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    Angels Live in Poverty of Material Goods They Do Not Have Attachement To Them


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    Angels Live in Poverty of Material Goods They Do Not Have Attachement To Them

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    Jesus said, 'be like angels.' Their character, their thinking, their life.

    Let's take this one step further than, being like them spiritually.

    Let's give up material goods hoarding and gaining. Let's use them as passes, to where we don't keep more than we need while living in this exile. We get we give what our neighbor needs. Material poverty, helps to keep us, from living a settle down complacent life otherwise called cold feet or lukewarm. When your stomach has been filled, and it's not true for everyone, you are satisfied and feel like taking a long break. Oh, if I could feel like this continually! Not needing food and the sensation afterwards of gratification. This exact samething occurs when we write a list of things we need to fill up our homes with to keep ourselves physically, and carnally, satisfied. Are you really satisfied?

    In the centuries past, humanity had less than we have today. Even the most rich thought, what else can I gain?

    Today, those things are no longer worth anything. They have all been traded in for the newer things. TV with Widescreen, Surround Sound system, iPhones, vehicles, the list grows endless.

    At least in the centuries past, people were more honest, less in a hurry, less inclined to hunt down their next item to collect. People were more patient, less edgy.

    Today, anxiety, fear, impatience the list grows endless.

    No Peace. These toys brought more confusion and more anxiety. Because now you crave it. People do stupid things just to get an iPhone. A widescreen TV, car, so forth. This is what I observed. Frenzy, craziness, like madmen.

    The madmen of the centuries past are now the madmen of today.

    These past madmen were bitten with anxiety for power to rule.

    Now this same, insanity is overtaken many of today's people over simple things. TV Show Survivor. Really stupid. The others as mentioned above. Check your sanity. Are you, have you become so obsessed over some rating like a madman of the early centuries who was obsessed to rule? Obsessed to own? Couldn't live without something?

    Modernism and technology make this possible for anyone. No one is exempt.

    The Flood of Satan, probably the next to last wave. People have been hit by the successive material tsunami's.

    Jesus said, be like the angels and be free of these tentacles which Satan prods you to have. He injects things in your blood to where you crave them. Craving to the point of obsessed behavior. Where you will do anything to have it. All morals gone by the wayside. Lost sight of good over the bait for some material gain.

    You have been good all of sudden, you want this thing and insanity seems to have taken set, and when you have gotten the gain, you realize something was amiss. Maybe you didn't remember everything and certain things have become 'blocked' in your mind so you won't feel remorse, regret, like you did something wrong. But, you certainly have what you wanted after breaking every good moral. This is what Satan does day in and day out. He finds a weakness in us. We have many weaknesses.

    To overcome this, think of the Angels. They do not own, a house, a car, land, even clothing. They rest peacefully in God. And they want nothing else, Because God is everything. The house, the car, the clothing the, gold, the rubies, the prestige celebrity, ego so forth.

    God is everything.

    And for those who understand this, you are so close to God. Because, you don't need anything else. This is the nice thing about Faith and Trust in God. You know He supplies all your needs. And if you don't have something that another person has, it doesn't bother you the least. Because, God thought that you didn't require it. Rather, you say, what God wants for me is best for me. And later, I will enjoy, what I mortified here.

    The New Earth as depicted in Apocalypse and obscurely in the Old Testament, will be absolutely perfect.

    Peace be with you always
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