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    Why the Future is Not Averted - Discussion-- Discussion,

    Post by Poem on Sun Oct 17, 2010 6:12 am

    "Your Master, for your own good, yields to that curiosity, although He loathes giving assent to human curiosity. Your Master is not a charlatan whom one can ask questions for a few coins in the uproar of a market. Neither is He possessed by the spirit of the Python, which assists Him in making money by divining, to comply with the narrow-mindedness of man who wants to know the future in order to decide how "to act". Man cannot act wisely by himself. God will assist him if man has faith in Him! And it is of no avail to know the future, or to think that one knows it, if one has no means to avert the prophesied future. There is one means only: to pray the Father and Lord that His mercy may assist us. I solemnly tell you that a confident prayer can change punishment into blessings. But he who has recourse to men in order to avert the future, as a man and with human means, cannot pray at all, or prays very badly. As this curiosity may teach you a good lesson, I will reply to it for this once, although I abhor curious and disrespectful questions."

    Make a prayer today to God. Ask him with a real pure heart to save mankind. And ask Him every hour, every day, nothing else to ask for. Because soon, the Sword is coming down and it will slam everyone. And no use in praying when you're in Hell. He won't hear you. Between now and death, you need to pray like today is your last day. And every day you live like it is the last day.

    Peace be with you always

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