1944: Holy Hour of Jesus


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    1944: Holy Hour of Jesus

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    Holy Hour of Jesus

    Extracted from THE NOTEBOOKS 1944, June 14.1944


    “’If I do not wash you, you will not take part in My Kingdom.’

    “Soul that I love, and all of you that I love, listen. It is I who speak to you, for I want to spend this hour with you.

    “I Jesus, do not separate you from My Altar even if you come to it with your souls damaged by wounds and diseases or wrapped in lianas of passions which humiliate you in your spiritual freedom, handing you over, bound, to the power of the flesh and its king: Lucifer.

    “I remain Jesus, the Rabbi of Galilee, the one to whom lepers, paralytics, the blind, the obsessed, and epileptics loudly called, saying: ‘Son of David, have mercy on me.’ I remain Jesus, the Rabbi reaching out to someone drowning and asking, ‘Why do you doubt Me?’ I remain Jesus, the Rabbi who says to the dead, ‘Rise up and go. I want you to. Come out of your sleep of death and your tomb, and walk.’ And I restore you to those who love you.

    “And who loves you, O My beloved? Who loves you with true love which is not selfish or mutable? Who loves you with a love which is not self-interested or greedy, but whose only aim is to give you what it has amassed and say to you, ‘Take it. It’s all yours. I have done all this for you, so that it will be yours and you may enjoy it’? Who? The eternal God. And I restore you to Him. To Him, who loves you.

    “I do not separate you from My Altar. For that Altar is My Teaching Chair, My Throne, and the dwelling of the Physician who heals all maladies. From this Place I teach you to have faith. From here, as the King of Life, I give you Life. From here I bend over your diseases and heal them with the breath of My Love.

    “I do even more, O children. I descend from this altar and go out to meet you. Here I am, on the threshold of these houses of Mine, where too few enter and even fewer enter with sure faith. Here I am, a figure of peace, who show up on your streets, where you pass by, downfallen, poisoned, and scorched by pain, self interest, and hatred. Here I am, reaching out to you, for I see you hesitating wearily, under the weight of boulders you have imposed on yourselves which have taken the place of that cross which I handed to you so that it would be your support, as the staff is for the pilgrim. Here I am, saying to you, ‘Enter. Rest. Drink,’ for I see you exhausted and thirsty.

    “But you do not see Me. You pass close by; you bump into Me, sometimes out of ill will, sometimes through the darkening of your spiritual sight; at times you look at Me. But you know you are dirty and do not dare to come near My whiteness as a Divine Host. But this Whiteness is able to take pity on you. Know Me, men, who distrust Me because you do not know Me.

    “Listen. I wanted to leave the Freedom and Purity which are the atmosphere of Heaven and descend into this jail of yours, into this impure air, to help you, because I love you. I did even more. I deprived Myself of my freedom as God and became the slave of flesh. The spirit of God enclosed in flesh, the Infinite locked into a handful of muscles and bones, subject to hearing the voices of this flesh, for which cold and sun, hunger, thirst, and labor are affliction. I could ignore all of this. I wanted to experience tortures of man, who had fallen from his throne as an innocent one, to love you more.

    “That still wasn’t enough for Me. I wanted—since to feel compassion one must suffer what those for whom compassion is felt suffer—to feel the assault of all the feelings to feel your struggles, to grasp the crafty tyranny Satan puts into your blood, to understand how easy it is to remain hypnotized by the Serpent if one lowers one’s gaze for a single moment towards his seductive glance, forgetting to live in the light. Because the snake does not live in the light. He goes into the shadowy recesses which look restful, but are only treacherous. For you these shadows have a name: woman, money, power, selfishness, sensuality, and ambition. For you they eclipse the Light that is God. In their midst is the Serpent: Satan. He looks like a necklace. He is the rope to strangle you. I wanted to know this because ‘I love you.’

    “That still wasn’t enough for Me. It would have been enough for Me. But the Justice of the Father could say to His Flesh[Jesus], ‘You have triumphed over treachery. Man as flesh, like You, is unable to triumph now, and let him thus be punished, for I cannot forgive those who are filthy.’ I took your filthiness upon Myself. That of the past, present and future. All of it. More than Job, immersed in a putrid dunghill to cover his wounds, was I immersed, when, submerged by the sin of the whole world, I did not dare to even raise my eyes anymore to seek Heaven, and I moaned, feeling the Father’s indignation, building up for centuries, weighing upon Me, aware of the sins to come. A flood of sins on earth, from its dawn to its dusk. A flood of curses upon the Guilty One. On the Host of Sin.

    “O men! More innocent than a baby kissed by his mother on his way back from his baptism was I. And the Most High was horrified at Me because I was Sin, having taken upon Me all the sin of the world. I sweated with repugnance. I sweated blood out of repugnance at this leprosy upon Me, who was the Innocent One. The blood broke my veins in the disgust of this foul pool in which I was submerged. And to complete this torture, to squeeze my blood out of my heart, there was joined the bitterness of being accursed, for in that hour I was not the Word of God—I was Man. Man. The Guilty One.

    “Can I, who have experienced this, fail to understand your dejection or fail to love you because you are dejected? ‘I love you for this reason.’ I have only to recall that hour to love you and call you ‘Brothers and sisters!’ But calling you this is not enough for the Father to be able to call you ‘Sons and daughters.’ And I want Him to call you this! What kind of brother would I be if I did not want you with Me in our Father’s house?

    "'I thus say to you, ‘Come so that I can wash you.’ No one is so filthy that my lavacre will not cleanse him. No one is so pure that he doesn’t need my bath. Come. This is not water. There are miraculous founts which heal the wounds and diseases of the flesh. But this is more than those. This fount gushes from my chest.

    “This is the lacerated Heart from which the cleansing water issues forth. My Blood is the clearest water in creation. Infirmities and imperfections are canceled out in it. And your souls become white and whole again, worthy of the Kingdom.

    “Come. Let Me say to you, ‘I absolve you!’ Open your hearts to Me. In them are the roots of your maladies. Let Me come in. Let Me untie your bandages. Do your wounds cause you repugnance? When seen in my light, they appear to you as they are: teaming with worms. Do not look at them. Look at Mine. Let Me act. My hand is light. You will feel only a kiss and a tear. And everything will be cleansed.

    “Oh, how beautiful you will be, around My Altar! Angels among the angels of the Ciborium. And My Heart will rejoice greatly there at. For I am the Savior, and I do not disdain anyone. ‘But I am also the Lamb grazing among the lilies, and I take delight in being surrounded by whiteness, for to make you white I took up life and gave life.’

    “Oh, how I see the Father smiling at you and Love shining for you with His splendors because you are no longer stained with sin!

    “Come to the fount of the Savior. Let My Blood descend upon the contrite spirit, and let a voice, in which Mine is present, say: ‘I absolve you in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.’”

    Peace be with you always

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    Re: 1944: Holy Hour of Jesus

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    “’One of you will betray me.’

    “One of you!. Yes, in a proportion of one to twelve one of you betrays Me.

    “Every betrayal, is more painful than a lance thrust. Look at the Humanity of your Redeemer. From his head to his feet He is one big wound. Scouring brings horror to those meditating on it and agony to those experiencing it. But it was an hour’s torture. You that betray Me scourge My Heart. You have been doing so for centuries.

    “I have loved you. I love you. I take pity on you. I forgive you. I wash you, taking away My Blood to make it a purifying bath for you. And you betray Me.

    “I am the Word of God. I am glorious in Heaven. But I am in this Heaven not only as a spirit. I am there as Flesh as well. The flesh has feelings and affections. Why do you want to renew for Me continually that gnawing fire which the proximity of a betrayer is? Is Heaven far away? No, children who betray Me. I am close to you. I am among you. And you burn Me with the flame of your betrayal.

    “I look, seeking comfort, among the different kinds of people. And in each I encounter so many glances of betrayers. Why do you betray Me? I am in your midst to do good to you. Why do you want to harm Me? I bring you my gifts. Why do you throw biting vipers back at Me? I call you ‘Friends.’ Why do you reply ‘Accursed One’? What have I done to you? What man do you know who is more patient and has greater goodness than I?

    “Look. When you are happy, no one abandons you. But if you weep, if wealth abandons you, if you have an infectious disease, everyone stays away from you. I remain. Indeed, I receive precisely at that moment, because you then come. You no longer have anyone to weep and speak with, and then you remember Me. And I do not say to you, ‘Go away. I don’t know you.’ I could say so, for in fact you never came, when you were wealthy, healthy, and happy, to say to Me, ‘I am this way, and I thank You for it.’

    “But I don’t demand even this from those who are not already giants in love. I do not demand gratitude. It would suffice for you to say. ‘I am happy.’ To say this to Me. Not to regard Me as alien to you. To remember that I exist, too. To devote a thought to this Jesus. I would say thanks for you to God—my Father and yours. But you never come. And I could say, ‘I don’t know you.’ But I open my arms and say, ‘Come. Let us weep together.’

    “Look. I am in the jails, in the small, depressing cells, sitting on the same plank bed as the prisoner, and I speak to him of a freedom truer than the one beyond those four walls, of a freedom which is no longer afraid of being harmed by sins which should be punished. And yet that prisoner is someone who has betrayed Me, offending my law of love. Perhaps he has killed. Perhaps he has robbed. But he now calls Me. There I am, at his side. The world scorns him. I love him. I called the one who was killing Me and depriving Me of life ‘my friend.’ I can call this unfortunate who comes back to Me ‘my friend.’

    “A flame of love, I am close to the sick. Their fevers experience my caress; their sweat, my sudarium; their languors, my arm, which supports them; and their anguish, my word. And yet many are sick because they betrayed Me and my law. They have served the flesh. And the flesh, a mad beast, was destroyed and destroys them, now, even in life. Here I am as well, for I am the Only One who do not grow tired of their malady and watch with them, and suffer with them, and smile at their hopes, and, if the Father has the slightest inclination, I turn them into reality. But if I see that death is decreed, I then take this brother of mine, who is trembling before the mystery of death and calling to Me, and I say, ‘Do not fear. You think it is darkness—it is light. You think it is pain—it is only joy. Give Me your hand. I know death. I experienced it before you. I know that it is an instant and that God supernaturally comes to your aid to deaden the force of the sensory so as not to demoralize the soul in its final struggle. Be trusting. Look at Me. Me alone… There! Do you see? You have crossed the threshold. Come to Me now, to the Father. Do not fear now, either. I am with you. The Father loves those I love.’

    “I am in deserted houses. Before they were glad with voices. Death and indigence have passed by. The survivor wanders about alone. Friends have fled. Loved ones are far away, because of work or death. The sun is in the sky, but for the survivor all is darkness. There is peace in the night air, but for the survivor there is no rest. And yet I have often been betrayed in that house, where creatures have been turned into gods. Creatures have been loved idolatrously, in betrayal of my law. But I enter and come to introduce a sunbeam into the darkness, to infuse peace where a storm is. That survivor has called Me…Perhaps absent mindedly… Perhaps without a real will to receive Me. But I go without delay.

    “Oh, I ask for nothing but to be with you. Every memory falls of past error when you call Me: ‘Jesus!’

    “But do not scourge my Heart! It is already open and bloodless. Do not envenom its wound. And to those who have understood Me in my pain as a betrayed man I say, ‘One of you will betray Me. Give Me your faithful love as a balm.’ And I say this to all. To the saints, my beloved ones as God. To sinners, my beloved ones as Jesus. For sinners, too, for whom I became ‘Jesus’, can medicate this wound.

    “Are you Samaritans? I know. But my parable speaks of a Good Samaritan who treats the wounds not treated by the children of the Law who pass by, absorbed in the hurry of serving God. They do not know that God is served more by loving than by performing practices.

    “I am the Wounded One languishing on your roads. Marauders assaulted and plundered Me. Marauders: those who unworthily makes use of my sacrifice as God becoming flesh. They plunder Me: by denying my attributes with their multiple heresies. They plunder the Truth because that robe tempts them, for it is radiant. But they do not know that it shines because it has been put on by the one who is a Sun, and in the hands of these, who cover it the slaver of their proud minds, it becomes just another rag. Truth is truth, and it illuminates all things with this light when it is seen in union with God. When divided, it becomes chaotic language. For the Truth is Knowledge and Wisdom, but, when torn away from God, it becomes chaos.

    “Medicate Me, even if you are Samaritans. Give Me your oil and wine—the oil is love, and the wine, contrition of your own self. Medicate Me. I do not disdain you. Let the sinful woman who refreshed my weary feet speak to you and say whether I disdain a sinner.

    “But never betray Me again. Go and sin no more. I forgive you for everything if everything in you loves Me. Give Me a sincere kiss. My cheek is burning from the kiss of the betrayers. Medicate it with the kiss of faithfulness.

    Peace be with you always

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    “’Love one another as I have loved you.’

    “From the cradle to the cross, from Bethlehem to the Mount of Olives I loved you.

    “The cold and indigence of my first night in the world did not keep Me from loving you with my spirit, and, annihilating Myself as the Word to the point of not being able to say, ‘I love you,’ I said these words to you with my spirit, inseparable from that of the Father and working with it in inexhaustible activity.

    “The agony of my last night on earth did not keep Me from loving you. On the contrary, it reached the highest peaks of love. On the contrary, it burned in the most intense fire. On the contrary, it consumed all that was not love to the point of squeezing—along with repugnance at sin and the pain of abandonment by the Father--the blood out of my veins.

    “What greater love is there than the one able to love when it knows it is hated? The first gesture of my hands was a caress; the last, a blessing. And in the midst of these two gestures—the first arising in the darkness of a winter night, the last in the splendor of a glowing summer morning—thirty three years of gestures of love, corresponding to as many motions of love. Love in miracles, love in caresses for children and friends, love as a teacher, love as a benefactor, love as a friend, love, love, love….

    “And more than human love at the Last Supper. Before being bound and pierced, these hands of mine washed the feet of the apostles, and also of the one whose heart I would have liked to wash, and they broke the bread. And I was breaking my Heart with that bread. I was giving you That. Because I knew I would soon return to Heaven and did not want to leave you alone. Because I knew how easily you forget and wanted you to see yourselves sitting at a single dinner table, around my table, to say to one another, ‘We belong to Jesus!’

    “What love is greater than the one able to love those who torture it? And yet I loved you that way. And I was able to pray for you as I died.

    “Love one another as I have loved you. Hatred extinguishes the light. Even mere resentment darkens peace. God is peace and light, for God is love. But if you do not love, and love as I have loved you, you cannot have God.

    “As I have loved you. Without acts of pride, then. From this Tabernacle, this Cross, and this Heart there emerge only words of humility. I am God, and I am your Servant, and I remain here, waiting for you to say to Me, ‘I am hungry, ‘ to give Myself as Bread to you. I am God, and I expose myself to your sight on wood which was a debasing scaffold, naked and accursed. I am God, and I ask you to love my Heart. I ask you. Out of love for you, since, if you loved Me, you do yourselves good. I am God. With or without your love, I am always God. But you are not. Without my love, you are nothing: dust.

    “I want you with Me. I want you here. I want to make your dust blessed light. I want you not to die, but to live, for I am Life and want you to have Life.

    “Love one another without selfishness. It would be an impure love, destined to die of illness. Love one another by wanting for others more good than you hope for as regards to yourselves. It is very difficult. I know. But, do you see this Eucharistic Bread? It has made the martyrs. They were creatures like you: fearful, weak, even dissolute. This bread made them heroes.

    “In the first point I indicated my Blood to you for your purification. In the third point, to make you saints, I indicate this Table and this Bread to you. The Blood changed you from sinners into just people. The Bread changes you from just people into saints. A bath cleanses, but does not nourish. It refreshed and restores, but does not become flesh in the flesh. Food, on the other hand, becomes blood and flesh—it becomes you yourselves. My Food becomes yourselves.

    “Oh, consider! Look at this little child. Today he eats his bread, and he does so tomorrow and the next day and the next. He thus becomes a man: tall, sturdy, handsome. It is his mother that has made him that way? No. His mother conceived, bore, gave birth to, nursed, and loved and loved him. But the little one, if, after the mild, he had received nothing but baths, kisses, and love, would have perished of starvation. That child becomes a man through the adult food he consumes. That man is such because he eats his food every day.

    “The same applies to your spiritual self. Nourish it with the real Food which comes down from Heaven and from Heaven brings you all the energies to make you stalwart in grace. Healthy, strong vitality is always good. See how easy it is for a sickly person to be harsh and lacking in compassion and patience. My Food will make you healthy and strong in the vitality of the spirit, and you will be able to love others more than yourselves, as I have loved you.

    “For, look, children. I have loved you not as someone loves himself. But more than Myself. To the point that I went to my death to save you from death. If you love this way, you will know God. Do you know what it means to know God? It means to know the taste of true Joy, true Peace, and true Friendship.

    “Oh, the Friendship, Peace, and Joy of God! It is the reward promised to the blessed. But it is already given to those on earth who love with their whole selves.

    “Love, to be true, is not a matter of words. It is a matter of deeds. Active, like its source, who is God. Nor does it ever tire of working, even because of the disappointments coming from one’s brothers and sisters. That love is poor which falls like a bird with weak wings when an obstacle wounds it! True love, even when wounded, rises. With its claw and beak, it clambers up, if it can no longer fly, so as not to lie in the shadow and the cold, to be in the sun, the medicine for every malady. And as soon as it is refreshed, it then resumes its flight. And it goes from God to its brothers and sisters and from these to God, an angelic butterfly bearing the pollen of the heavenly gardens to fecundate the earthly flowers and carrying the scents snatched from the humblest flowers to God so that He will receive and protect them.

    “But woe to it if it drifts away from the sun. The sun is my Eucharist, for in it the Father blesses and the Spirit loves, while I, the Word, work.

    “Come and take. This is the Food that I ardently ask you to consume.”

    Peace be with you always

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    “’If you remain in Me and my doctrine remains in you, you will be given what you ask for.’

    “I descend into you and become your food. But, as the Center I am, I breathe you into Myself. You feed on Me, but with greater reason I feed on you. The two hungers are insatiable and continuous. The vine nourishes its shoots. But it is the shoots that make the vine. The water nourishes the seas, but it is the seas that nourish the water; rising again in evaporation to come down once more. You must remain in Me as I remain in you. If separated, you, not I, would die.

    “I am food for the spirit and food for thought. The spirit feeds on the Flesh of a God. The essence poured out by God, it can receive food only from what is its matrix. Thought feeds on my Word, which is the Thought of a God.

    “Your thought! Intelligence is what makes you resemble God, for intelligence there is memory, intellect, and will, as there is a likeness in the spirit because it is spiritual, free, and immortal.

    “Your thought, to be capable of remembering, understanding, and willing what is good, must be nourished by my doctrine. It reminds you of the benefits and works of God, who God is, and what is due God. It brings you to comprehend good and distinguish it from evil. It brings you to want to do good. Without my doctrine you become the slaves of others which are called ‘doctrines,’ but are errors. And, like ships without a compass and rudder, you head for a shipwreck. You depart from the routes. And how can you then say, ‘God has abandoned me,’ when it is you that have abandoned Him?

    “Remain in Me. If you do not remain, it is a sign that you hate Me. And my Father hates whoever hates Me, for whoever hates Me hates the Father, since I am one with the Father. Remain in Me. Make the Father unable to distinguish between the branch and the vine, since the branch is so united to it. Make the Father unable to grasp where I end you begin, since the likeness is so complete. Those who love end up taking on the inflexions, phrases, and gestures of their beloved.

    “I want you to be as many other Jesus’s. And this is because I want you to receive what you ask for—when fused to Me, you can ask for good things—and not have to experience rejection. And this is because I want you to receive even more than what you ask for, since the Father pours out his treasures upon the Son in a continuous flow of love. And whoever is in the Son enjoys this infinite outpouring, which is the love of God, who rejoices in his Word and circulates in Him. Now I am the Body, and you, the members, and thus the Joy flooding Me and coming from the Father, the Power, Peace, and every other perfection circulating in Me are transfused into you, my faithful ones who are part of Me, inseparable from you here and hereafter.

    “Come and ask. Do not be afraid to ask. You can ask for everything because God can give everything. Ask for yourselves and for all. I have taught you to. Ask for those present and those absent. Ask for those of the past, present, and future. Ask for this day of yours and for your eternity, and for both of these in relation to those whom you love.

    “Ask and ask and ask. For everyone. For the good, that God may bless them. For the wicked, that God may convert them. Say with Me, ‘Father, forgive them. Ask for health, peace in the family, peace in the world, and peace for eternity. Ask for holiness. Yes, this, too. God is the Holy One and the Father. Along with the life maintaining you, ask Him for holiness through the Strength which comes from Him.

    “Do not be afraid to ask. For the daily bread and the daily blessing. You are not entirely a body and not entirely a spirit. Ask for both of them, and it will be granted to you. Do not be afraid to dare too much. I requested my own glory for you; indeed, I have even given it to you so that you will be like Us, who love you, and the world will know that you are children of God.

    “Come. Your Father is in this Heart of mine. Enter, that He may recognize you and say, ‘Let there be great celebration in the Heavens, for I have re-encountered a son whom I love.’”

    “I have contended you,” Jesus says. “I have continuously spoken Myself. I wanted my Eucharistic Voice to speak. Receive it as my gift. I bless you and all of those who listen to it.”

    Peace be with you always

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