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    Penance Suffering Pain


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    Penance Suffering Pain

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    The Lord stresses, penance and suffering, which is painful.

    In the history of Church, after the Early Years of the Church, there were periods of overbearance. Where the clergy prescribed heavy punishments to sinners. These were of course very wrong. They were not charitable.

    Penance is not overbearance but a gift to overcome and pray for others who suffer. Everyone suffers. There's not a single person who does not suffer. Those who suffer, and make suffering a good, elevate in love. Without suffering, man cannot know love. Thus Jesus says to us to suffer and do penance. No one is without sin as well. Expiate.

    Two kinds of suffering to let you know:

    1 First kind, from sin. First we suffer thinking, the enjoyment is without consequence. The enjoyment of the flesh is Satan's affliction. We suffer.

    2 We suffer for sinners. As victim souls. This doesn't sound too good in the ears of many. But, in this lies the true secret of successful Christian living as Jesus quietly and silent taught. From Gethsemane to the Cross. Read the Pages of His Suffering. While He was being abused, He was praying, for who? Us. For the souls, He taught, all His Disciples and Apostles, that were in His time, and all the future generations of Christians till the End of Time when the Earth and the Universe Ceases.

    Jesus calls everyone of us to do penance and suffer. Fast. Some are called to suffer similar to Christ physically, some are called to suffer spiritually, some are called to suffer emotionally and mentally. Christ suffered, physically, emotionally and mentally, and spiritually. All of them.

    The more one suffers, the more one wins souls. This is the secret. Yet, we are not without Help. Christ, Mary, Saints and Angels are there always.

    Read the saints, about the dark night of the soul, where a soul, seems to be cutoff, like Jesus was abandoned by the Father. We experience dark periods in our life where we are left alone, at least it seems that way. This is part of the Way of the Cross a dark period. It could be for a few days, a few hours, a few weeks, a few months, a few years. Depends on the Lords needs. But, this helps you to overcome selfishness. Selfishness, will not get you Heaven. Heaven us selfless! No selfish considerations what so ever! None. If you want to be selfish, don't change. Christ says the same thing. If you want to not suffer, don't change. If you want to enjoy the present life, don't change. Don't do anything, just live in enjoyment. Forget the Way. You forfeit Heaven. You gain Hell. There are countless Catholics, who do not want to suffer. Countless. They live in selfish considerations. This is what we are taught in the world. Catholics want worldly success. They like what the world offers. To give them stimulation of the mind and senses, it can be anything. I've seen the world, I've lived in the world. I know what's out there. It is all Satan's doing. Enjoyment! Enjoyment! Enjoyment! Nothing But! Earn, gather tons of money, fill you life with junk that looks good. Nothing but matter and plastic filling. Many souls living the life of grandeur thinking they are fulfilling a life's dream! No, not so! Fulfilling a life contrary to Christ's Gospel. Doctrine. Life. Turn to Christ, humble yourselves, embrace love see Christ for what He had done. Understand the Great Love of God for Man in Christ's Life. Those who suffer, see the Love of God.

    His Life was the Life of Love for Man. John 3:16 For God so loved the world. The world of man. In the world, is man, many men. God love's them all.

    He who lives after the flesh, in the flesh, cannot please God. We predominantly live after the flesh. God is not pleased with the majority.

    Christ pleased the Father. He only lived after the spirit, in the spirit. He only cared for spirits, because flesh, had been struck by sin. It was compromised. The flesh must be put asunder, harnessed, given the reins, mortified. It likes to sin. The person who has mortified his flesh, lives a spiritual life. The life of a saint. He understands. The rest don't, they are too carnal, they think they are spiritual, but are not. Their spirits are embryo's, babes. Babes drink milk, meat is too strong. Those who eat meat are strong and healthy, they are saints. Saints eat meat.
    St. Paul ate meat. St Frances ate meat. St. Pio ate meat. St Theresa ate meat. They ate the bread of suffering. Christ the Bread of Suffering. When we partake of Christ, we partake of Christ's life whole and entire. Those who run, run away from Life. Just like the Hebrews at Mt. Sinai, No, the dread of God is too great! We are afraid! Was Moses afraid? Even after he had killed an Egyptian? No. He embraced God. Be not afraid, your fears are real, but, at the same time they are delusions of grandeur. You have no idea, how Kind God is. God ascended on the Mount to Save mankind, yet mankind was fearful. Why? Sin. They were carnal. Flesh cannot please God. Man's flesh. Only man's flesh, the beasts of the field were created to be like they are. They are no comparison, because they have no soul to reason intelligently to speak to God freely, because they have no soul. The soul of man is the intelligent being. The flesh lives by instinct similar to the beasts of the field. It is hard to distinguish if your spirit is still an embryo. When your spirit has been weened off the milk, is when you see the difference. As long as the flesh is still the predominant factor in your life, you are on milk. And think you are spiritual. Not so. Still an embryo.

    Jesus as Eucharist is Meat for Christians. Christians must read the word as well both. Penance and Sacrifice, suffering for souls. Giving up a habit, a meal, something of importance to you, for souls. The ultimate is solitude where you devote your time before God for the sake of souls. No one understands this. They think about a cloister and are in shock. No. You all do not understand, solitude like Mary had accomplished after Christ Ascended. She was given a house at one of Lazarus's properties, She remained there until Her ascension. She never went to Ephesus. In Ephesus were saints. Where John of Endor and Syntyche were sent, because of the Pharisees, the Temple Priests and Lawgivers. Read the Book. Without the Holy Spirit, guiding and teaching, you only assume, presume, guess. Here's a great example, because, in Ephesus there is a statue of the Madonna, in a little house where thousands of pilgrims go to venerate and ask for prayer assistance, it brings many, everyone assumes, She was there. Well, if I erected a statue of the Madonna say in Timbuku, in 75 AD and left a note that She was here and made small sanctuary for Her and prayed to Her everyday, someone looking for evidence of Her dwelling and the place She was Assumed into Heaven, would naturally think She was there in Timbuktu. This is exactly what has happened it Ephesus. Ephesus is in Turkey. It is quite a ways up from Jerusalem.

    Since John may have traveled up to Ephesus, it is quite possible He mentioned Her to some of the Christians there and one or some one, had made the statue. Book 5 of Poem of the Man-God explains and the Notebooks back up to confirm the Visions of Mary's end days and where She lived till Her Assumption.

    The problem is the time period where, these certain church members whoever they may have been, did not understand, penance and suffering as Christ taught. They did not understand that everything is done out of 'Charity' love one another, which means help one another. Read many of St. Paul's letters, he explains how to deal with sinners. But, the best book to read is Poem of the Man-God because Jesus teaches by example how to usher in sinners and admonish them, love them and pray and suffer for them. I have posted an episode a teaching from Book 4 in the 'Poem of the Man-God Discussions Forum' concerning "Forgiveness". Thus, these were very questionable, and as a result some have misunderstood, penance and suffering.

    Christianity is not Human Religion it is a Religion to return to Grace, Grace is Love. To Love.

    Did St. Frances of Assisi live a joyful pain and suffering free life? Did Mother Theresa? Perhaps Pope John Paul II? St. Pio? Do you think those wounds on his hands and body, were for show? Maybe he did not feel pain and suffering as a result? No. He felt every pain. When the Vatican officials even suspended St. Pio, do you he think he did not suffer? We suffer from all kinds of issues. Death and Suffering entered by way of Sin. And all men are of the seed of Adam. Not one is not.

    People today as I stated concerning the Gospel in relation to Protestants, live as human, carnal rather than, spirit. And that fact that they run from suffering testifies to this fact. They will have to suffer in Purgatory.

    Jesus states: If I Your Lord and Master had to suffer and die at the hands of My enemies, and you are not above Your Master, think it not strange when you are called to suffer and die at the hands of your enemies.

    For the disciple is not above their Master, but is every bit like their Master. Thus, many still live in White Castles, behind great big Walls to protect them from the outside world who yells, Crucify!

    The Lord says to snatch souls away from Satan requires, penance and suffering. Why? This is a form of fasting. Read the Gospel where Jesus talks about certain demons won't come out unless one fasts. Fasting is suffering. Your flesh is being subdued from living it's carnality, you are giving up fleshly desire to save a soul. When you fast, you give power to your spirit.

    People do not understand, that the flesh was compromised, with the threefold concupiscence. Satan's instrument is the flesh, with, its hungers and cravings, its passions and lusts.

    Romans 8. Many deny this.

    When you cutoff the flesh, your spirit becomes stronger.

    1 Peter, talks about carnal desires which war against the soul.

    Jesus tells us to become spirits. The part we do not comprehend is to become spirits. To spiritualize the flesh, this means to live for the spirit, to become angels not flesh. A world of difference here.

    If you want to live as flesh, stay as you are. If you want to live as spirit, you have to kill off the passions of the flesh.

    People today want 'enjoyment.' Jesus tells us the enjoyment you are seeing and witnessing is purely carnal enjoyment. He tells us of the true enjoyment Heaven. An eternal enjoyment which is for your souls.

    When your soul separates from your flesh, does the flesh live on? No. Where does your thought come from? The flesh? The Soul? Which one is intelligent? Flesh or Soul?

    The flesh was made from the Earth. It is only mud. The Soul was generated by God. It is everything. It is the true part of you that thinks, reasons, feels, cries, laughs, prays, talks, listens. The soul.

    The flesh is a unique creation of God which he gave to souls to wear and be clad with.

    The flesh was compromised by Sin. Evil. Satan. When you teach your flesh to like carnal things, you give it power to sin. The insatiable desire to crave.

    And man procreated his own image. Rather than God's image. God's Image protruding, God's Image Stamped on the flesh. God's image resounding, resonating, smiting from the flesh, Light.

    Adam's Image was produced instead. When he copulated with Eve. Not God's Image. God's Image would have been the covering, and the personification in man, God in Man, had they remained faithful to God.

    Thus, Jesus Christ came to restore to man Grace. Yet it is not as God had originally Thought and Designed. This is a perfect institution of God to correcting the error.

    Instead of being perfect beings from birth, we have to rise from the 'mud.' To elevate back to man and then able to rise to angel.

    Where then does all this start?

    Jesus demonstrated to us what it is like to be in Grace, from the moment of His Baptism. When we read the Life of Jesus, we read the Life of Grace. John's Gospel, states Jesus was full of Grace and Truth. He calls us to Imitate Him in the Gospel. This is how we can live if we so believe. And I certainly Believe. I have finally seen the Truth. The Whole Truth.

    Up to now, I've only heard in the churches, in the parishes, in the world of Christians, in my generation, human explanations and not the Spirit of God speaking in many. My soul which was Baptized, and regenerated, heard only man's voice, not the Savior, not 'the' Voice in others. Thus, this testifies to me, that, others have not understood, meaning they can't, or unwilling to. There are many souls who were Baptized but were disappointed in their parishes, churches because, the ones doing the teaching were giving false doctrine. They were not preaching everything correctly with the help of the Voice of God. Holy Spirit. And thus, the human explanation resounds throughout it seems. When this happens, your soul is struck by disbelief. Instead of taking flight into spiritual realms, it is set back and is struck at the thought of, and you begin to doubt, because they are not accepting the Whole Gospel, and they have not understood the Bible.

    Bless the Lord for I have finally understood.

    The Gospel is How We are to live. Jesus truly demonstrated the Life of Grace. How many believe this?

    How many can see this?

    Read the whole Gospel. When you see Jesus being Baptized, we receive the same, when you see, Jesus fasting in the desert, we should do the same to prepare ourselves for the work of disciple. When we see Jesus, healing, curing, raising the dead, we can do the same, because Jesus was living the Life of Grace right before our eyes, yet we think Jesus is God! He came as a Man and demonstrated that all men, can live the Life of Grace as He, demonstrated. Yes.

    He says, do as I do, Imitate Me in My life. Assimilate, My charitable acts, assimilate My kindness, assimilate the way I handle souls, assimilate the way I reproach kindly, assimilate all that is faith hope and charity, only leave the 'judging' to Me. I alone Am God.

    We see Jesus asking the Father for assistance when He feels the need and He always felt the need, as Man. The Holy Spirit remained with Jesus.

    The Holy Spirit was given back to Man. Jesus demonstrates what the life of the Spirit is. Focus On His Life, this is the way we are supposed to Live. Just His Life and meditate contemplate.

    Then we witness in the Acts of the Apostles, the same in the Apostles Lives. The Holy Spirit descends, and sends them to evangelize and convert souls. Just as Jesus evangelized and converted souls. Jesus the Word, through the Spirit, calls and everyone that can hear, He sends you to the world to Baptize them in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

    Apostles, continued Jesus' Evangelization, His work, which He started and asked us, and all those who believe in Him, to do the same. They were the Continuance of Jesus. And the Church members who live like them, are also the Continuance of Jesus.

    Peace be with you always

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    Post on Tue Nov 16, 2010 7:26 pm by Poem

    Despite having said the above, people don't want to suffer for the sake of saving souls. Because, today the world is saying: Enjoy Your Life This is Your Paradise! This is Your Eden! Live for your enjoyment, your specific life, forget everyone else! Oh, forget that person who was left to die on the side of the street. Forget that person next door who is bewailing. Don't get caught in someone elses problems. So forth and so on. Don't go near contaminated souls. So forth and so on. Don't help your brothers and sisters. What did Jesus say? To help your erring brothers and sisters, especially of the Household of Christ. These are your brothers and sisters. Are you a Samaritan? Perhaps you're a pharisee that walked around the poor wretch?

    Do you despise them? Don't. Do not like the way they look? Don't. Do you judge? Don't. Love. Love. Listen to Christ. Listen to God.

    And thus, souls, believe in this tremendous lie, which comes from Satan's lips, who planted it in men who did not want to follow God.

    Jesus said in book 3, do not trust in yourselves, do not trust, which means, your own wisdom. Your own instinct, your own ideas. What your mind has formulated.


    To distinguish, to discern, discernment.

    Without the Holy Spirit, the Grace, you are lost. You cannot know. The world, trusts not in God, but in Satan. They are all sold to Satan. They don't know it. They don't know that Adam and Eve are the First Parents. They don't know that Jesus Christ is God, they don't know the True God by His True Name. They accept man's words. Their ears are not tuned to God's Voice. Their heart does not respond to God's inspirations. They respond to carnal inclinations, carnal inspirations.

    They are just flesh. Nothing else. Why do you go to them to learn? You commit fornication with the world when you open your hearts and minds to learn from them. You are a Christian. Not worldly spirit.

    The worldly spirit applies to Christians who do not listen to the Holy Spirit.

    The world is dead to God, they are not Baptized in the Name of God. They are not worldly spirits for their spirits are dead. They are just flesh. God gave them all souls. They are allowed to live, and while they are allowed to live, Christians are supposed to teach them how to regenerate, become alive, and return to God. Their spirits, their souls have amnesia. Their memory of God is ajar, and many are convinced, that God has abandoned them. Thus they grope in the dark. Seeking the Light.

    For no one has come to show them. No one has come to awaken their memory. To shock them, to wake them up and have them remember God. All souls are generated by God. They all come from God. Is A Chinese, a different being? Maybe they popped in from some other dimension? This is how different races view each other. Oh, they are so and so, their character and history show them to be such and such. They are souls!

    Every man is the same. They just speak differently.

    When as soul is lost, and thinks God has abandoned them, they pickup other means to carry on in life. The soul is still dead, but the fact that they are still breathing and being animated states the soul is still part of them. They just haven't been jarred enough to remember God. Prayer. Suffering. Penance. No one is without sin. As a reminder, no one is without sin. Which means, we all have a board over our eyes. Judgment. Yes, everyone has a particular judgment. Read the Notebooks. Jesus states, the finally death preparation. How man still has many thoughts, sentiments that are not purged upon separating from the flesh. If too much, purgatory, if not, the Lord removes the last particles, because no wrongful judgment enters Heaven.

    Read what St. John says in the 1943 Notebook, a spec, a tiny dot will not enter Heaven. Slightest bit of dust will not enter Heaven. God is Perfect. We are imperfect. How imperfect we are. Love, perfect love never judges. Even in silence. Now think about it. Do you judge? A judgment in human terms, is not good way to distinguish. Love is your microscope. Let Love reveal your spec.

    Love, covers a multitude of sin. Love them. And as Jesus forgave all sinners that come to Him we who have Christ in us, can also bring Christ's forgiveness to them. When they repent, the Lord hears and forgives a true honest soul. He doesn't wait for priest to show up. God does not wait for you to come to a priest. Once you have acclimated to the Sacraments, and learned the different ones, and have set in order, you then come to a priest to in the Sacrament of Confession. This Sacrament, wipes all sins committed. But every sin committed has a punishment. Which some priests deny while others do not. A priest who has studied and been taught by God, will tell you the samething. When you sin purposely, you get punished. God is just. If God who punished sinners and wickedness did not punish you who sins and are wicked, then God is not a true and equal Judge.

    On the one hand God punishes Sodomites and Gommoreans with fire. Yet, on the other hand he lets these other off the hook. This is not logic and this is what some priests teach. Look at the Bible, God says, All sins are punishable. Romans 6:23,

    [23] For the wages of sin is death. But the grace of God, life everlasting, in Christ Jesus our Lord.

    Romans 8

    [1] There is now therefore no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus, who walk not according to the flesh. [2] For the law of the spirit of life, in Christ Jesus, hath delivered me from the law of sin and of death.

    Who walk not according to the flesh. The flesh only knows how to sin.

    [3] For what the law could not do, in that it was weak through the flesh; God sending his own Son, in the likeness of sinful flesh and of sin, hath condemned sin in the flesh;

    The flesh sins. And sin has been condemned which means the flesh has been condemned because of sin. But you are not just flesh anymore. You have been Baptized made new. Your spirit is awakened, and it remembers God. You have an obligation not to follow after the flesh which has been condemned by God because of Sin.

    [6] For the wisdom of the flesh is death; but the wisdom of the spirit is life and peace. [7] Because the wisdom of the flesh is an enemy to God; for it is not subject to the law of God, neither can it be. [8] And they who are in the flesh, cannot please God.

    Those who walk in the flesh are enemies of God. They are Satan's instruments.

    Let's read the Holy Hour of Jesus:

    I Jesus, do not separate you from My Altar even if you come to it with your souls damaged by wounds and diseases or wrapped in lianas of passions which humiliate you in your spiritual freedom, handing you over, bound, to the power of the flesh and its king: Lucifer.

    Who is the king of the flesh? Lucifer, aka, Satan.

    [9] But you are not in the flesh, but in the spirit, if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you. Now if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his.

    If you walk according to the flesh, the Spirit of God flees from you. Quicker than thought. Because you wanted to sin. That's all there is to that, you wanted to sin.

    And when you sin, you listen to the king of the flesh, Satan, who lures you to a fleshly desire a lust. It can be anything. For the world is full of lusts it is nothing but lusts. Do you see Godly Men and Women singing hosannas in every store? Worshiping the Lord in the Monstrance in every corner? No they are worshiping and burning incense for whatever their lustful passions are. It can be a job, it can be a business, it is mostly likely all four of the things Satan tempted Christ with. Women, Money, Food, Power, the basic top ones, that lead to every other vice and sin.

    Jesus explains how each leads to the other. Baiting. Bait. Baits.

    One sin leads to other sins. One door to leads more doors. And in each door, there are a wide variety of things to lust after. Lust after. It comes as a thought. An image or specific thought that comes to you. One particular interest, which was not an interest formerly, but becomes an interest because it is suggested to you. A menu is then presented. Menus suggest what is in 'house.' Satan has a simple menu, for he uses the same ones. For all flesh have the same basic desires, and instincts that are easily lured to. Same ones. Where did he perhaps learn this from? Watching the animals. He suggests what beasts do. To make man a beast. For, he is the most subtle beast in the field. Satan takes what is God's creation and turns it against God. Revenge. Quite cunning, crafty, intelligent and astute.

    Man's flesh comes from the earth. Man was not taught the beastly instincts by God. God did not teach man to live like the beasts. Satan did. God teaches man to live like angels, if they want to. Free will. A choice you have. God does not violate your will. He makes suggestions and gives advice to lead to good, to not be beasts. Beasts are again if you're lost, flesh. Man's flesh and the beasts flesh, came from the same, substance: Mud of the Earth. Read the Book of Genesis. They are similar in ways but not so. They have no soul. The hook then is to have souls, crave these fleshly desires. The soul and the flesh are united in union, thus what the flesh craves, the soul is automatically part of this craving. What your heart desires is what the soul receives. You cannot separate them. Thus, either you live by the desires of the flesh or you live according to the spirit. Two different, completely direly opposite living conditions.

    Study Romans 8, at the discretion of the Holy Spirit. Let him teach you the Truth. Ask for graces to strengthen your spirit to be above the fleshly passions and lures.

    All it takes for you to fall is one suggestion which you entertain.

    Now, if you are tempted, but do not embrace the temptation, you receive greater graces. This is why temptation is good for us. When we are tried and we do not give in, which means embrace the temptation and it can be anything, we receive graces, you are glorified as Christ was glorified for rejecting Satan's suggestions. But, Satan does not stop coming after you. Thus, as long as you keep resisting and winning, you receive more grace. Strengthening. Thus, you enter into Jesus' Life in Grace.

    To prepare yourselves, for the Way of the Cross much strength is needed, to build up grace to the point of being able to love your enemies. To love them, requires, much suffering. As Jesus suffered at their hands. He did not remain silent, He spoke when needed. But He remained without sin to be able to stand against them. They were obstinate about God. Jesus tried to teach them. They did not accept Jesus. Because in their minds, among the others which Jesus did speak about, was that they were waiting for One to Restore Israel to Earthly Power. A someone to smash their enemies and return to the former glory days. But this is not what God had prophesied in the Scriptures. God was telling them about, a Spiritual King to lead men back to Grace to a Higher Kingdom, which is above the Earth, higher Kingdom. The Kingdom of God where spirits reign and live.

    God created man to be angels, to be His sons and daughters, not the animal kingdom.

    Peace be with you always

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    God is searching in each generation souls that hear Him and obey, which means, they are given Love. They love God. The rest love their earthly lives, they are intrigued by everything earthly and forsake God's Voice for the Serpent. The episode in Genesis is then, repeated quite often by the Adam and Eve's children. Quite a number of them and quite often. They reject God, because they want to live as beasts do. To mate and devour each other.

    To break out of this pattern, which Adam and Eve had passed on, one must seek God. For only God is able to help you come out of their 'mistake.' To live as 'beasts.' Seeking after every earthly pleasure and being sated with each one, trying them all out.

    The way of beasts or the way of Angels.

    The way of beasts is taught by Lucifer, the most subtle beast in the field.

    The way of angels is taught by God.

    The way of beasts are forceful, not benign. Always pushy and demanding, overbearing.

    The way of the Lord is to lead to holiness, through kindness, benign, gentle.

    It is then necessary to know the differences. So you do not approach God with a beastly attitude demanding everything. No.

    God is a kind Father, and His children must also be kind. So to respond to God in the like manner. Courtesy. Respect. This attitude then, must be perfect, no demands, overbearance. But true kindness. To reflect God perfectly as He is in Heaven. To be a child of the Father means to imitate and reflect all His attributes as a Kind Father. Kindness as God is. Not as man represents the idea of kindness to gain some earthly crumb.

    God is benign, kind, gentle, holy, loving, pure. How kind He really is. In my experience, He to me is too Kind, which tells me that I have experienced and assimilated too much beastly attitude and character.

    For kind people seek each other. Love seeks each other.

    And beasts seek each other.

    Like minds seek each other.

    Conversion then from beasts to kindness, is done one step at a time. To remove the old plant and plant the new.

    Peace be with you always

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