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    The Life of St Joseph


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    The Life of St Joseph

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    St. Joseph, had no idea, of his future on earth. He followed the Temple's recommendation when called to be a potential spouse to the Virgin Mary. He and a few others, who were of the house of David.

    To imagine the grandeur of being the guardian and spouse of Mary. God did not foretell his future to him. He did not appear to St Joseph and tell him you are going to marry Mary and be the father, guardian, mentor to my Son. The fact that he was ready to report Mary to the Temple, because he felt maybe she was not 'just', lets us know that he had no idea of what was to come.

    He obeyed the Law of God. He followed as an honest, just, man.

    He thought Mary was causing a scandal to bring him down. His very own, justice was at stake, and he was privately seeking to 'get a writ' of divorce.

    The lesson here, to focus on, is not the latter, but about St. Joseph not knowing. He did not waiver. He remained solid and firm. A good heart, intelligent, meek, humble, fidelity.

    I was asking St. Joseph for direction in what to do next, what shall I do?
    While praying, he spoke a few words. And today, he nudged me to write as best as I could with little I have. The Knowledge which comes in Light, is easy to comprehend, in spirit, but, when trying to convey this in human terms, sometimes it is very tough to come up with the words of what, I have understood. Many tries for some. Until the thought becomes simpler to recite.

    This is the lesson. We do not know, what God has planned for us, until He drops it in our laps. When God does something, it will be a grandeur to us. Much like with St. Joseph, who struggled to know what he was called for. What God had chosen him for. And then an angel appears to convince him that he is not to put away Mary his wife. He thought Mary was pregnant by another man. Mary did not tell him because it was prudent for Her not to until the moment of the miracle. The miracle for him to behold the glory of the Lord made Flesh.

    The Lord chooses a vessel beforehand, He prepares it while in life in our case. The timing is up to God. And up to us, if we follow and obey God everyday, it won't take too long. Cooperation. Thus, the importance of daily being faithful and obedient to God,--fidelity-- this is part of the preparation. It is the major part. Being faithful and obedient to God. Then when we have formed virtues and live according to His Thought, we are a ready-made-vessel, good for the Masters use. Until then, we struggle immensely, because forming is immensely crude. We struggle with doubt, with despair, with the thought of faithlessness, with all the thoughts the enemy pours on to us. To give up in the face of adversity. To test our metal. Will we crumble and fall?

    Joseph because he was just, did not doubt. He only acted according to what was present before him. He was brought up in the justice of the Lord. He observed the situation and found that since Mary was not yielding to inform him, something is not right here. To him, it was a scandal. He wanted no part of unjust living. God tested him in this, to know his metal. Purity. He found no blemishes in St. Joseph. Thus, St. Joseph, was given, the Child Jesus to be guardian, mentor, and earthly father.

    We have to look at this closely and in this past episode lies the lesson of how God deals with each of us. Each person.

    Also, Jesus informs us that, this was purposely kept a secret, to hide it from Satan. If Satan had found out, he would have done everything to stop it. Because if you have noticed, Satan makes a lot of noise to create chaos and confusion.

    The lesson is, then to trust in God, strong faith and remain faithful practice the virtues daily. Then when God has prepared you, He will test your metal.

    Much like the metal worker, taking a unformed piece of metal, forming it, which takes a lot of work, heating the metal many times depending on the folds, while hammering it, and when ready, he pours water on it, and then, he tests the metal for purity. Is it strong enough? If the metal is brittle it will break in many pieces. Are there cracks or welts? If there are any, its use is limited and worthless for it was created for one purpose and that purpose is now dead.

    God does not work to form defective metal and thus, His method is different from that of man. God is able to see much better than man. God, knows man, like no other. Once you give God your life, it is in His Hands, only your will to stop it, causes God to stop. He does not violate your free will. He does not even offend us. He is so sensitive to our will. Yet, once you give your life to God, do not complain. Because God is the Master craftsman.

    Peace be with you always

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