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    And the Earth Was One Tongue -- Language Spoken


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    And the Earth Was One Tongue -- Language Spoken

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    Genesis 11

    [1] And the earth was of one tongue, and of the same speech. [2] And when they removed from the east, they found a plain in the land of Sennaar, and dwelt in it. [3] And each one said to his neighbour: Come, let us make brick, and bake them with fire. And they had brick instead of stones, and slime instead of mortar. [4] And they said: Come, let us make a city and a tower, the top whereof may reach to heaven: and let us make our name famous before we be scattered abroad into all lands. [5] And the Lord came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of Adam were building.

    I enjoyed meditating on this subject. This right here disproves all theories.

    Darwnism, Modernism, Reincarnation, so forth. Because, we live on this side, after the occurrence of the institution of Language's. Meaning more than one. And thus, we have several races, according to each language.

    Now, Darwinism came from, an English speaking person. From England.

    Charles Robert Darwin, (12 February 1809 – 19 April 1882) was an English naturalist.

    Darwin was close. If he had Wisdom from God, he could have thought more about Genesis. He was 'Baptized' as an Anglican.

    He was able to glimpse human evolution.

    He was so close. Genesis tells us that our bodies and the animals came from the same source: Earth. Slime. Mud. He was able to get this part. Yet he was at a loss of words and called it 'natural selection' which if we look closely, God Naturally Selected. Of course. God selected everything. Yet, Darwin, did not, it seems yield to God. Instead, he only proved without Wisdom man makes many errors, strays. And result is gooplosh. The Bible tells us everything we need to know. Evil is present. The Seducer, the one who wants man to learn all the wrong, worthless falsehoods to keep man in arguments, schools of ideologies, to suppress the Truth. The wrong knowledge leads to more iniquity more errors. Increasing the ways of sin and putting worthless thoughts into man's mind.

    Satan's thoughts, leaves one empty. It fills like air and then the air disappears. The Truth however, dies as a seed later to sprout. A thought that comes in peaceful ways. Satan has no peace therefore his thoughts are not peaceful. Instead they agitate and create restlessness. His thoughts always tends towards the man, if a past relationship, to have that again, if someone offended you to take revenge, always meddling with human carnal instances to return to the ways of vice, to stir up sin within you. For Satan does not savor the things of God, but the things of man. I battle this all the time. Satan, always brings up things of the past in regards to some relation with man, woman, family, work, any event and always the past memories and sentiments. It is a forceful thing. It is never peaceful. When God appears, it is always peaceful, a serenity not found on the earth. It is difficult to explain. But once you have experienced it, you know the difference.

    God steps in to thwart evil knowledge from spreading. But, if man persists against God's tendering, two things happen. He lets us go in the way of error, free will, and if we persist to the point of becoming proud, His Hand is heavy upon us. If we submit to God, which is always a peaceful thing, --why would anyone want not to have peace?--then, His grace fills our hearts and minds. Thus, those now caught up in these errors are servants of Satan. The wrong knowledge.

    God is benign, which means, we do not most of the time recognize His Hand at work. Invisible and unfelt. A light touch if you will, that is not perceptible by human sense, unless God instructs the angel leave a sign of His touch. And we persist against, His Guidance. Because we are too stubborn, self willed, in wanting to learn everything under the Sun our way. Vanity.

    When we persist to know everything, we end up in errors. And thus, a new heresy is born in ourselves of ourselves. Darwinism is this by-product of stubbornness to persist to know everything and thus, from a string of Truth, emerges a theory born of man's thinking. Which proves that man without Wisdom of God, is not able to extract God's few sentences in the book of Genesis of the Creation. Meditation is lacking here.

    If you put Darwin's theory to the real test in a real lab environment, it will fail. Yet, this is not done on purpose because scientists don't want to be made embarrassed.

    Back to Darwin an English scientist of sorts.

    This theory is not accepted in every nation of every language. For in every nation with their particular language they have their own theories, based on a religion or myth, or some legend. None of these agree with each other. But each of them have a string of Truth. When you piece the Strings together, you have some agreeable parts, but how each person arrives at their different origins of theory differs from person to person within each theory, religion, myth, legend.

    100 pupils of Darwinism.

    Each pupil has a different conceptualization. But within the 100 a few will grasp it the way the originator had thought.

    100 pupils of Taoism.

    Each pupil has a different conceptualization. Same applies as above.

    Thus, so on and so forth for every other theory of religion or their idea of creation, the beginnings' of man is different in the different cultures, nations, ethnic groups, regions, myths and legends. Many. All never agreeing with the other.

    Thus, no one agrees across the borders of each theory. A person from deep China doesn't agree with a Hinduist. So forth and so on. A nice sprite. Many forks and fingers, or branches of ideas, handed down from generation to generation. Thus, God planted a Vineyard and Christ was the shoot.

    Thus, this is where force comes to play. To force their beliefs on the masses, the nations, other languages, other Religions. Any religion that forces others, with overbearance, and wrath, is not a good one. For they do not even consider their own selves and have no love for their neighbor.

    Christianity is not about force. But about love. Without love, Christianity has no power. Because God is Love and Love is the Power of God. God performs everything through Love.

    No one has a theory on where Language came from.

    God created Language and gave the differing languages early on in the history of the human race. The race of Adam's children. Who because of foolishness, God intervened and created new languages. Made them instantly babble. Thus, Babel.

    Genesis 11

    [6] And he said: Behold, it is one people, and all have one tongue: and they have begun to do this, neither will they leave off from their designs, till they accomplish them in deed. [7] Come ye, therefore, let us go down, and there confound their tongue, that they may not understand one another's speech. [8] And so the Lord scattered them from that place into all lands, and they ceased to build the city. [9] And therefore the name thereof was called Babel, because there the language of the whole earth was confounded: and from thence the Lord scattered them abroad upon the face of all countries.

    Man is still man. He will in the different nations and languages, think only of his language and nation "As his world only." That every other nation and language is a lower one, subhuman to not human, than his. No brotherly nor neighborly love. Thus, in these, they do not have the fruits of Love. But the fruits of hate. For they only see themselves as running on the earth.

    God tells us the Origin of Man, the Origin of Species-Beasts, the Origin of Sin, the Origin of Language, and many other things, that man does not believe.

    Thus, man remains ignorant of the Truth.

    Peace be with you always

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