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    Lesson from Genesis: How God Made Woman


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    Lesson from Genesis: How God Made Woman

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    Genesis 2

    [20] And Adam called all the beasts by their names, and all the fowls of the air, and all the cattle of the field:

    but for Adam there was not found a helper like himself.

    Several Steps in doing so:

    Step 1> [21] Then the Lord God cast a deep sleep upon Adam: and when he was fast asleep, --Put Adam into a Deep Sleep

    Step 2> he took one of his ribs, --Opened his flesh and took a rib from Adam

    Step 3> and filled up flesh for it. --Covered the opened flesh

    [22] And the Lord God built the rib which he took from Adam into a woman: --then the Lord performed the same three steps he performed in making Adam. But the difference being, the Lord took a rib from Adam thus making the Woman, another Adam but with different features of the flesh for the sake of raising newborns.

    Step 7> and brought her to Adam.

    [23] And Adam said: This now is bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called woman, because she was taken out of man. --being interpreted another Man.

    This is where, if Man and Woman remained in Grace that Grace would be performing the birth method, exactly like Jesus' Birth.

    "The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the most High shall overshadow thee. And therefore also the Holy which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God." [Luke 1]

    Now Let's put this into perspective for US:

    "The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the most High shall overshadow thee. And therefore also the Holy which shall be born of thee shall be called the son of God."

    We would all be sons and daughters of God by 'natural' birth. Because God would have been our Natural Father and Spiritual Father. Thus, God created a Man who comprises of the shell, and soul. Notice, it's not the shell that has precedence here, but the soul, a place for the Soul to Dwell. A temple. In a temple sits an altar, the altar is for God to rest. The shell is the temple, the soul is the altar.

    In the Woman is already all the needed material from Man for the Holy Spirit to gather and generate either man or woman.

    Thus, at current, today we are being regenerated and reborn into Grace, we become adoptive sons and daughters. And then in Heaven, we become sons and daughters translation, because we are not yet in Heaven and any once could forfeit along the way, so it is destined for those who make it to Heaven, to be true sons and daughters. Then on the last day, all mankind will be reclothed with their flesh bodies to stand before the Great Judge. Glorified bodies, those who came to the Light with beautified by the Light bodies emanating Light and those who rejected the Light with Darkness in their glorified bodies. A murky look, just like Satan.

    God will have taken His 'inheritance.' All souls, that went to Heaven are God's inheritance. We are then, beggars, asking the Father to take us.

    [24] Wherefore a man shall leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they shall be two in one flesh.

    And they two shall be one flesh.

    From Adam came the rib. From God's perspective, this is simple. Just take the rib but without disturbing any other organs or cracking ribs. This rib was used to bring the flesh of Adam-man into the flesh of Eve-woman, thus, the Lord from this joining, would have newborns through the woman, and Grace performing the conceiving and generating a new living soul. The words would be different entirely from what we read today.

    The Lord God could have made a completely new body for the woman without the rib. But He chose to use a rib from Adam. For, God placed the rib from Adam into new mud and created woman. The rib makes Eve another Adam. For Eve has a rib from Adam. wo-man another 'me.'

    By Eve having the rib in her from Adam allows, Eve if she remained in Grace, to not copulate, keeping her virginity. No seed needed from Man. But from God thus, the Trinity would come into her womb to generate new flesh, the fetus, and infuse a soul. No need to copulate. God would then remain 'Father of all Mankind, all offspring would be then called 'sons and daughters' of the Most High God. And it would remain as God's creation throughout the generations. This is the defining point.

    Lucifer seduced Eve into copulating to procreate flesh from flesh without God. Taking this important process away from God. Removing Fathership in each complete procreation. Thus, man after the sin, is on his own of sorts. 'You shall know as 'gods''--is the line of Lucifer. And they became 'gods' of flesh, to take life into their own hands.

    It is interesting that many men and women try for months, years, to have children unsuccessfully, because it is up to God to give the soul. And without the soul, there can be no new life.

    This is why the Virgin Mary's giving birth to Christ is Paramount. All men and women would have been born this way from the very beginning, never experiencing what we experience from having sin, Lucifer's malediction. God would have presided over the whole process. Because no one would be without Grace and, Grace, then would determine the time for newborn to be born.

    The woman would have no menstrual cycles, birth pangs, and other complications. Men and women would remain 'virgins.'

    Because one reason stands clear in my mind, that in Eve is Adam's rib, Adam said, bone of my bones -- first --, then, flesh of my flesh--meaning created in the same method slime from the earth; thus there would have been no need to receive seed from the man, for his bone and flesh were were part of Eve. No Need. The flesh meaning, from the Earth. There is something here many will say, '?.' That's correct, because of the way we think today. We are on our own in many things. Thus our thinking today is more this way. So far from the Truth, that many don't know their purpose in life, the reason for living. There's only one purpose: to Love God. There's only reason: to Love God.

    Jesus took His Flesh from His Mother who was Immaculate and, no generational hand me downs, Sin of Origin, deformations, habits of the flesh: like alcoholism, life patterns, so forth. For Mary was exempt from this 'hand me down.' Which we all who are "born of woman" receive. The seed from man and the egg from the woman are the newborn fleshes inheritance. What's in the man and the woman is then in the seed and the egg, receive the flesh's genetics and the embedded hearts sentiments. This explains why some children feel no love, because their parents did come together in love to have offspring out of love. They did not want to have a family thus the differing sentiments of the heart. While those parents who had commitment to family values as from the Lord to procreate new offspring for love, have a different defining mark of love and being cared for from conception. They know they are loved, it was impressed into them, through the parents sentiments before the seed and the egg combined creating a fetus. And the flame of love they receive is the power and testament of Love. God's sentiments of love.

    Two hearts in love, joined by the Love of God. This is powerful.

    The opposite instead happened. Man generates flesh. Man became his own god in this way, taking away from the Creator, the right to create new sons and daughters. Thus, when we are Baptized, Christ puts His sign on our spirits. If not Baptized the sign of the human god remains. Self. The sin of Adam and Eve are passed on. Their sign of this sin remains. And man and woman remains in the sin of Adam and Eve. As 'gods.' Then it is equally true, bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh.

    God gave to man a part in procreation, by taking the rib from Adam and placing it in the woman. Thus, from the rib with the woman's flesh, her egg, the Holy Spirit who creates man and woman, would create offspring of supermen and superwomen, called saints from the womb. This however was lost. And thus, Christ and Mary take the Place of Adam and Eve to give back Grace. A very intelligent Intervention by God.

    Jesus is the offspring of Adam, in Grace. The First One. God had to intervene to correct Adam's mistake so Jesus could be born in the Flesh as a sinless man and remain in Grace. Only Begotten of the Father. Firstborn.

    This is the short, non-medical version. I don't have the scientific learning as per a medical doctor.

    I see it without all these fancy words, so that you would not vainly imagine using human scientific vocabulary. It has taken me sometime to verbalize what I had conceptualized into simple words as much as possible.

    Human science, is human science without Wisdom. Therefore, it lacks the glue to piece together, the very simple words in Genesis. They don't accept the Creation. They instead accept, other theories and ideas. Which never pan out, never hold. They all have holes.

    Thus, to human science devoid of Wisdom everything is a mystery and they like Darwin, find a string of Truth, instead leading them to God because God's is not included in their meditations, leads to, heresies and foolish vain theories and ideologies.

    Abandon Human Science and seek God's Science, Wisdom.

    Peace be with you always

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    Post on Fri Oct 22, 2010 11:33 pm by Poem

    After the Sin, Eve yielding to the temptation to become gods, of the race of man, according to the flesh, man chose his own ways.

    God created the host of heaven. He created them. each one.

    On the earth, we see God created Man and Woman. The Devil seduced Eve to becoming the 'mind of procreator' instead of God. So what happens? A man and woman of their own accord copulate. Man's will. No longer God's will to have children. This is where God truly decides about new life. A man and woman fornicates, for the sake of pleasure, often times, no pregnancy, and in those certain times, pregnancy to teach them, fornication is of Satan. Procreation is only for birth, not for pleasure. Thus, in the Church, it is paramount to act like saints. The coming together of man and woman is solely for the sake of procreating offspring for Earth and Heaven.

    Thus, because God had joined the first Man and Woman, in matrimony, by that statement, a Man and Woman shall leave their father and mother to become one, but, the sin happened, and the first born was the will of Satan and Man, thus, Cain is born. Yet God allowed this to show Eve that, when you do not obey God, and listen to Satan, you get, Cain's. But she did not understand until her younger son Abel was killed. Then they repented of their disobedience. God had allowed them to stray. I would venture to say, God even showed them the future by some representation. And I would even venture to say, how they were anguished about it. But this came afterwards. The Lord said He put Adam in Limbo till day of His Resurrection, when all the souls of Limbo were taken into Heaven. I do not recall if He put Eve there. Because, Eve was the one to bring the sin to man. Therefore, Satan always uses the woman as bait to trap a man.

    God's will is different. He created, He was suppose to be in charge of all newborns, thus each man and woman would have been, sons and daughters through the Will of God. Just as all Creation was created by the Will of God.

    Man became his own god.

    If man had remained obedient to God, every soul born, would have had recourse to Heaven. But, since man became disobedient, every soul born, has to choose which way he goes, Heaven or Hell. The god syndrome. States: I choose my own destiny.

    So, what happened? Lucifer defies God, creating a rebel and he states, "he is" meaning equal to God in choosing and destiny, followed by Adam and Eve creating offspring who have to struggle to find God. They also by their willful act, stating we are equal to God and we choose our own destiny.

    Struggle: the majority those in the world struggle. How many souls do not know God as do good Catholics? Even good Protestants? Many, we truly do not know the actual 'count.' Though, there's whole nations that deny God. I would say that even among the great many, there are those who call upon God, as the Unknown, yet Known to us, but for fear some do not openly do so.

    Whereas God had already pre-destined all of the human race to Heaven to live as the Angels live in Heaven.

    Evil befell man and created a second destiny, Hell for man as well. If man would not have yielded, then Hell would exist only for the rebels.

    Thus, the many different ideas of man where he came from, where his destiny lies after death or some transmigration from off this plane of existence to some other place unknown to him but certainly would like to test the theory by volunteering.

    It is actually quite simple.

    Genesis 1,2,
    Poem of the Man-God, Book 1, Book 2, Book 3, Book 4, Book 5;
    Notebooks: 1943, 1944, 1945-50;
    Book of Azariah.

    Chp 602 Book 5 Passion:

    In Book 1, Jesus and Mary both explain the blunt aspects, but, after talking to several Poem reader's, they had not seen through to the Lord's True Design. And thus, many are of the mindset that God had originally thought man to copulate in the flesh to generate newborns. This causes man and woman to lose their 'virginity.' This is not God's original Design.

    God's original Design, Read and Study the Birth of Jesus. In this, is God's Original Design.

    Jesus says to remain pure like St. John, one does not copulate.

    The crudeness of copulating is flesh. Solely flesh. Not the work of the Spirit.

    The work of the Spirit is thus seen with Mary.

    If man had remained faithful to God, all children born would have been the work of the Spirit solely. Just like Mary and Jesus. Thus, Jesus is the Firstborn.

    For those able to hear it it is truly a beautiful thing which the Lord God had originally designed for man. Grace would create and infuse. The work of the Spirit.

    Peace be with you always

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    Post on Sun Oct 24, 2010 4:18 am by Poem

    For the majority, who fornicate and copulate, they believe this is God's design. It is not. Thus, for the majority, who do this, this is their little sin they hide from God. What does God call it? Sensuality.

    The sin which God has made so clear to a great many, but due to Sin and its effective work, a mystery, is that Eve wanted to have children of the flesh. Satan lured her by saying many things about this.

    One of which was, "You don't know what it's like to bear your own children like the animals/beasts, God has forbidden you from this act, you are not even true Queens and Kings as God states you are."

    "What good is being a ruler of Paradise if you cannot bear children of the flesh?"

    Thus, did Lucifer aka Serpent wet the appetite of Eve. Luring her to lowering her to mud and than, once they were engaged in the act, they became their own 'gods.' Thus man joins with flesh to create flesh. If God does not infuse the soul, the woman does not become pregnant. Thus, the hefty punishment to woman. She shall bear pain in giving birth. She shall have menstrual cycles. The man shall have power over her. On top of the woman losing her virginity tearing organs and tissues.

    Whereas if they did not commit this act, every child born, the model is the Virgin Mary, giving birth to Jesus. Three Persons came upon the Virgin Mary, One God. Thus, every woman, including Eve would have conceived children the way Mary did. From consummation to conception or giving birth.

    The Man would have already participated by giving the rib. The fetus would have been created or generated by the Holy Spirit. Every one born would have been 'perfect' no blemishes, no faults, no desire to sin, the concupiscence and no sin of origin. The Sin of Origin is, man and woman copulating to create flesh. Thus, 'gods.' To create.

    Satan on the other instigated this. To rule over man. First, he wanted to rule Heaven, but since this did not work out, and he was exiled to Hell, he sought 'revenge.' And he snuck into Paradise on Earth, God calls him a serpent, for snakes sneak around in dark places. But this snake is different from the reptilian snakes God created. This snake was an angel with intelligence. So God called him a serpent.

    The evil knowledge then, is to create our own offspring like the beasts of the field. This act awakened the hunger and passions of the flesh, and thus sensuality has emerged to slay man and woman to the lower nature which is flesh. The human body is a sensual being. The desire to fornicate, Satan lures every one to it. To fornicate. This act repeats Adam and Eve's sin.

    It is difficult to swallow because the Church says it's okay to do so if you're properly married and maintain, virtue to rule over your body. But if you lust after your wife it is a sin. Lust is a sin in any situation or circumstance.

    Tobias 8:5

    For we are the children of saints, and we must not be joined together like heathens that know not God.

    The above verse refers to fornication, copulation.

    The heathens make a sport of fornicating. Live in the vanity of their lewd minds and passions.

    When you read this, it is natural to fight against it. This shows who's really in control of your body and passions.

    It's the truth and the Truth shall set you free.

    Remember this, if Adam and Eve did not commit this act, everyone, would be true virgins. Because this act caused death to mankind. The flesh creating flesh, the mortal creating a mortal. Whereas if God had remained as the Overseerer of newborn, or new life, all would have remained immortal. The flesh after 1000 years, would have naturally slept while the soul would be before God. Then on the Last Day of the Earth, all flesh would then be rejoined to the soul without rot or decay-death and would have entered Eternal Life without spot wrinkle, blemish, deformations so forth. All bodies would have remained 'perfect.'

    The Virgin Mary is the testament to this fact. She never died, never had rot or decay, but immaculate. Her body was glorified as it was being taken into Heaven by two angels.

    The Truth remains hidden to those who do not seek the Truth.

    Peace be with you always

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    Post on Sun Oct 24, 2010 6:33 am by Poem

    Thus, these words make more sense:

    Genesis Chapter 3

    [16] To the woman also he said: I will multiply thy sorrows, and thy conceptions: in sorrow shalt thou bring forth children, and thou shalt be under thy husband's power, and he shall have dominion over thee.

    [17] And to Adam he said: Because thou hast hearkened to the voice of thy wife, and hast eaten of the tree, whereof I commanded thee that thou shouldst not eat, cursed is the earth in thy work; with labour and toil shalt thou eat thereof all the days of thy life. --Meaning, Satan seduced Eve, to have children based on flesh. To be their own creators, Notice God says: "Because you have listened to your wife" And to Eve, "Because you have listened to the Serpent whom I told you not to listen to"

    [18] Thorns and thistles shall it bring forth to thee; and thou shalt eat the herbs of the earth.

    [19] In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread till thou return to the earth, out of which thou wast taken: for dust thou art, and into dust thou shalt return. --Man shall return to the earth, meaning his flesh, because the flesh they desired over the spirit.

    [20] And Adam called the name of his wife Eve: because she was the mother of all the living. --This tells us that Eve is the Mother of race of men.

    Eve became the mother of the living, instead of God remaining Creator, and generator, thus, predominantly flesh in nature.

    The woman's womb would be an ark, immaculate, holy for God's breath to continue to be instilled, creating holy works: men and women born without sin. A race of saints.

    Satan then snickered and laughed. He got his revenge for the anathema. From this point on, man has become the flesh generator.

    This is why many have a hard time with Mary giving birth to Jesus.

    Because we do not know what the Sin was. The sin was, man taking charge instead God remaining as Creator.

    We think sin today is only about, breaking the 10 Commandments, Vices, Seven Capitals, which is Truth. But what was the Original Sin? Switching places. From God to Man as creator, man became gods, by generating newborns. Thus, man today, slaughters newborns in the womb. A hefty sin. Killing life. Thus the Laws were instituted because Man was devoid of Truth and Wisdom. He was just flesh, there is a soul in every person, but it's not alive.

    Had man remained faithful to God every soul would remain alive. No sin. Perfect, in soul and body.

    Peace be with you always

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    Post on Mon Oct 25, 2010 4:55 am by Poem

    Jesus says in the Gospel, who is my mother, my brother, my sister, but he who does the will of my Father?

    Matthew 12

    [48] But he answering him that told him, said: Who is my mother, and who are my brethren? [49] And stretching forth his hand towards his disciples, he said: Behold my mother and my brethren. [50] For whosoever shall do the will of my Father, that is in heaven, he is my brother, and sister, and mother.

    Jesus calls us brothers, and sisters. Imagine that!

    For He was born of the Race of Adam called the Firstborn among Men in Grace, because He was the First One born in Grace from the Race of Adam. How's this? The Virgin Mary being born Immaculate, no Sin of Origin, as we should have been all born, to have Jesus Christ born as how we should have all been born and we would have all had God as Father. Thus, God became Man. To call Man back to the Father.
    Rather than remain, mud puppies, born of flesh.

    God is calling all man to be reborn, back in Grace.

    Peace be with you always

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    Eve's Encounter with The Serpent: The Seduction Lines

    "You think there is evil here? No, there isn't. God told you because He wants to keep you as slaves under His power. You think you are king and queen? You are not even as free as wild animals. Animals can love one another with true love. You cannot. Animals are granted the gift of being creators like God. Animals generate little ones and see their families grow as much as they like. You do not. You are denied this joy. Why make you man and woman if you have to live thus? Be gods. You do not know the joy of being two in one flesh, that creates a third one and many more. Do not believe God when He promised you the joy of posterity seeing your children forming new families, leaving their father and mother for their families. He has given you a sham life: real life is to know the laws of life. Then you will be like gods and will be able to say to God: 'We are equal to You' ".

    Poem of the Man-God: Book 1
    Page: 82
    Chp: 17. The Disobedience of Eve and the Obedience of Mary.

    Peace be with you always

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    Genesis Chp 5

    [1] This is the book of the generation of Adam. In the day that God created man, he made him to the likeness of God.

    [2] He created them male and female; and blessed them: and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created.

    Notice, God called 'them' Adam. One Flesh. Just as we call God of the 'Three Persons' God. Simple.

    Adam and Eve broke the true 'union' of the one flesh.

    Two parts of one flesh, called Adam.

    Three Persons of the Godhead, called 'God.'

    Peace be with you always

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    If understanding how it was to be, now we need to understand how to live and do as we are today from Sin.

    God allowed Adam and Eve to Sin. Freedom of Choice, Free Will. They were punished but not extinguished. Here you need to see the Mercy of God. The Love of God, His forebearance, His patience, His loving kindness to Man whom He Created.

    Imagine giving birth to newborns, who then, slap you in the face. Imagine yourself not cutting them off, not being rash, but, you punished them because they simply disobeyed you. You do not banish them from your home, you do not stop talking to them, you do not stop caring for them. In fact you are crushed and tears well up but you still 'love them.' You make them promises that one day they will be better and that you are always there to help and guide.

    The pain they caused you yes, like a sword piercing your heart. But, you take this pain and give it a new name. Salvation. That's what God did, He took the pain and gave it a new name: Salvation. God uses pain to bring us to see the absolute 'truth.' Without pain, there is 'no gain.'

    Jesus is the Ultimate Pain, and He gained for us the Way back to God the Father to live in His House forever, eternally blessed. Amen.

    I say again, 'without pain, there is no gain.'

    Jesus sanctified pain and sorrow at the Cross in Golgotha. --I could say a lot here--. He made pain and sorrow a 'good', a meritorious work. Merit. Reward. For every pain and sorrow one endures, it is great compensation for many sins. Who knows how much except God?

    For lets put this on the scale of Jesus' words.

    He says for every cup of water given in His name you receive a reward.
    The same applies for food, clothing, but, He says, for every good word from one of His Disciples, there's a greater reward, more than a cup of water. His Word.

    Remember Jesus did all the above and He knows the value of each one.

    Jesus then says, the Ultimate Sacrifice is Dying for your friends. Which He died for the whole world, which the whole world does not recognize to this day. But for those who share in His Sacrifice, they, yes they understand the 'value' of pain and sorrow before God. It has the highest merit and reward value placed. Imagine that. Pain and Sorrow for the sake of others. This is the Ultimate Love Your Neighbor commandment fulfilled, because Jesus did it first. If we follow our Master to the 'letter' we inherit what the Master received from God the Father. Amen.

    Listen to My Son, says the Father at Mt. Tabor. Listen to My Son says the Mother at the wedding in Cana.

    Listen here means more than giving a ear, it means to 'obey' His wishes. for love does what one asks without questioning. If you do question, you imitate hirelings for pay. Whose end reward is emptiness, just paper. Whereas if you obey an eternal command, you receive an eternal reward. Much higher and the yield is endless. Blessed Eternally by God.

    Now how do we live today? For those who have been married? We love each other with the love of God, which has been placed in your hearts. We love. We purify and sanctify our hearts in charity and purity. And, the act for bearing new ones, does not become polluted with lust.

    Well, we are fallen, but Grace oh, Grace can heal every wound. Use the Sacraments which Jesus instituted to remain pure and healthy. Seek to become holy. With holy love, love your companion and your children. Have God in your family always. In Grace. Love, love, love, forebear, forgive, compassionate, mercy. Give. Be selfless, and give, this life is a test for the eternal life. Live a holy life.

    Peace be with you always

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