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    1945: Misconstrued Evolution


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    1945: Misconstrued Evolution

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    Notebook: 1945-50
    Page: 121
    Chp: Misconstrued Evolution

    December 7, 1945

    Jesus says:

    "'This language is too hard! He wants to make us victims of his madness!' men still say when I exhort them to live justly and instruct them on how Religion should be understood and practiced to make it a way of life yielding Eternal Life. And they do not realize that in so saying they confess to being degraded below their condition as men.

    "They speak of evolution, of a superman. Well then, let us consider man as I found him, brought to this point after his descent from Paradise. Draw the diagram as I guide your hand, and, when the diagram is finished, you will see that there is not an advance, but a decline. Evolution? When today's proud and false philosophers speak of evolution, they presuppose the concept of 'ascent.' But to evolve means to proceed from one point to another. And then one can proceed by spirals either upwards or downwards. Can't you make a spiral? Make a parabola.

    "Do you see? If he had moved on the right side, he would have evolved towards Heaven. He wanted the left side. That's the current 'superman,' today's evolved one! Who thinks it is madness to live at least as a 'man' if he is unable to become an 'angel.' And he calls himself a 'Victim' because I exhort him to live as a man. And He calls me 'mad.' Yes, quite mad! Because of love!

    "Love Me. Love Me, little John..."

    ** Drawings are three parts on Page 122 and 123.
    Peace be with you always
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