1944: The Little Apostles and New Pharisees


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    1944: The Little Apostles and New Pharisees

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    Notebook: 1944
    Page: 440
    Chp: The Little Apostles and New Pharisees

    July 20

    Job 34:29

    Jesus says:

    "The Following had already been expressed since ancient times: 'If God grants peace, who can condemn?' [verse 29]

    "And yet those doctors of the Law who always accused Me, and who knew to perfection the words of the Book, judged it differently. Why? Because they knew the Law in its letter, but did not comprehend the spirit of the letter. They are in every way like the doctors of today who, with ridiculous and cruel pretexts, judge and condemn My favorites, and Me with them.

    "They also applied condemnation to Zacchaeus. God had granted peace to His repentant servant who was returning more to the house of his Father, than of his Master. They condemned Him and His servant because, according to them, Zacchaeus's form of repentance was not enough. Naturally! It did not have those hypocritical forms, wholly external, which they, the Pharisees and Scribes, loved: forms used to deceive the world with a false holiness which was only a sham, because the inside was and remained infected with their vices. Zacchaeus's was a true repentance, from his heart.

    "I said: 'It is from the heart that those things come forth which contaminate a man.' But from there also come forth the things which sanctify him. From this tabernacle which contains, as in a golden pix, your spirit in which God incarnates Himself and resides through a spiritual transubstantiation, there come forth good thoughts, right intentions, the firm will to be saints, the heroism which gives you Heaven, the sincere repentance which cancels from the mind of God even the memory of your faults, and brings you to Him and He to you for His Fatherly kiss.

    "For My favorites, too, the Pharisaic world, always existing and working, judges and condemns: 'This is a "voice"? It cannot be. What has she done to merit it?'

    "'Nothing and everything,' I answer. Nothing, if one considers her wretchedness with respect to the power of God and His perfection. Everything, if one considers her generosity which is wholly given to God, and to God alone: a generosity working under the humility of an ordinary life, loving even to the point of consuming her physical strength, obedient in the great and in the little things, even in the trifles for which I ask, in order to keep her always docile to My desire and to try her continually in meekness. Believe that only she who loves 'with her whole self ' can, with a smile, give her life to God Who asks it of her, give it like a fruit which she brings to her lips: the sacrifice of a parent, or of a holy affection: or like the word which I tell her to keep silent, or the sacrifice of her house and her bread, as also of her rest which I tell her to cancel in hours of profound weariness, in order to continue to serve Me.

    "If I give her peace, who will be able to condemn? Condemn what? That which God judges worthy of blessings and caresses now, and of bliss hereafter? Condemn the good which she does to herself and to others? Imitate her and do not condemn her. And be ashamed, O useless servants, O Satanic blasphemers, for no longer knowing how to serve the Lord your God; for no longer knowing how to receive, to understand and to speak the words of the eternal Spirit; for no longer knowing how to make yourselves bread for the souls of your companions, but rather: coldness, poison, chains.

    "Condemn what? The way she speaks or writes? Oh! see, O angelic spirits, O blessed possessors of Paradise! observe these little men: being unable to raise themselves up in flight anymore with the broken or missing wings of their own mind, with it they judge that others cannot do so! Observe these blind moles who, being unable to see the sun themselves, deny that it exists and that others see it! Observe the song less crows who, unable to repeat the harmonies that others have learned from Heaven, deny that voice even exists!

    "But there where the wings of the little bird enamored of God are insufficient, the angelic wings rush down and lift it to that height which I will. I -- I Myself, the Eagle of love, and I will show it this beauty which you hardly know how to imagine, which seems to all of you but a fable. And you hide your own incapacity under an avalanche of words whose point is this: 'Paradise has no description because it is only a thought.'

    "It is a thought? It is reality! Speak, My little bird, you who have been raised up There between the wings of the Eagle Who loves you, and say whether Paradise is only a thought -- or a spiritual reality, a reality of light, song, joy, beauty. Say to these who have their wings dragging in the mud -- because their idleness has broken their wings and reduced them to dead limbs -- tell them what it is that merits Paradise, and how sorrow, poverty, sickness are to be greeted with a smile, thinking of this Place where endless Joy awaits them.

    "The Sun, which you can hardly see behind a thick curtain of clouds, given your sensuality of the flesh and of your thought, your rationalism which has crushed in you all capacity to believe with the simplicity of children and the firmness of the martyrs -- the Sun which you can no longer contemplate because you do no longer succeed in lifting your head from the heavy yoke of your humanity which overwhelms your spirit -- while My blessed ones, stripped of every human constraint, stand with the head of their mind always raised to adore Me -- the Sun -- and It is truly there, that Sun: It spreads oceans of light and fire to clothe with warmth, and to reclothe with splendor these friends of Mine for whom I have prepared an eternal throne. The Sun is There, and It is already theirs, for It shines above their head like the face of a father over the cradle of his baby, and there is nothing sweeter than this loving, jealous, protection of Love which does not leave them even for one minute.

    "You men who no longer know how to sing your harmonies to God, you no longer even know how to tell Him that you love Him: not with your mouth, but with your heart -- and it is this harmony that God wants to hear from man -- do not then deny that these, My lovers, can repeat supernatural harmonies, learned from Me and from My saints. My lovers have made their spiritual throat pliable, warbling without tiring -- either from the passage of time or the adversities of life -- warbling their hymn of love, and of all the things that have given them their cue to tell Me: 'I love You.' They have thus been capable of learning and retelling the songs of Heaven.

    "Oh! bless them, these little apostles who unveil to you points and lights, who bring back to you lights and words which your poverty does not know; these who, with a total slavery of love have been fastened upon a gallows which, like Mine, has its base fixed in earthly mud, but its summit in the Azure Blue of the sky. They are bridges by which you can go up -- you who know only how to crawl -- by which you can go up and know how beautiful is that Azure Blue, and be enamored by It and have the desire to imitate It.

    "Why do you all want to deny, why do you want to say to God: 'You are not allowed to do that'? The apostolicity of the Church did not end with the Apostles. It continues with the lesser apostles. Every saint is one of them, every 'voice' is one of them. And I, Head of the apostolic Church, can choose and spread everywhere these My little apostles for your good.

    "They are humble, compared to you scholars? And what were the first twelve? Fishermen, illiterate, ignorant. But it was them that I took, and not the scholarly rabbis, because since they the twelve were conscious of being nothing, they were capable of accepting the Word; while the rabbis saturated with pride, had no capacity to accept It. Humility is what I seek, and if these little apostles, even while remaining loving, pure and generous, should become proud, I would abandon them without fail.

    "There are two things that I absolutely require in them: love and fidelity to the truth -- and not only to God-Truth, but also to the virtue-Truth -- and also: sincere humility. And I am still more uncompromising on this latter virtue. Pride, the sign of Satan -- the first sign of Satan -- sends Me away in disgust.

    "Therefore think that if I give My peace to them My little apostles, none of you can condemn them. They are beyond your condemnations. Within My arms they love and listen to the secrets of God and then offer them to you according as God wills, in order to throw you a necklace of Paradisal pearls which may be a guide and ladder for you to Heaven.

    "I give you My peace, My 'voice.' Rest in it as a baby in the bosom of its father."

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