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    Be Careful of What You ask for


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    Be Careful of What You ask for

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    Book 5 Passion Section

    Other priests say: « Blasphemous You the Son of God? Come down from there, then. Strike us by lightning, if You are God. We are not afraid of You and we spit at You. »


    In fact many begin to be upset by the light that is enveloping the world and some people are afraid. Also the soldiers point to the sky and to a kind of cone that seems of slate, so dark it is, and that rises I like a pine-tree from behind the top of a mountain. It looks like a waterspout. It rises and rises and seems to produce darker and darker clouds, as if it were a volcano belching smoke and lava.


    His head falls on His chest, His body leans forward, the trembling stops, He breathes no more. He has breathed His last.

    The Earth replies to the cry of the murdered Innocent with a frightening rumble. From a thousand bugle-horn giants seem to give out only one sound and on that terrible chord there are the isolated rending notes of lightning that streaks the sky in all directions, falling on the town, on the Temple, on the crowd… I think that some people were struck by lightning, because the crowd was struck directly. The lightning is the only irregular light that enables one to see at intervals. And immediately afterwards, while the volley of thunderbolts still continues, the earth is shaken by a cyclonic whirlwind. The earthquake and the tornado join together to give an apocalyptic punishment to the blasphemers. The summit of Golgotha trembles and quakes like a plate in the hands of a madman, because of the subsultory and undulatory shocks that shake the three crosses so violently that they seem on the point of being overturned.

    Longinus, John, the soldiers grab whatever they can, as best they can, not to fall. But John, while grasping the cross with one arm, with the other supports Mary Who, both because or Her grief and the unsteadiness, has leaned on his chest. The other soldiers, and in particular those on the side sloping downhill, have had to take shelter in the centre, to avoid being thrown down the precipice. The robbers howl with terror, the crowd howls even more and would like to run away. But it is not possible. People fall one on top of the other, they tread on one another, they fall into the fissures of the ground, they hurt themselves, they roll down the slope as if they had gone mad.

    The earthquake and the tornado recur three times, then there is the absolute immobility of a dead world. Only flashes of lightning, without the rumble of thunder, still streak the sky illuminating the scene of the Jews fleeing in every direction, at their wits' end, their hands stretched forward or raised to the sky, at which they had so far sneered and of which they are now afraid. Darkness is mitigated by a dim light which, increased by the silent magnetic lightning, enables one to see that many are lying on the ground, I do not know whether they are dead or have fainted. A house is on fire inside the walls and the flames rise up straight in the still air, a bright red spot in the grey-green atmosphere.

    The Lord forgave man all the insults. The words they spewed. But He does not forgive the lack of charity. Being hateful from the heart. Your sentiments of hatred. Thus punishment. This is the root. From this God arrives at your judgment. If you hate, you cannot be forgiven. You must change first to love then be forgiven. While you are spewing hatred, is love in your thoughts, sentiments? No. You are hating. You have to change first. Then we have to understand how we arrived at hate. The rest is up to God how he deals with all the sin and crime you committed while hating.

    Hate is kinship to "Satan." The Author of Hate.

    Some people do not commit crimes, but still spew hatred to others. This is a lack of charity, and Jesus said, He does not forgive a lack of charity.

    There's a fine line here. If you hate God out of wrongful knowledge, as you were tricked, and this is shown in Poem more times than naught, also St. Paul who was Saul of the Temple, this is different, because, you were not told the absolute truth. Therefore, you have no Truth. But, you became hateful. This cannot be forgiven while being hateful.

    Ask yourself this: Did God forgive Lucifer? No. Lucifer is Hatred.

    The majority of the Pharisees on the other hand, knew the Truth, they had the Holy Scriptures, the Law, the Rite. They 'rejected' the Truth. When you read Poem, you read that they were into other doctrines. These men were just dressed up like true believers of God. They had from the start set in their hearts to rule over Israel. They had no intention of serving God. Serving God means to serve the people God has put to the charge, namely your neighbor. To serve means to be a charitable person. Generous, kind, obedient, thinking of that person who is in front of you. Now this is seems odd, gathering from Jesus' words, when certain towns asked Him to stay and not leave: He said: "I have other souls to attend to" and He had to explain to them, that, there is only One of Him. Thus, Jesus, trained Disciples to do the same. There is more of us than of Jesus. One Jesus, many men and women. God wants man to merit, Heaven, not be coasted into It, like riding an escalator. This is how people think today, due to modern lazy toys and inventions.

    I would like to walk, but there's nothing but asphalt and smog. I would like to see a natural landscape that hasn't been changed by man. I would like to go on nature walks where there is no satellite overhead, no gps, no other privacy inhibiting devices and gadgets. Man has created, a world of foolishness. Oh I have to watch my neighbor, don't know what he's up to! No morals. No honor, no respect. Man is bankrupt of love and virtues.

    Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimethea. Gamaliel and Hillel. And a few others Believed in God in their ways. Gamaliel believed, after Christ died. He waited for the punishments to believe. See here? After the punishment.
    And yet, even after the punishment, many still did not believe. Proof of God's choice. God could have destroyed the whole place, simply. But, He did not. He wants man to believe through Faith in His Word. To accept His Word.
    Don't wait till punishments arrive and pass to believe. Be simple like a child and accept His Word on faith.

    When you read about the scribe in Book 2, who brought his son to Jesus to be healed just before the First Miracle of the Loaves, the scribes testimony tells a good deal. There were others like him.

    To be able to have a good understanding, a thorough understanding, is needed. I have been slowly seeing these differences.


    The variance of knowledge what each one has been taught, assimilated, willed by themselves or by others.

    Thus, we need to watch the door to the mind carefully. Your mind's door, what you allow in.

    Peace be with you always

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