The Words Given To Maria Valtorta Written in English

    "God Prefers Talking to Children"


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    "God Prefers Talking to Children"

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    Jesus speaks:

    "I said: "He who loves Me will do the same works I do."

    Because I live in who love Me, the victims who annihilate themselves out of love even to die there from, and in these I accomplish the marvels of My Power.

    "I took you, Maria, like a little child, and placed you in their midst because God prefers talking to little children, children either in years or in spirit, because they possess the simplicity and purity that welcome the Revelation of God."

    But on the day you wanted to become great and equal to them, I would cease holding your hand and teaching you. Adults do not need to be led, unless they are blind; nor they need to be taught because they "know" and boast about it.

    What do they know? The Beloved, whom I love, and who loves you, as you, his little sister, love him, says that if all the Prodigies which Christ did, were written down, the whole Earth could not contain all the volumes. If this hyperbole is strong, it is nevertheless true that if one had to write down the Prodigies I accomplished, from when I came into the world, up to now, and those I will accomplish from now to the end of the world, the volumes would be as numerous as the stars in the sky, and it is also true that what they know, who think they know everything, is like a fistful of sand compared to the sand on the shore!

    The Lights of God are inexhausted and inexhaustable, and not one of them is useless or inexact. So, those who "know" are semi-illiterates, whose Master I cannot be because in their foolish pride they think, they do not need a master, and they permit themselves to criticize the Deeds of God, Who takes a child to instruct the wise.

    If they annoy you with their pharisaical criticisms and rebukes, use My reply: "Don't you know I must be concerned with My Father's affairs?" and do not be dismayed.

    First you were in My Arms. Now My Father and My Mother are holding you too. You are safer than a baby on its mother's breast, safer than a little bird under its mother's wing. But remain "little". You will always have Our Milk for your Food.

    And the blind - who are of goodwill, by placing their hand in your little hand which does not humiliate because the help of a child never mortifies - they will be able to have a Guide on the way to Life. Go in peace, rest. I bless you."

    (Notebooks, pp. 611-612, December 2nd, 1943)

    Peace be with you always

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