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    What the Pope went ahead and did


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    What the Pope went ahead and did

    Post by Poem on Sat Mar 15, 2008 10:00 am

    The priests and bishops were skeptical and claimed these apparitions were not of God.
    They kept occurring and countless people were healed, re-converted, returned to their faith, converted, while those who are faithful ramped up their faith.

    John Paul II believed strongly in Medjugorje, it would seem that the Blessed Mother had informed the meek Pope. He overruled the local clergy and gave it his blessing.

    Benedict XVI also following John Paul's footsteps, must have had the same locution from the Blessed Mother as he has not overruled John Paul.

    So, if your local priest or bishop has a problem and repeats the words of the soothsayer, Medjugorje priest and bishop, tell him to call the Vatican directly and get it from the horses mouth.

    My local priests are still insistent that Medjugorje has not been approved by the Vatican, Holy Office or do not believe in the supernatural occurances that have and are happening there. Some are awaiting approval
    and believe in the site.

    The loyalty to the clergy sometimes is stronger than the loyalty to the Pope, based on
    discipline. If you have ever been in the Military, this should give you an idea why your local priest and bishop have a hard time looking up a few more levels.


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