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    The Evolution of Money, What It Really Does


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    The Evolution of Money, What It Really Does

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    Money is a means to control people. A means to 'replace' God as 'provider' 'administrator' of 'life.' A means to manipulate the resources God created and gave to all men 'freely.'

    It is created to be a means of.

    For without it, you cannot live. Takes the place of God. It comes between God and Man. A divider, a separator. Remove this middle 'thing' divider and separator, and you can see and hear God more clearly, I say more, because it comes inbetween and takes time to remove all the ways of its knowledge.

    God is provider. He created Man and the Earth. He provided for Man's dwelling, food supply, and affections. Thus did God.

    Money is a value placed by man. Not God. Instigated by Satan. A means to lure to material substance.

    God created the earth and planted what is essential for the animal part of man, his fleshly existence. Corn, water, fruits, potatoes, vegetables, all that is grown on the earth and what flows freely. The earth is not man's to hoard or place a value over another man's. To use as a means to barter to gain the upperhand.

    Control. Satan instigates illusions. Phantoms. An idea that truly doesn't exist. But is just that 'an idea.' A sneaky underhanded trick, but if one thought about how it really works, it is stupid child's play.

    For instance, the metal Gold. The metal Silver, the metal Bronze. What good are these metals if they sit looking like an idol? An illusion. A value that is suggested by the Demon to create, coveting. Lust. Lust of the mind. A thought. A thought is incorporeal in nature. Not material. A thought is generated by our souls. It becomes transmitted into corporeal existence by way of speech or written.

    All thought, is incorporeal in nature. Satan is incorporeal being, God is an incorporeal Being. Therefore all thoughts derive from two points for man and then man disperses thought out to other men and women. Dissemination. Dispersal.

    Control for thought. Control for matter that really truly has false bearing and values. Thought does not become attached, to man, an idea becomes attached to man. Thoughts fill man. They circulate in man.

    The value placed on an object. The objects in this case are money. A created object. Money is paper and metal. With some inscriptions. With thought transferred into written expression. To show some means of a value. Then to further this, value, it is then tracked by means of many avenues. To control its use. To control.

    Everything boils down to control. It is illuisonary. It gives false pretense to be 'somebody' 'ego' 'power' 'influence' 'celebrity.' Provides a false status. Because one had enough of this money, one is able to get what they want, when they want it, and to have everyone as your 'servant.' For instance, because your name is well known as a powerful person, everyone, bows down to you, in any social place, and you can be in any social standing. For instance, the boss of some 'famed' elite organization. Can be any title over any set group of people. A Satanic organization. Doesn't have to be a magician. You just have to be in Babylon working for Babylon's sake.

    The 'matter' exists.

    From this, comes the subtle art of, creating new ways to keep it, money. To keep money flowing. This thing that is in the middle. It precisely sits in the middle. Like a middleman. A useless thing. Value. What truly has value?

    When you die, does this money come with you to the netherworld? To Heaven? No. It stays on the Earth.

    It becomes a point of contention. It brings in many ways to harm. It does more harm than good.

    Satan's desire has always been to control man. To rule over man. He has done so through money. A false system.

    Why false? Because it enslaves everyone, even the ones who gain lots of it. It becomes a point of obsession. Fevers over money. Every other word is money. Every other thought is money. It infests souls like canker. Cancerous. Money is one of the most dangerous cancers to man. Created by man instigated by Satan. And while money is in every man's thought, the thought of money spawns, countless other thoughts. Ways to gain more money. Money is a great evil done to man.

    In money can be found all the 'isms' the heresies are interlocked into it. Rationalism, humanism, so forth.

    Money is Satan's tool to enslave every man, woman and child, families, businesses, trades, etc.,.

    Honest business? None. As long as money is the medium, honesty does not exist in business or governments. Money is the root of all evil.

    To money is attached, impure thoughts. Because it is Satan's idea and thought.

    And because money has become scarce as jobs are tied to money, thefts occur. Killing occurs. Fights occur.

    The thought of having little amounts of money creates, in man very unwanted feelings and thoughts, and provokes men and women to do things, against morals and charity, breaking them. Breaking the moral rules and damaging their purity.

    Money kills the best people in the world. Rich and poor.

    Let us wish and pray for days where money is no longer worshiped by man and woman. Burning incense before it.

    Peace be with you always

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    Post on Sun Nov 21, 2010 1:55 pm by Poem

    Now there are many of men who love money. They love it. But what does money the use of, teach? It is helpful to a tiny degree, because it is used to purchase.

    The Lord God planted all the natural things and gave 'freely' to man. Man without God's Knowledge, created a means to occupy his boring life, with 'money.' The method used to purchase what God created and gave freely to man. Purchase what God freely planted and gave. The world doesn't teach this. No way no how. Because, they are administrators of 'money.' The method to control you.

    You were created free by God. If God refused to put a soul into a womb, the fetus, would remain dead. The seed of man and the egg of woman would be dead works. And the two would just go on in the sensuality.

    The man contributes the seed. But the woman produces the egg. From the woman every man born and woman, gets their flesh from. The woman.

    Where do we see this? Jesus tells that He took His flesh from the Mother. For, She was a Virgin, no man gave Her seed. God created the fetus in the Womb. God was the seed donor. He is Truly the Father of Jesus, but no one has seen it like this, for, they all lacked the words thinking they would blaspheme, or degrade Jesus. But folks, Jesus was a True Man, just like the rest of men. Like myself, true flesh and blood. Jesus was the True Son of God. Now He is in Heaven as Son of God, and God. The Word of the Father. He truly became the Word of the Father in Flesh. Before He was the Word of God. Now as a True Son of God, He is the Divine Word of the Father in Flesh. Just for Man. For Man! He became a True Son!

    See this language? He lowered Himself to become a Man. A True Man.
    We become true Men, when we elevate ourselves from the mud, from beasts which degrade us. We are degraded. And Jesus came to show us out of this degradation. To rise above all others that wish to remain dirt and beasts. To come out of the way of beasts to the way of angels. See on the left side, the darkness, and the view from just slightly from the left it is all Light! All Light! All Light! And there is a welcoming committee of Saint and Angels, all happy and joyful for each one that comes through! And there is the Father with His eyes gleaming! What a sight! My Father is staring at me! And He looks to His righthand side and Stares a Jesus with such Love and Joyful expression, an expression which a thousands works cannot truly repeat its true love for the Son.! And there is the Mother His next glance. Oh, How He looks at Her with true Love. His love has no words which I can convey! Never in a million years would I be able. It must be experienced! Then the Holy Spirit who is gleaming, broadcasting His Lights, Just for me to write this! Praise be to My Father and My Jesus and My Mother for allowing this to take place! My just experience this delight!

    Now on to the greatest seduction going. Money is Rationalism. Humanism. Human Power. Human Knowledge. It is the device of Satan the lures to greater fleshly desires and passions. of the senses of the mind. The mind. Two things happen. First, if you have no money you go to a store, online or in person, and you glance at something, it has price tag. For this price it's yours. Without the money, that object was yours you could just take it. But, since money is the means of control, in a miserable world of foolishness, you have to now consider how to earn enough to purchase the object of your desires.

    What did that object give you when you first looked at it? Nothing. The object gives you nothing. It is only matter, that has no voice. This then should make you think, what made me think that this was something to get? Was it you or some other?

    The world is a large supermarket, where Satan has seduced mankind into creating and making objects for you to lust after, to sate your minds, your souls, filling them with some idea that these objects will give fulfillment. Enjoy he says! Enjoy it. This will keep you from thinking about God. Don't, god forbid, think about God! Don't you dare! I give you all this so you can enjoy your earthly day! Don't think about God. Don't, don't, I can't stan....

    See, you're all slaves to money. All. Gold, diamonds, rubies, these are used against Man. Used against. Satan took what God created, and used them against man. With the ultimate and underlying true motive, 'against' God. Who created them and gave to them to man to use for Good Means. But Satan teaches man to lust after them, to hoard them, to love them, A substance. Look if I take gold and melt it, I can create an idol! It doesn't have to be a golden calf, It can be anything, as long as gold is the casting.

    Idols: earrings, jewelry, so tiny and so small, rings, belt buckles, emblems, a branding anything that stimulates your mind and senses. Your minds have becomes sensual. Sensuality fills your whole being.

    When you take money away from someone, they are like addicts in need of a quick fix. After sometime, without it, they soon forget, the power of money, which was held over them like a iron rod. Beating them to death. "You need to earn this, for it is the way of life on the earth"

    Nobody has come to this point that I know of, so they all laugh. But, for those who understand, they know what I'm talking about.

    It becomes an obsession when you don't have it. Just like a drug.

    Money is the in between middleman that sits before every person on this Earth. This system, is Satanic. Period.

    Some of those whom I encountered in my journey of life say things like this: "No, It's the Love of Money that is the root of all evil." Obviously the Reading didn't penetrate into your intellect far enough, because of your own ideas of money, which tells me, you love money. If you loved the Lord, you would never say such things. St. John speaks about loving the Lord, he was pure like a boy and wasn't cloud by 'money.' Focus on John's life what he said, it teaches what lays inside him, his true soul.

    Then they forget Songs of Solomon: All underneath Heaven, is 'vanity.' For a man toils under the sun in vain. All that is of the world is vanity. Vain.

    If you do not labor for the spiritual, you labor in vain. Meaning the root. The root is the spiritual work. That's what God does. Because God is spiritual, the Spiritual Leader. The Head. The Father of all spirit's. Unless the Lord builds the house, they who labor, labor in vain. It is a spiritual work of labor. A spiritual house. Christ the Cornerstone. We help God build a spiritual kingdom, the Kingdom of God in men. This is the work. Nothing else matters. Because Heaven is Eternity, and gives spirits eternal Life.

    The Earth is the place to grow, become educated in the spiritual life. That's all that truly matters.

    Those who work for the earthly lusts and passions, such as money, to earn it, it being the sole purpose of your life and it being the drive of your life, have no spiritual inclinations, as the 'drive' of life. Mammon, does not satisfy, for as soon as you remove it, you are in need again. An insatiable desire. It suggests other lower passions to fulfill, giving vain ideas. As said, all is vanity, it teaches the ways of it. To seek to gain it. Fishing. Bait. First the Money is the bait. You ate it. Then comes all the other things you fish for, with it as your mentor.

    Money is just a suggestive tool at this point, it teaches you to gather more of it. Gather, gather, get more of 'me' it says. Get more of me, me me me. I am your life. Without me you are dead meat. Ha ha, the rest are liars. Listen only to me. This is the voice of the Serpent speaking from the money. This is how he is.

    The Serpent first lured Eve to the fleshly desire. There was no money. Once man was separated from God, lacking true knowledge, the Serpent continued to give knowledge. To teach man to become, his overlords. Money, a means to control and regulate substance for man. This however is not taught in school. It is never taught.

    Money teaches man to be selfish, hateful.

    God teaches love, which is devoid of hate.

    Mammon is money, it teaches hate.

    God is Love, Kingdom of God, He teaches love.

    To fully defeat, the flesh, the world and Satan, you must know what each has been taught along the lines.

    The flesh natural seeks to satisfy it's senses, sensations, stimulate your mind and body. Alcohol, drugs, thrills, so forth.

    The world, naturally listens to the flesh and where it lacks knowledge asks Satan to teach. So, the world is a mix of flesh and Satan. With Satan as the leader and its proud king.

    Satan taught Eve to copulate, to copulate would make you true gods just like the beasts of the earth. They procreate their own kind.

    God created a soul, and gave man a flesh body to experience the life of matter. His soul being the beneficiary of such a wonderful experience without impurities, vanity and lewdness.

    Money is the device of the Devil, which provides vain ideas to be fulfilled. You're all slaves to money. Without it, you're dead meat.

    Then on to more vain ideas. The door opens to another room and out pops a menu of the next vain idea to fill yourselves with. All because, man gave into it's vanity. The idea of it. It is a tangled web. Round and Round it goes, spinning larger and bigger webs to keep man stuck and a prisoner to the spider's web.

    The flesh is excited, it doesn't understand slavery. It only understands substances to be taken and used.

    The soul however is in enslaved. Satan has you.

    To break free from this, is to come clean of it. Detox.

    Money infests, the mind, corrupts the will. Your will is no longer a tall high hedge around your heart to protect it from weeds, darnel, couchgrass. Satan and his servants. You are his slaves, whether you think your a governor, a prince, a president, a king, a queen, a trash picker, a lawnmower, etc.,.

    Money is the root of evil for man. Satan being the instigator of it.

    Peace be with you always

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