb of God will come to man to give man, true Meat. Meat for his soul. The Bread of Heaven.

    An expectation. To feed man's soul and return him back to true sons and daughters of the most high. For man had killed his soul with Sin, and became a languishing soul, dead to Grace.

    Jesus the Lamb of God came to restore man back to Grace. His Blood through two uses: Baptism to wash the soul of stain; The Chalice to fortify his blood within to keep the soul from getting infected by Satan's concupiscence.

    The Host as Meat to nourish and strengthen his soul, and then having Grace to Sanctify his soul, through the Holy Fire of God, the Holy Spirit. The Earnest gift to Man, the Holy Spirit, which is the combing of the Two Greatest Loves: the Father and the Son.

    Grace. A Full Grace. Just like what Jesus experienced as a Man and the Blessed Mother.

    What is Full Grace?

    Having the Holy Spirit. The Two Greatest Loves' merging in One. The Holy Spirit.

    This is no big secret, for this Church teaches this, but in our generation poorly, because the focus is not as should be. Instead they talk about, all the worthless, valueless things. Not worthy of Heaven. Thus, the current state of the world. Apostasy, lukewarmness, leading to many deaths. Souls, deaths. The souls are dead, starving, languishing, choking on putrid sin and iniquity, while the horse is running wild.

    Jesus, was tenderized for our consumption. The Lamb was broken and made tender, Meat for Souls.

    Peace be with you always

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