The Words Given To Maria Valtorta Written in English

    The Clergy Insist That the Virgin Mary was in Ephesus


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    The Clergy Insist That the Virgin Mary was in Ephesus

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    But the Church does not.

    The Church comprise of Three Parts:

    Militant: Earth
    Purgation: Purgatory
    Triumphant: Heaven.

    The Church had it's beginnings in God. The Mystical Body of Christ.

    As humanized Catholics, they only look to the earth and what false teachers proclaim, because they do not follow the Holy Spirit's Direction and Teaching. Thus they are still carnal and listen to other carnal beings.

    The Lord Jesus gave to Rome, the Truth, in the Life of Jesus Christ revealed to Maria Valtorta. And previous to Maria, Anne Emmerich. Anne Emmerich, had a problem obeying Jesus and thus, her work ended up being compromised.

    Over time, the militant church, had errors creep in to the point of becoming widespread. Many false rumors became, set in stone. And is what is proclaimed widely rather than what truly transpired. Many stories made up, as is the case with some man wanting to become 'known' in the Religious world. To be somebody. Make a name for himself, be, courted, and say: "Look, I'm that famous man that..."

    We are nothings and beggars asking for Mercy from God.

    Thus, Jesus set out to straighten this up. Anne Emmerich and Maria Valtorta, both of these received the Life of Jesus and Mary the visions of the Early Church.

    The reality was Anne Emmerich's visions were real and from Jesus, the problem was, the book publisher doctored up the visions as he saw fit. Free will. To teach the clergy a lesson in who's Guiding the boat. I would say, at this point they don't pay too much attention to any of these two because, they have taught themselves over the generations. They want to maintain their line of evolution. I can see where they do not trust in seers. Because God always has hard words to say. And being frail men, and they don't like to think their frail, stick to what they know and thus have created a system of formulas. They stick to this like glue.

    The Beauty of Christianity is in the union with Its Maker, That's the design of Christianity to restore Man back to Grace which is union with God. God being the Father, the Guide, the Source, the Teacher. Who brings man back to the level where Man is able see and hear God and comprehend Him intelligently without error. But, the Clergy do not see it this way. They listen to their learned knowledge and extrapolate from it's source which is not a gleaming River of Life. It is only stagnant waters. The River of Life is Sanctifying Grace. It must constantly be upon us as a shower to renew our minds, our hearts. This is Christianity as a abstract view.

    To have true Union with God. To have God as Father. This is Christianity. To be in Grace.

    The Holy Mother never Left Jerusalem. She remained in Lazarus's property. The one in Gethsemane. Read Book 5 Poem of the Man-God to completion. Jesus reveals in this the Mothers true place of residence until Her Assumption.

    Peace be with you always

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    From Poem of the Man-God: Book 5
    Chapter: 645. The Blissful Passage of the Blessed Virgin.

    21st November 1951.

    Mary, in Her solitary little room, on the high terrace, all dressed in white linen, both in the dress that covers Her body, and in the mantle that, fastened at the nape of Her neck, falls down Her back, and in the very thin veil that hangs from Her head, is arranging Her garments and Jesus', which She has always kept. She picks the best ones. And they are few. Of Her own She takes the dress and the mantle She had on Calvary; of Her Son's, a linen tunic that Jesus used to wear on summer days, and the mantle that was found at Gethsemane, still stained with the blood He shed with the bloody perspiration of that dreadful hour.

    skip to St. John's moving..

    Folding Her arms across Her breast, closing Her eyelids on Her kind eyes, bright with love, She says to John who is bent over Her: « I am in God. And God is in Me. While I contemplate Him and feel His embrace, say the psalms, and any other pages of the Scriptures becoming Me, particularly in this hour. The Spirit of Wisdom will point them out to you. Then say the prayer of My Son, repeat the words of the announcing Archangel and of Elizabeth to Me, and My hymn of praise… I will follow you with what I still have of Myself on the Earth…

    John, struggling against the tears that rise from his heart, striving to control the emotion that upsets him, in his beautiful voice, which, as years have gone by, has become very like Jesus'- which Mary notices with a smile, saying: I seem to have My Jesus beside Me! » - intones psalm one hundred and eighteen, which he says almost entirely, then the first three verses of psalm forty-one, the first eight of psalm thirty-eight, psalm twenty-two and psalm one. He then says the Our Father, the words of Gabriel and Elizabeth, the canticle of Tobias, the twenty-fourth chapter of Ecclesiasticus, from verse eleven to forty-six. Lastly he intones the "Magnificat". But when he arrives at verse nine, he notices that Mary does not breathe any more, although She is still natural in Her posture and appearance, smiling, peaceful, as if She had not noticed that life had stopped.

    John, with a heart-rending cry throws himself on the floor against {933} the edge of the bed, and calls and calls Mary. He cannot convince himself that She is no longer able to reply to him, that Her body is now deprived of the vital soul. But he has to surrender to evidence! He bends over Her face, still fixed in an expression of supernatural joy, and tears stream copiously from his eyes on that sweet face, on those pure hands so gently folded on Her breast. It is the only washing that Mary's body had: the tears of the Apostle of love and of Her son of adoption by Jesus' will.

    When the first transport of sorrow is over, John, remembering Mary's wish, picks up the edges of Her wide linen mantle, which were hanging from the sides of the little bed, and those of the veil, which were also hanging from the pillow, and he spreads the former over Her body, and the latter on Her head. Mary is now like a statue of white marble, laid on the cover of a sarcophagus. John contemplates Her at some length, and more tears fall from his eyes as he does so.

    Then he rearranges the room, removing all superfluous furniture. He leaves only the bed, the little table against the wall and he places the chest with the relies on it, a stool, that he places between the door leading to the terrace and the bed on which Mary is lying, and a shelf, on which there is a lamp that John lights, as it is beginning to get dark.

    Then he hurries down to Gethsemane, to pick as many flowers as he can, and some branches of olive-trees, with olives already on them. He goes back up to the little room, and in the light of the lamp he arranges the flowers and the branches around Mary's body, as if it were in the centre of a huge wreath.

    Peace be with you always

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    8th and 15th July 1944.
    [Mary says:]

    « The conception of My Son was an ecstasy. A greater ecstasy to give birth to Him. The ecstasy of ecstasies My passage from the Earth to Heaven. Only during the Passion no ecstasy made My cruel suffering endurable.

    The house, from which I was abducted to Heaven, was one of the countless generosities of Lazarus, for Jesus and His Mother. The little house of Gethsemane, near the place of His Ascension. It is useless to look for its remains. In the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans, it was devastated, and its ruins were scattered in the course of ages. »

    Peace be with you always


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    What would some of the logical reasons be for stating, She was living and taken up from Ephesus?

    As the Blessed Mother states above, the little house in Gethsemane no longer exists. It was destroyed by the Romans.

    Which translated means: No evidence that the Blessed Mother was Assumed into Heaven.

    Well was there evidence that Jesus Christ Ascended? Physical? No.


    Socialism, Darwinism, Humanism, Atheism, which all come from Hell, from Satan's Cave, aims to discredit the Bible, turning men and women into slaves of Satan. Everyone under this system is a slave to Satan, this includes the leaders.

    Why then do they seem so carefree and on top of the world? Free will given to all men. They abuse their free will to rule over mankind as 'dictators.' Just as Lucifer abused his and ended up in Hell. God kicked Lucifer out and created Hell for these rebels. Everyone who follows Lucifer/Satan and completely rejects God and His Christ --doesn't repent and come to the Light to be free of the Fire of Hell--, end up there for all eternity, forever, with your glorified bodies even.

    Think, contemplate, meditate, make the right choice.

    Peace be with you always

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