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    Lesson from Genesis: How Suffering and Death Entered


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    Lesson from Genesis: How Suffering and Death Entered

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    Genesis chapter three tells us when and how suffering and death entered.

    Genesis chapter 2 God explains about Death.

    The Lord said: "do not eat from that tree"

    Yet, they wanted to know what that tree offered. They wanted to understand and know. More than curiosity.

    Suffering and Death entered by way of this tree. Satan gave to man, suffering and death. God only multiplied it by punishing them. Dearth, thistles, sweat. Thus we see what God did which is Punishment, and what punishment truly means.

    Satan's hatred is death. That's what God said to Adam and Eve. He brings death. Satan is this opposing force to God. Opposes Life. Death is suffering which Adam and Eve wanted to know. God says, "I gave you Life." God is not the bringer of Death. For He created all Life.

    Adam and Eve were cast out of Paradise. Just as Lucifer was kicked out of Heaven. Disobedience for the former, Pride for the latter, wanting to rise and take the throne of God to be over Creation. To be the One to rule over God's Creation. This was his ambition, a proud thought. To understand, this more clearly, we have to understand God. God's Nature and Character, attributes. God is for a lack of more spiritual definition, is like Santa Claus. Santa Claus comes to bring gifts. Santa Claus, really was a Saint that became a legend, which is blown out of proportion by the secular heathens.

    Our idea of Santa Claus varies from person to person. Depends on your sentiments. Lack of good sentiments, paints a different picture of Santa Claus. Makes him out to be slim pickings, his attributes are whittled down making him look skinny. The Lack of Good sentiments, creates a lack of a good picture, how we see the person. Thus, we define the person based on sentiments, how much or how little.

    So I will tell you what God is to me. God is infinite in every good. He is Father, Creator, Mentor, Teacher, Bounty, and Peace. I just summed up Love. Love creates, teaches, gives, nurtures and guides. Santa Claus only brought gifts, presents to make little children happy with a material surplus. God gives us gifts of the soul, the incorporeal gifts that fills our being. Enlightenment, Knowledge, Love, Peace, Joy--all these are one. Not separated. God does not separate His attributes. They come one complete package. God is Perfection. Man is imperfection, thus, we experience multiple feelings all incomplete. Perfection means, to have all these attributes combined thus having one. Like the Trinity. Three Persons, One God. Combined yet each is a Divine Person, Three Faces of the Godhead.

    Mixing bowl. To make a variable tasting cake, several ingredients are added to make one complete cake that has a unique taste.

    God has never left. He just remained where He's always been.
    God created the Earth, it never existed before He created it. Thus, it appeared from His Thought. He thought it and it came to being, the Earth. Thus, God does not truly leave. Because, from God's perspective, He doesn't leave. Things appear or flee from Him. Man thus, forsook God's advice. And God has always remained where He is. As for the created Earth, it is part of His shall we say, model. Except to us, the Earth is floating in space. From our perspective, our view, God is not visible. Thus we think He left. He has always remained. It is we who appeared from His thought. While we may seem to be running away from God, in reality we are just going around in circles thinking we're able to run and hide. God's eye is different from the human eye. We see with limited scope. God see's without this limitation. Thus, when we hide underneath a pile of rubble, we hide ourselves from other human beings, but never from God. God is everywhere. Infinitely able to see everything at once and perpetually active sight. Never a dull moment for God.

    God booted the rebels from Paradise of Earth and Heaven. Man and Angel was expelled from God's Presence. The Beatific Presence. The "in your face" Presence, where you actually See and Hear God at the same time. Inside the Palace.

    Thus, when we read the Apocalypse, the Vision of the City of God and then the suburbs, the outer reaches of the Earth just as it is here on this Earth. Rome is the Center. This happened because of Sin. Whereas, the City of God would have included all of man and woman if Adam and Eve remained faithful to God. The New Earth would have been the Planet of God. Thus, God still creates a Paradise for Man even after the disobedience. Yet, if you understand the significance of Man's disobedience, you then can understand that the City of God, the New Jerusalem, is smaller than what God had originally Designed. An alteration due to Man's choice. We have to earn the City of God. We have to become Saints.

    Yet the New Earth is what God creates and Jesus is faithful to His words: "In My Father's House are Many Mansions." His House is in the City of God, the New Jerusalem. His House is the New Jerusalem the entire City.

    If Adam and Eve had not sinned, the entire New Earth would perhaps have been, the House of God. What do I mean by this?
    Well, knowing that sin has entered into man's world, this causes, categories: least to greatest. Just as there are Nine Choirs of angels. For man it would have been much different than the 9 choirs of angels. Man would have had precedence, he still does but, this is what I'm getting at, the scope has been altered due to sin. Sin not only damaged the life on earth, but the life in Heaven, the afterlife. Altered a great deal. Snowball effect. Thus least to greatest. Greatest being Saints, least being hazes or star dust. If the Sin had not entered there would be only Saints. No stardust-hazes. Sands by the seashore, dust of the earth, would not have existed.

    So what's it going to be like even though everyone on the New Earth will be immortal and eternal beings? This is where the least on earth is the Greatest in Heaven. Those who were discarded by man, those who are derided based on man's recognition of great. Then those who loved God more than life itself, abandoning all the flesh, the glories of man on the earth. 'The I Wants.' To love and adore God in Christ. To give everything to God. With their whole hearts, minds, souls and strength. For what reason? Because they desired to.

    It's not about if one is going to make it to Heaven. It's about loving God enough to save souls for the new Heaven and the new Earth. To have love for your neighbor. To Have God fill you completely to let Love do all. To let go abandon all for the sake of God. This is how you get to the City of God forever.

    Thus, only saints dwell in the City of God on the New Earth.

    Because man chose his own will over God's Will, --man's will to know everything, and thus, the Serpent gives them false knowledge to lure them to hatred--, man has been expelled from Paradise and those who are not on the road to Heaven, remain as Adam and Eve in this will, their thinking to know everything. The only knowledge necessary is to know God.

    The false knowledge is Labyrinth created by the devil. This knowledge keeps man running around in circles through a maze.

    You remain separated from God's Thought. To have God's Thought in you.

    The other thought, is cat and mouse game. A lure. An example:

    The devil puts a piece of cheese on a string, this is similar to some knowledge that has penetrated you regarding, it can be anything while pondering openly, which means you were not adoring God and thus, you are open to other thoughts, the sees that you are not adoring God and he puts the cheese some knowledge that keeps you chasing after that piece of cheese which is tied to a string and his servants have placed in front of you so as to lure you to a trap. This is how the devil works.

    Your mind has a gate or a door, once you are not adoring the God, you are adoring nothing and when nothing is you, the Devil comes to fill it with something. Man is a capacity to be filled. Which means, you're supposed to be filled with God.

    Satan is hatred, hatred brings no peace. And thus suffering and death. It doesn't look that way doesn't feel that way, but your soul was created by a Peaceful God and hatred and all these vices, destroy peace.

    Adam and Eve wanted to know everything to the point that, they were not astute enough to understand Hatred from a distance, they let their guard down and Wisdom departed.

    The whole thing I just spoke of Jesus speaks, of in Maria's dictations. It is rather difficult for me to speak exact words, but, over time, all this has come to fruition within in my soul. I can truly understand God's design. It's simple for me to write. Because it is rather complicated in explaining.

    The Truth remains a mystery because Man is not on the same level as God in terms of Wisdom, Intellect, affections, inspirations and Desire. Man is truly his own god making his own destiny. But there are only two end Destinations: Heaven and Hell. These remain.

    Peace be with you always
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