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    Of Giving

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    Philippians 4:17

    [17] Not that I seek the gift, but I seek the fruit that may abound to your account.

    A fine point here to all Catholics, even non-Catholics.

    When we give from the abundance of our hearts anything that a person needs, what happens? A person receives, rewards and merits from God.
    A cheerful giver. Love one another. This is loving one another, and St. Paul commends them. St. Paul was teaching what Christ taught. To give. This is God's heart, for He gives life to mankind.

    Mankind, for the most part, likes to receive but never give from the abundance of one's heart. This life is short on the earth, the less we do, the less we have in the hereafter.

    Think about all those people who sit in front of the TV from sun up to sun down. Think about all those people who work to make some company rich, while being taken advantage of, getting slim pay.

    The two contrasts. One who sits and soaks in TV land, and the other, being taken advantage of to fill the goads.

    The world is changing from worse to worst. It seems like technology made things better. It has made things worse, people's character have changed in this, from worse to worst and getting even worse, at the cost and expense of your own energy. Wasted energy. Wasting your time for your own ambition.

    Here's the proper way to think about work:

    Food and bills. Excess is frivolous. Use the excess to help others.
    A cheerful giver is one God takes care of. Sometimes, a giver it seems doesn't receive back what they have depleted. But God has taken all that into account. And He has it all waiting for you in the hereafter.

    Think of all those who have taken, they get nothing in the hereafter but torment for having taken. They use people for their own gain. The here and now, however is temporary, but how important it is! Here you work for the hereafter. Once you pass from this life, you cannot earn anymore, for you enter into 'rest' as God rested on the Seventh Day. Think of the hereafter as a permanent 'retirement' that never ends. That's how it should be looked at. Thus, you work for the hereafter. Those who work for the here and now, take retirement from their labor.

    It comes down to how you spent your coins. For the afterlife or for the here and now. Once you pass on, if you have not used your coins for the afterlife, you have nothing and nothing means you did not work for that life. You end up, in torments. Because it proves, you worked only for the here and now. You obviously did not understand the rules. Your rules were based on what the greedy for this life taught you and you were devoid of the real rules of this here and now life.

    Work for the real retirement benefits.

    Peace be with you always
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