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    Now, what is science if it lacks wisdom? It is straw. Straw that swells and does not nourish. And I truly tell you that the time will come in which too many among the Priests will be like swollen straw-stacks, proud straw-stacks, that will stand up straight in the pride of being so swollen, as if they had given themselves all those ears of wheat that crowned the straw, as if the ears were still on the summits of the straw, and will think that they are everything because, instead of the handful of wheat, the true nourishment that is the spirit of the Gospel, they will have all that straw: a heap! A heap! But can straw be enough? It is not even sufficient for the stomach of a beast of burden, and if its master does not strengthen the animal with fodder and fresh herbs, the beast of burden nourished only with straw wastes away and may even die.

    Poem of the Man-God Volume 5 Chapter on Last Teachings Before Ascension

    Now the Lord is Truth, His truth is not about beating people up. It's about giving us the reality. God's reality is not human realism. God is the God. The Father who tells His dwindling children, what's up. Hey what's up?

    No, not hey what's up! That's completely human.

    It's more like, I'm letting you know so you can help out.

    Notice, Jesus says to love one another. What does this imply? It certainly does not imply tearing apart each other. It implies, to help each other whatever the circumstance, whatever the situation, good or bad. Jesus calls out to the good hearted people to pray, give alms, support the fallen, the down trodden, the cast out, the misfortunates--the ones that sinned and ruined themselves, no one can do this alone. Imagine sitting at your house, and doing nothing. What can you accomplish? Nothing and you get no merit.

    Jesus informs us so we can do something. He tells us, because they don't listen and maybe if they don't listen to Him, they might listen to you?
    Maybe if you rant and raved and pushed like a bull, getting them to soften up they might be able to once again hear?

    Pride is a horrible thing to be caught up in. In Pride one cannot hear reason. Because pride makes one think he is invincible, he is the perfect one, he is the great one and he is the 'authority' on everything spiritual and everything other topic then becomes another point that they are superior in because pride makes one think, they are 'god.' Pride is a voice. Lust is a voice. Avarice is a voice.

    The Idea of God which man has means something to this: Perfection, Ultimate Knowledge, Ultimate in dexterity, Ultimate in every other topic and thing. This is mans idea of God, but in his own thinking. What man imagines God is. We have some clue, but they are not well formed. It is more, oblique, faint, because it is distant. In the distance of a 1000 miles, we cannot see. When man does not meditate and come to union with God, that is prayer, man cannot know God clearly enough to remove the bad figure he has cut of God. He who knows God, knows God. Which means to get to know God.

    Now God's idea of God is not anything like the above mentioned.

    God Is. He is Power. Nothing like you can ever singularly sum up. When we meet God face to face, He will infuse this lesson on what God is truly. Until then we have, clues, some truths and not the full Truth, or completed Truth.

    I once saw a story, where, a person, gave clues at every stop. Each clue, gave a bit more information. But, since, the person was in a hurry, they did not have time to gather all the clues for formation.

    Each attribute of God, and what we are given, are like clues to the bigger picture. Each clue then, fills in the puzzle.

    God then, gives us morsels, like bread crumbs on a path, that leads to His Gates. And the distance we traveled is now nill. We are standing fact to face with God. He seemed to us very distant on Earth. He seemed so tiny because we were so far away from Him.

    Our souls, can live on two planes of existence. The first one on the earth. The second one, on a spiritual plane. There are two spiritual planes: Heaven and Hell. The Hellish ones, imbue the infernal smoke. The Heavenly ones imbue Grace and Peace.

    Our souls are not corporeal and thus, lives on different planes if we follow them. The spiritual plane is above and Jesus comments so much about this in different ways, that, it seems a mystery. It is. But, after you have nourished yourself on His Word and the Spirit amplifying them, you understand. Your soul is taken to this plane. Matter does not constrain the soul. Yet is can be weighed down by humanity. The worldly spirit.

    Imagine, hands reaching out to grab you, to pull on you from rising. This what Humanity does.

    Jesus walked on the water. Peter impulsively asked Jesus if he can come. Jesus said: Come. He walked about 50 yards, and whap! His humanity awakened. If he had not thought about what he was doing, there would have been no doubt entering.

    To get to the point of completely erasing humanity in us, we need to remove all that, drags on our flesh, our humanity, which we were soaked with. All about, walking on the ground, what I see and touch is real. The spiritual realm is about Faith. I believe, therefore I trust in God.

    My flesh needs to die to all this human reasoning. Which means to have only the spirit do the reasoning.

    The first impulse Peter had, was a good one. He just forgot to stay focused spiritually as Jesus is. Jesus is Spirit in Flesh. He did not allow the flesh to dictate, but was subjected to it. Meaning, he lived in the Flesh body, but not as we do. He lived in it as God. He was subjected, meaning, he had to walk when it was necessary, put on clothing to quell scandal, so forth. He was Man. Fully Man. He sweat, ate, washed his hands, refreshed his body, slept, sat, had senses like we, feel, touch, taste, smell, hear, see so forth, but he did not subject His Spirit to the dictations of the flesh's hunger for vice.

    This is where we err greatly. Thinking he was fully God and not a Man. Many think that Jesus was so God in Flesh that, it was impossible for Him to have any human inclinations. I find this in myself. When I read about, Christ, being tortured and bleeding and bruised, I realized he was Fully Man. But until then, I had thought of Him more as God in flesh. God borrowing flesh.

    We read: He was born. This means, He did not borrow flesh. He became Man. This is difficult for a great many as was myself. I thought that since He was God, he could defy matter anyway He so inclined. Yet, He did not abuse it. When Jesus, did defy matter, He did it to show the Apostles He is God too. For they thought, Jesus was just 'man' with God doing the miracles. Like Elijah. Elijah placed the holocaust and then prayed to God and God brought down Fire from Heaven.

    Christ on the otherhand was Man and God. It is a bit confusing. Because it is difficult at times to know if He is talking as Man or as God. When He performed miracles, was the Man acting or was the God acting.

    The Commentary Jesus made to His Apostles, when He took them to their first retreat, where He had gone for 40 days to prepare for His ministry, was surprising. He said: That is when I felt I had power to perform miracles. Meaning, when He fasted for 40 days. I found this, to be very informing.

    This tells me, that He was Man, and before He set out to His mission, he was just Man. When He separated from His earthly life to start His Heavenly mission, that's when the Spirit of God descended upon Him. Baptism at the river Jordan. Although, Jesus tells us He did not really need to have the Spirit, God deemed it was necessary. For the Word was made Flesh. God is order. And this is the order which God wants man to be in.

    To have the Spirit descend upon him, for this is God's Thought for man.

    Adam had the Spirit. And sin removed the Spirit. God's punishment was to let man live without the Spirit for which he was created for. For, man had directly disobeyed God. Rejected. A son so closely cared for and loved, and taught, this says a great deal: God had made clear the Fruit Lucifer was offering. For us it is a few words in Genesis. Yet, without really, contemplating how severe the punishment was, you would never truly know. God does not punish severely for small mistakes. This one was one that changed the course of man and what God, had to do to restore Grace.

    And it was many millennia before God sent the Spirit back to Man. Which Christ is the Figure of the Spirit's Return.

    But man today, doesn't want the Spirit. He wants to play with his toys. He wants to relish them, be soaked in them. He has no desire for the Spirit, which gives Life.

    Jesus is the bath, that cleanses us to be once again Clothed with the Spirit. Grace. Jesus is the nourishment that restores our degenerated spirits, to having us once again desire this. To restore the lost memory, to reinstate man in God, and thus conquer Heaven. Obtain Heaven.

    God's love never ceases.

    Peace be with you always

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