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    What We Should Be Doing Instead of Predicting Our Future, Wanting to Know Unhealthily


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    What We Should Be Doing Instead of Predicting Our Future, Wanting to Know Unhealthily

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    Prophecy exists, because man sinned. Prophecy is the future being foretold.

    If Evil did not exist, there would be no need for it.

    The road, path, God desires us to walk on is the good one. Evil exists, so the Lord foretells the future, good always triumphs in the end, whether 10 or 10,000 good souls make it. If 10 then the prophecy served to save those 10 who used prophecy similar to a road map through the maze and jungle of facing Evil to make the way to the end. A good struggle. To overcome all the obstacles, Evil threw at you.

    The focus is not prophecy. It is a tool, like having a compass, a walking stick, a guide, some clothes, shoes, etc., it is part of your package, but not the focal point. For although it is an important part, like all the rest of the above materials, it is not the focal point. The focal point is and always, God. Regardless of the circumstances.

    Prophecy is like the alerts. We have weather updates. We have someone tell us that a hole opened up on I95 and we need to take and make certain measures not to fall in the hole.

    And there are happy endings in Prophecy. The future is and has been foretold. For those that used prophecy properly instead of making them fearful, but used it to reassure and prepare, you get the good ending.

    But for those who despise weather updates and kind warnings of a hole opening up on I95, well they have less of chance of making it.

    Prophecy is important, and it should be studied, just like all the other things you have on your person.

    Prayer, is everything, when we receive warnings and alerts, we immediately need to consult God. Read the prophecies. Those who fail to, have no Wisdom.

    Peace be with you always

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