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    I Remind You God is Benign


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    I Remind You God is Benign

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    God is benign, kind, gentle, He does things with the slightest touch, a very unfelt touch. So lightweight, that it is difficult to tell.

    But, when God's anger flares, it is very bad! It is more powerful than force itself. Thus, you will know the difference.

    God's light-hand-touch is so benign, that we mistake it often for, a whim, or 'chance.' Superstition.

    No, God's benignity is just that, that He did not even Force the Birth unto the Virgin Mary. God did not Force Christ to Die. But, Christ, agreed willing. Willing. Volunteered to die for Man. Hope.

    Jesus even though knowing the future, Hoped, that Man would change. He prayed constantly, perpetually while on the Earth. For the Earth was joyful that God would come as Man. The Earth Rejoiced at His Coming. Why?

    God is Creator and God is Love, Kindness, Light, Holiness, and the Earth was created for this reason I just mentioned.

    The darkside: Man is ruthless, overbearing, shrewd, greedy, miserly, unthoughtful, thoughtless, no love, no care, not kind, etc., etc.,.

    The Earth was Overjoyed! To have Jesus, Man-God come.

    God is not an overbearing God. He is so thoughtful, that, He does not wish to offend when He sees a son or daughter is in need. He is not shy. He does not wish to offend your free will. This is why you must ask Him. Then we must adore Him. We must show God with our hearts, that we want Him. And that is all. God just wants to be loved and adored. How simple.
    Politeness. Manners. Etiquette. Thoughtful. Gentle. How Simple.


    Man is complexity, with all kinds of formulas, rational, a maze of thoughts. No peace in his thoughts, no straight line. Just a jumble. Draw a box and then add things in it. Filling this box with every thought you have.

    Heaven is a flat line. One straight line. One thought prevails and the mind is able to rest.

    The former shows man's mind at unrest, invaded by, all those thoughts you put in the box.

    Now picture the most intelligent being: God. His mind is not full of all these in the box. He controls His thoughts in one single straight line.

    This is Peace. You can see every thought on one line. And Pick. Similar to single continuous shelf.

    Man's mind is not even like the shelves in the store. Many shelves, many levels. But similar to a room that is messy. Everything thrown on the floor, closet space overflowing. It gets worse.

    A single line means Peace. On that line everything joined together: Peace Love Joy Holiness ----------- ....

    A straight line. Without this discipline, man is a maze of thoughts.

    Peace be with you always
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