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    Jesus True Man, My, Our Jesus Was A True Man


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    Jesus True Man, My, Our Jesus Was A True Man

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    For quite sometime, we all are struck between Jesus as God and only God. We miss that the Son of God, the Word, became a Man. That this somehow, degrades God.

    Hebrews tell us that Jesus being equal to God in that He is the Word of God, His Divinity, humbles Himself and took on our likeness, to be a Man. To be a complete Man. The difference in Jesus was a few things: He was born without Sin of Origin and He did not sin. Sin disgusted Him.

    He did not want to sin, insistently. So strong was His desire not to sin. For He understood the Consequences and who the bringer of Sin is. He rejected Evil.

    The Scriptures tell us this clearly, but we do not comprehend them because we are still too human in reasoning.

    We do not accept that God became Man entirely because we think that He is Entirely God. And played dead.

    Yet, on the other hand, there are those who say Jesus was just a Man and not God.

    Just as they do not accept His Divinity, We do not accept His Humanity. For, we are convicted if He was truly a Man. Yes, this is the way it works for certain kinds of souls who are sinning. 'No way You were God it's not fair!' Sentences like this we cry out.

    No, Jesus was born, He was a fetus in a Womb, He was an infant, He was a child and He grew to be a Man. The only Man to be born without Sin from the seed of Adam.

    If Jesus was not a Man, who died on the Cross? If Jesus was not a Man, who was buried in the Sepulcher? If Jesus was not a Man, can an angel cry tears? He shed some tears. If Jesus was not a Man, how can He look like one and shed Blood like one? Be bruised, lose weight, become cut, inflammations, contusions, so forth and so on as a Man.

    Jesus was tested and tempted in every way and did not sin. This testifies that if man does not want to sin, he can. Jesus demonstrated that a man can be just, holy, upright.

    His life as a Man greatly condemns all Mankind that man chooses not to be holy.

    The Elusive statements or the ones that escape our thinking, our thoughts are right there in the Bible. They are there.

    If God came as God, there would be much weeping and gnashing of teeth. For God is Pure and Holy and if He came in His Embodiment as He truly is, we would all perish because none of us measure up to His Purity. Just His Purity would burn us to ash. Sin of Origin and impure thoughts. Not because He would want to. Because He is Pure. Just His purity. Without even saying a word.

    Jesus evens says, how He gave up His Divinity an Infinite Spirit to become Man. Yet He still retains His Divinity as God in Man. The Spirit of God in Flesh. Glorified Flesh.

    The Notebooks of Maria, have truly helped me to see Jesus as Man. True God and True Man.

    And this gives me Hope, because Jesus was a Man after all and He showed us, demonstrated it can be done. We can live sinless lives, we can become 'gods' as He so says, we can live in peace and harmony with God on the earth, have power over the Enemy's of Man. Over temptation over sin, over all the devices, traps and snares of the Enemy, just as it is written by Paul, and John.

    Preparation. Suffering. Suffering the temptations to understand. Suffering slander to understand and elevate in love to see the poor souls that are bitten by Satanic poison. Those poor souls who have lived carnal lives, being slaves to Satan, sin, sensuality, lust of the mind and so forth. If you do not want it, you reject it. We all have free will.

    Purity of Jesus.

    Jesus explains in the Notebook of 1945 chapter on 'Temptation of Jesus: The Objections,' by specific clergy came about because they felt this episode degraded Christ's image. But in actually glorified Him because He defeated the Tempter, the Seducer of Eve. Yet, these clergy, found it inappropriate. Human reasoning siding with humanity. When their role is to side with Christ.

    Here Jesus states that pure hearts and minds, are pure in everything, because they are centered on God, their focus never staggers or waivers. They are pure. And that purity covers impurity, it washes it. It naturally destroys impurity. Purity is a weapon. And great and powerful weapon against the Enemy.

    The Chapter is posted in the 1945 Forum. Read it, roughly 30 pages. Takes up 5 posts.

    Here's the catch:

    The Gospel, clearly shows Jesus receiving Baptism and the Holy Spirit descending. This same exact thing happens to us when we are Baptized. Yet we are not in the 'know.' Why? Because, man distorts the Truth with the Help of Satan. And man distorted of the Truth, finds himself as just another man.

    But this is not what the Gospels, actually show us.

    Jesus the Man. Who for a time, put away His Divinity, and became a Man to demonstrate to Man, that right living is possible.

    How? By following all that He prescribed in the Gospel.

    Holy Spirit-Grace restored
    Steadfastness against Vice and Satan and evil men.
    Remain pure.
    Pray for everything.
    Remain united to God.

    Jesus demonstrated all these. And the result> Risen in Glory.

    Thus, He says, It is I who overcame the Flesh, the World, and Satan, Here I am, showing you the True Way, Believe What I say and you shall be with Me in Paradise.

    Listen to Him.

    Peace be with you always

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    Post on Fri Nov 12, 2010 2:49 am by Poem

    Jesus even said, the Son of Man, must suffer and die at the hands of man. His enemies. He forgave His enemies.

    Jesus states two names of which He called Himself: Son of Man, Son of God. Truly Man and Truly God.

    The Son of Man must be crucified as a Man. The Son of God, also Died. The Word of God, does not Die. God Himself cannot Die.

    All men born of woman must die. Jesus was born of a woman.

    He died for all men to expiate sins.

    As stated in Hebrews Jesus gave up His Divinity, humbled Himself and became Man. St. Paul states, a little inferior than the angels or 'to' the angels. Read Hebrews.

    Peace be with you always

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