The Insults Hurled at Jesus' Crucifixion


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    The Insults Hurled at Jesus' Crucifixion Empty The Insults Hurled at Jesus' Crucifixion

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    Book 5 Passion Section

    The crowd showers the most disgraceful abuses on Her at once, associating Her with Her Son in their curses. But with Her trembling white lips, She tries only to comfort Him, with an anguished smile that wipes the tears, which no will-power can refrain.

    The people, beginning with priests, scribes, Pharisees, Sadducees, Herodians and the like, amuse themselves by going on a kind of roundabout, climbing the steep road, passing along the elevation at the end, and descending along the other road, or vice versa. And while they pass at the foot of the summit, on the second open space, they do not fail to offer their blasphemous words as a compliment to the Dying Victim. All the baseness, cruelty, hatred and folly, which men are capable of expressing with their tongues, is amply testified by those infernal mouths. The fiercest are the members of the Temple, with the assistance of the Pharisees.

    « Well? You, the Saviour of mankind, why do You not save Yourself? Has Your king Beelzebub abandoned You? Has he disowned You? » shout three priests.

    And a group of Judaeans shout: « You, Who not more than five days ago, with the help of the Demon, made the Father say… ha! ha! ha! that He would glorify You, how come You do not remind Him to keep His promise? »

    And three Pharisees add: « Blasphemer He said that He saved the others with the help of God! And He cannot save Himself! Do You want us to believe You? Then work the miracle. Hey, are You no longer able? Your hands are now nailed and You are naked. »

    And some Sadducees and Herodians say to the soldiers: « Watch His witchcraft, you who have taken His garments! He has the infernal sign within Himself! »

    A crowd howls in chorus: « Descend from the cross and we will believe You. You Who want to destroy the Temple… Fool!… Look at it over there, the glorious and holy Temple of Israel. It is untouchable, o profaner! And You are dying. »

    Other priests say: « Blasphemous You the Son of God? Come down from there, then. Strike us by lightning, if You are God. We are not afraid of You and we spit at You. »

    Others who are passing by shake their heads saying: « He can but weep. Save Yourself, if it is true that You are the Chosen One! »

    And the soldiers remark: « So, save Yourself! Burn to ashes this suburra of the suburra! Yes! You are the suburra of the empire, you Judaean rabble. Do so! Rome will put You on Capitol and will worship You as a god! »

    The priests and their accomplices say: « The arms of women were more pleasant than those of the cross, were they not? But, look, Your… (and they utter a disgraceful word) are already there waiting to receive You. You have the whole of Jerusalem as Your matchmaker. » And they hiss like snakes.

    Others throw stones shouting: « Change these into bread, since You multiply loaves. »

    Others mimicking the Hosannas of Palm Sunday, throw branches and shout: « Curses on Him Who comes in the name of the Demon! Cursed be His kingdom! Glory to Zion that cuts Him off the living! »

    A Pharisee stands in front of the cross, he raises his hand in an indecent gesture, and says: « "I entrust You to the God of Sinai" did You say? Now the God of Sinai is preparing You for the eternal fire. Why don't You call Jonah so that he may repay Your kindness? »

    Another one says: « Don't ruin the cross with the strokes Of Your head. It is to be used for Your followers. A whole legion of them will die on Your cross, I swear it on Jehovah. And Lazarus will be the first one I'll put there. We shall see whether You free him from death, now. »

    Peace be with you always

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    Post on Sun Dec 25, 2011 7:25 am by Poem

    Jesus 'forgave' everyone of them. All the hate.

    I learned a great lesson today, that is to be like Christ, means to forgive the greatest crime done to yourself, with meekness and humility. This is closest you will get to being like Christ. By really, forgiving hatred in people who really hate you as a Christian, as a good person, as an even mediocre person, because you allowed Christ to fill you with, true love in the moment to see through their actions. "Father, Forgive them for they do not know what they are doing!" but in a low voice he said this. Barely audible, to the farthest away. For His throat was dry, he had no drink, no water, to quench His thirst, He had been beaten, by brutes. He had been scourged by beasts, He had been kicked and hit by raving madmen. He forgave them all, they were hateful, they were filled with madness of hate.

    Yet, the impact of what I learned is nothing compared to what I was revealed.

    Hate is Satan. They were filled with the wrath of Satan. They were possessed.

    We can be possessed by Love, or possessed by Hate.

    Jesus came to save, He came to forgive men their sins against God. To make peace between God and man.

    When we can forgive hateful people, we then have achieved, Christ likeness. It takes a lot to get there for some, while others have already conquered this.

    For me, though, I grew up around hateful people, I just wanted to get away from them. I had no idea about Religion, did not know how to react to such a situation, because, the flurries of hateful words and actions, makes one stunned, paralyzed. Shocked.

    Jesus was not shocked, nor stunned, nor paralyzed, he knew exactly what was happening and resorted to forgiveness. Love, Mercy, Compassion, for the evil and wicked men. He let God judge them. He forgave them.

    Then later on we see, after the "Deicide" God's flurries for those who rejected, Christ. Thunder, earthquake, whirlwinds. Tearing of the Veil in the Temple. So forth.

    Jesus the meek Lamb of God.

    The Father, the Judge in this case.

    But, in the latter days, Jesus is the Lamb King, and the Judge. For the Father has given Him all authority in Heaven and on Earth. But, the Son does nothing on His Own, it is a Triune God, they all agree and act together. Interesting isn't it? One cannot act out of agreement from the others. They all agree. Unlike man.

    Peace be with you always

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