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    God Calls Upto The Eleventh (11th) Hour


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    God Calls Upto The Eleventh (11th) Hour

    Post by Poem on Sun Oct 24, 2010 11:14 am

    And Joseph, having set off, seeing that they listen to him, does not stop, but he continues: « I do hope that from now on Nazareth will no longer see a poor woman forlorn, while Her Son unwisely leaves the trodden path to beat paths which are uncertain, both with regard to their ends and their consequences. I will speak to my friends, to the head of the synagogue… We will forgive You… Oh! Nazareth will be happy to open out her arms to You, as to a son who has come back… as an example of virtue to all the citizens. Tomorrow I will take You to the synagogue myself and… »

    Jesus raises His hand imposing silence and calmly but very resolutely, He says: « I will certainly come to the synagogue, as a believer, exactly as I went there on the other Sabbaths. But it is not necessary for you to plead in My favour. Because one hour after sunset I will set out again to evangelize, as it is My duty to obey the Most High. »

    A bad let-down for Joseph!… A very bad one!… All his good naturedness is shattered and his hostile intolerance comes to light again: « All right! But do not look for me in the hour of need. I have done my duty and Your certain misfortunes will not fall on me.

    Goodbye. I am one too many here because I cannot understand you, and you cannot understand me. I am going away, with no grudge, but very sad… May the Lord protect You as He protects all those who… are simple-minded, incomplete… Goodbye, Mary! Take heart, poor Mother! »

    « Goodbye, Joseph. But I must take heart for you, not for Him. Because you are the one who is out of the path of God and you grieve Me » says Mary calmly but sure of Herself.

    « You are a fool, that's what you are! And if you were not the head of the family I would give you a thrashing, as you are a creature of my blood but not of my spirit… » shouts Mary of Alphaeus. And she would have said more, but Mary implores her: « Be quiet! For My sake. »

    « I'll be quiet. Yes. But… tell me if I have to see a rascal like him among my sons!… »

    The rascal in the meantime has gone away, while good Mary of Alphaeus unburdens her soul with regard to that stubborn son. And she ends giving vent to her feelings by bursting into tears, and sobbing she expresses her greatest pain: « And I will not have him with me in Heaven, I will not have him! I will see him in torments! Oh! Jesus! It's for You to work the miracle! »

    « Yes, Mary! Do not weep! His hour will come, too. The eleventh perhaps. But it will come. I can assure you. Do not weep… »says Jesus comforting her… And when her weeping is over He says to the apostles and disciples: « Let us go into the olive grove while the women prepare their things. We will speak among ourselves. »

    The scene in this episode, reminds us of how thinking clashes.

    One side is thinking of Town, family honor and respect, verses, the Evangelist. The Evangelist, is dedicated to God's work. His reward, is Heaven along with all the works that will become his merits. Treasures in Heaven.

    Converting souls for the Kingdom of God. Converting man to saints, to become sons and daughters of the Most High God. Converting man to a citizen of Eternal Life. Best choice.

    Converting. It is a real work of conversion. Converting from the sin of Adam and Eve. From flesh to spirit. Back to Grace. To rise up from the flesh to spirit. It is done through the Eucharist and Grace, the Holy Spirit, building the life of grace in us.

    To be an Evangelist is similar to a salesman, but without selling, there's nothing to sell Heaven is earned without cash money. The pitch is different, their is no product, and the reward is Eternal Life. It is earned. Love and good works.

    Peace be with you always

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