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    Living Ciborium

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    A picture these days, presents, a very deep instilling into the mind.

    Picture your table. On it sits, some materials, maybe a picture.

    Picture a clear table. Nothing on top.

    Pretend that the clear table is the 'ciborium'.

    There are two ciboriums: one is the stand and the other is the surface on the stand. but, this is really one complete unit so, not really two ciboriums.

    Mary is this Ciborium, a Living Ciborium truly every bit worthy as the Living Ciborium for God's Heart. Christ's Heart, the Word of God.

    The Father's Thoughts are perfectly formed in the Word of God. Thus, Christ the Word of God in the Heart of Flesh is God's Perfection given to Man. How far would love go to show man? So far as to having the Word of God, volunteer to become Man and become an obstacle of cruelty, of malice just so Man can once again become God's sons and daughters. There is more to it than, this, but this is the brief summary.

    I had a vision of the Living Ciborium one day, if you can hear it. It was a different kind of vision, not like seeing a golden plate with Jesus Heart in shape of human heart, where one draws a resemblance of Valentines day. No not like this at all.

    It was a Stand and the Heart, in flames, as it were on fire. The whole was as one complete, joined, no seems. Seemless. It seemed like it was made that way. The fire seemed liquid as if it were water but fire. The fire was circulating from the stand to the heart and from the heart to the stand. Flames did not emanate out creating flares. It was as if, the flames were consuming and being consumed. No waste.

    The Holy Spirit said, this is a Living Ciborium. I had to observe to understand what I was seeing. I left Mass in utter astonishment. At first view, I noticed the Heart more than the Stand. But, as this vision was for a few seconds and yet long and clear enough to see it up close, the vision has remained in me. I do not boast of having received this as I'm some great prophet or like wise. No, at that time I was contemplating the Crucifix preparing my heart to receive the Eucharist. To prepare my throne and altar for Christ. I realize that I have much humanity rationalism and so forth that keeps me from being like Mary, the Living Ciborium. She is Perfect.
    I'm imperfect. I have lived too long in the world as a worldly spirit myself.

    Christ will make of each of us, a living ciborium if we so will it. This vision was incredible. I hope some of you, if not all of you can accept the grandeur of this vision. It is as Christ said to Maria about His Heart being given to us in the Eucharist.

    From the Sacred Heart Litany: Heart of Jesus, burning furnace of charity, have mercy on us. I would say that this fire is so intense that we need mercy not to be consumed. Yet it is what we truly need. To be consumed by Love as to melt in Him.

    Since we are creatures and not Mary, Christ and the Holy Spirit together work to increase our love, to become flames ourselves. For we did not first love God but God loved us and made us--Creation, that we should be little flames of charity, loving the Father through Christ the Word of God. This is what we should be, this is what we should be striving for with all our being.

    Peace be with you always
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    Post on Fri Oct 15, 2010 2:39 am by Poem

    Cum-passio: The Passion lived through by Christ and by the adorer of Christ.

    "The love involving fusion is lofty. Very high, at the summit of that height, is 'shared love.' In the former you annul yourself, with your human personality, in your Beloved. In the latter you take the place of your Beloved; you surround Him: He is the soul; you, the body of the soul. And you feel in this body of yours the afflictions of your Love while, within you, He cries out his spiritual and mortal tortures and makes them known to you, just like thought, which makes the mind's impressions known to the flesh, and you receive material impressions."

    "It is compassionate love. Cum-passio--that is, the Passion lived through by Christ and by the adorer of Christ.

    Notebook 1944
    Page 153

    Peace be with you always

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