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    God Exists


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    God Exists

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    First He exists.

    The work of God: Universe, Man, Angels.

    Lucifer, was created by God. He rebelled. He proclaimed himself a 'god.' He said, "I do not recognize you anymore, if You Are, then, I Am."

    Then to contradict this, he further states: "You shouldn't have made me so perfect."

    Which he recognized that, he was made by God. An absolute truth. See here? He admitted being 'created.' A created being. Pride deludes one to think they can do what God does, exactly as God does. Yet, he can never, because, we are 'created' by God.

    Man today, in pride, does not even 'admit' God created him. The fact that, Faith is in men and women's hearts and minds, states this fact that God exists. The Church is also another testimony. Christians in denominations are also a testimony. If man does not believe in God, he sees, the Universe and all this in them, with a veil, thinking they just exist and was created by some formula. Such as, Darwin's theory, such as the Big Bang Theory. These are all 'theories' and in them there is testimony of God. A veil. Faith removes this veil. And God explains them to you.

    And if you sit in the middle and observe both sides, you see the evidence, that God exists.

    The fact that some people come to hate Religion, and spend their energy, bashing Religion, proves the fact that God exists. God created Religion. Because the opposite is also true. Hate and Love. Haters prove that Love exists, because, hate came into being on its own and not by the Will of God. Thus, Lucifer's rebellion.

    Lucifer created Atheism. A way to have man, not honor God.

    Lucifer wanted to rule over men as their King and as God. He waited for God to create them, before he made his futile move.

    Lucifer's ambition was to rule in Heaven, not in Hell, for he did not know Hell would come into existence. For Hell did not exist at that moment of his ambition. Hell was created after he dared to assault God.

    Lucifer's ambition, has not changed. He still has it to rule over men, wherever he may be.

    Thus, he is able to convince man that God does not exist.

    Man on his own, is uncertain of the future. Everyday he wakes up, he has to live, in uncertainty of his future. He only thinks about today. After sometime has elapsed and a man has become knowledgeable about the many things, and also, he became used to the things he does on a daily basis. Place to live, stores, coworkers, family, friends, other interests.

    Don't you feel there's something else besides the mechanical lifestyle?
    You're set in a formed template that has been formulated by society's so called overseer's. They want you to produce for them. To evolve civilization to suit man's needs, his carnal needs. Let's give them enough to stimulate their minds just enough so they feel they are not lingering their intellects. If one should want to learn more, oh, let's guide them to where they can be useful in evolving civilization, become more technical to create more ways to do things on your iPhones and computers. There's something for everybody it seems. But the cookie cutter, system that is devised, that's all you get.

    The need to press on more increasing the technology, which creates more headaches and all the while only for the sake of evolving toys.

    A worker bee. You are working like bees thinking you are increasing the honey, though increasing your ruin. Bankrupt of the true riches and true Knowledge. The earth is temporary, your fleshly existence is temporary. Only your soul lives immortal, either dead or alive, your soul.

    When you die all the work as a worker bee, dies with you where moth and rust corrupts. Nothing but.

    All the work you do for God however, gains interest; Merit, reward and stays with you. When your flesh dies, returns to dust, and your soul goes to God and God rewards you after the Final Judgment wherein He places you on the New Earth to enjoy a well done life in the here and now.

    When you work as worker bee, your work ends, then there's no interest, there's no merit, there's no reward. How do I know? Did you get rewards for all the work you have done? For all those years? No. You may have received a piece of paper, some cash, something else, but it is not eternal. It becomes moth and rust, and when you die it may be left to a relative or family member, and it is useless. The earthly rewards and merits are only for the earth.

    The eternal merits and rewards are eternal. St. Theresa of the Child Jesus, had to her works, many souls. Which she brought to God. A soul is the most precious stone before God. For Every soul she was able to save for the Kingdom of Christ, she receives a reward. She also gains merits. Two points of rewarding: Merit and reward. Each one is a category. She gets to keep them, with the sentiments on earth and the everlasting reward in Heaven. She is a saint, a Star in God's Heaven, and Jesus will point her out to all in Heaven, reading off the list of her accomplishments to everyone There.

    While those who worked their tales off in the name of ambition for the earthly day, they will not have God read off their accomplishments, because they only worked for this lifetime and not the next lifetime.

    This is what Christ is talking about, storing up treasures in Heaven.

    We are to work, for the next lifetime. Storing up treasures in Heaven for us to be able to use. A savings account, in a way.

    How does a savings account work? You work for money and you put money away for the future. All that hard work for years toiling for some madman or a good man, paid off. The interest rate goes up and down, it may be that in the time you need it, there will be no interest left? Uncertain? Yes, very uncertain. Man is uncertain of his future. Are you certain that we will have enough food in a year? Will the price of gas go up or down? Will the stock market crash for good? Will banks continue to fold, being merged? Will your job remain?

    We have all learned many ways to accumulate on earth. The earthly day, but, have not accumulated wealth for Heaven. Because we only think about, 'this current lifetime' which is a test and preparation for the next lifetime. A test to see if you fall like Adam and Eve and a preparation of either one you have chosen after being tested: The tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil or the Tree of Life.

    The Bible is God's words to each person born on earth. He brings it before us today and says: "Here's the reason why you are born." He would like you take the one He is placing in front you of you by accepting it from His Hand. He is holding the Truth in front of you.

    It has taken a long time for me to understand my reason being born and the reasons of life. I ran into, human interpretations, rather than God's Truth presenting itself before me. I have to admit, there are many who do not teach the Truth correctly. This is why there are so many, misconstrued souls.

    Jesus explains to us Four Truths, and we are more advanced, evolved than our predecessors. Which means we have increased understanding. Our intelligence level has evolved to a higher level than our past predecessors. A place we can grasp truths more easily since, technology and modernism has increased man's intellect. Imagination.

    Children have a healthy imagination and can accept the Things of God which requires, a healthy imagination. A mind impeded with too many formulas or just knowledge, has no imagination to be free. Rationalism impedes imagination. Faith. Faith requires an healthy imagination. Your spirit is supernatural and you need to have your mind able to see the supernatural. Thus, Rationalism, is an inhibitor of imagination.

    Where do most of the inventions come from today? Young minds. When you take a young mind and compare to an older mind, the young mind is more imaginative while the older mind is more refined. See this?

    We need to have imagination and then refine our imagination on supernatual things. Faith. God.

    When God keeps our minds healthy. Imagination. To fuel our imagination with Wisdom. I imagine God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as Three Huge Bonfires, calling out to man's spirit to become absorbed. Like The Torch in Fantastic Four, yet not our flesh our souls. A Sanctifying Flame! Burning Soul. Read the Transfiguration on Mt. Tabor. Moses and Elijah, with no bodies appear in a flash of light, and then appear as they did on earth, so Peter James and John, can identify them, and then tell us about it in the Gospel. But, we have, Maria tell us about it in greater detail. The whole of Mt. Tabor, was transfigured it seems according to Maria's Vision.

    And, I understand that people are more astute, therefore needs to be convinced by more than a few words.

    Thus, Poem of the Man-God and the Notebooks, which Jesus Christ had Maria Valtorta write down, these truths.

    God exists.

    Lucifer's rebellion

    Adam and Eve's sin


    Jesus has given to us all. Read to find out.

    Peace be with you always

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    Young minds today, spend time being entertained by other young minds, but, this entertaining is a ruse. They are being filled with wrong doctrines, in other words, poisoning their minds with strange idols.

    Imagination. The imagination is for man to be able to not see ghosts and false lights, but only God and His angels.

    Fact: Lucifer was an angel. Before God created the Hosts of Heaven, God had imagined in his thought to create Man. Man was the last creation. This point proves a great deal.

    I had mentioned a while back but deleted the post, that God had created everything for Man.

    The angels were created serve God and Mankind.

    God created the hosts of heaven and then created the Universe.

    Heaven first of all, for Man to come in and worship from Earth while living and after life on earth.

    Look at the order of God's Creation first. Carefully.

    Heaven, Universe, with the earth and the earth in stages, and then after the earth is completed, he creates Man.

    Heaven he prepared it for Man to enter.

    Universe, created it for Man to dwell and see that all that in was for his view. A super enormous gift. An example: A man wants to give his woman the world. God gave to Man the Universe.

    The size of the gift is stupendous. This is his heart full of love.

    Angels, as ministers and messengers.

    This takes a while to come to. But, when you look closely and carefully taking the time, the Spirit speaks in volumes once he destroys your rationalism. Humanity rationalizes incorrectly creating a thickets of Rationalism. Impedes the imagination. Your imagination is full of junk and blockades. You cannot see God. This is horrible not to be able to see God. Not be able to imagine what God is saying is the worst. For when God speaks, He not only speaks but in the stream of light there is vision.

    A video streaming with audio. Yet his audio is not words as man speaks audible speech, but Light. Thus, flashes.

    The way Lucifer blunts man is to fill with audible speeches and this is what man is used to so, Man thinks God is going to be audible. Not so, God is Light. Read The Book of Azariah. God is not Man that he has lips and a mouth. He is not flesh. He is Spirit. Spirits communicate differently. Jesus spoke as the Word of God. It should have never come to this in man's history.

    The Voice of God is the Holy Spirit. In our thoughts if pure, the Thoughts of God are infused into our spirits.

    Since man lost his sight, God had to speak through other men. Prophets. Patriarchs.

    The sight I'm referring to is to be able to receive God's Thought. The Word of God receives from the Father, the Father is the Thought of God. The Word gives this thought broken down into words we can understand, to the Voice of God, the Voice of God is the Holy Spirit. All Three Are Light. God is Light. So, in Light does God communicate to Each Other, thus not audible.

    In Heaven, angels receive this communique via flashes of light.

    Man lost sight to see God. He cannot receive communication with a dead soul. He cannot see God while a servant of Satan, slave to sensuality, passions of the flesh, watches too much tv so forth and so on. TV dulls your ability to imagine, because your mind is being filled with images. "Man is a capacity to be filled," the exact words of Jesus.

    The world belongs to Satan. Not in the sense of owning, but in the reality of men giving power to it. Their blood and sweat. To create what he vainly imagines. The Ten Kings in the Apocalypse are not actual Ten Kings. They are all of Babylon's inhabitants, that have become Kings for one hour. Jesus is King of kings.

    The Number Ten signifies the main vices, sins, passions, ten of them; Kings signifies each soul partaking of these. Each person has become a King for an hour sating themselves with these 10 main vices which brings about more vices. Jesus explains that there are more than ten vices. 10 is sufficient to explain.

    So, one should really study the Notebooks, they are full of the reality of all things Spiritual.

    Peace be with you always

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