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    One of the Damaging Affects of Sin


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    One of the Damaging Affects of Sin

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    Genesis 3

    [7] And the eyes of them both were opened: and when they perceived themselves to be naked, they sewed together fig leaves, and made themselves aprons. [8] And when they heard the voice of the Lord God walking in paradise at the afternoon air, Adam and his wife hid themselves from the face of the Lord God, amidst the trees of paradise. [9] And the Lord God called Adam, and said to him: Where art thou? [10] And he said: I heard thy voice in paradise; and I was afraid, because I was naked, and I hid myself.

    What was lost is one of the greatest losses to man. Ability to see incorporeal beings naturally.

    Before, Adam and Eve, were lost to sin, they not only 'heard' God but were able to see God. For these two were created 'perfect' without faults.

    The above verse states that they heard God's Voice walking in the noon air.

    Their flesh became aware of the sounds and hungers of animals. And they fell from the lofty place as spirits. To us this is an invisible plane. Jesus calls it the spiritual plane where spirits dwell.

    This is an interesting piece to dwell on. Which Jesus explains. Which is mentioned in the first book of Poem.

    It really takes sometime to understand the 'fall' from Grace.

    Jesus explains what it was like for them to be in Grace. Grace Held them in the Light. God covered them while at the same time, like being sucked up to Heaven but still on the earth. Like putting on vision goggles to see some movie. But to them it was natural. They could see God without trying. It was a natural occurrence to them. A phenomenon we do not experience today because we are 'fallen.'

    Jesus explains that after the fall, every man afterwards in order to rise up again, must follow the prescription given by Him. Baptism by water, and the necessary Sacraments and to keep this dearly to protect your soul.

    When we are first Baptized, we are close to God, so close to God that we really feel a complete change and new awareness, the spirit has been regenerated in us and it is now 'alive.'

    God looks at us with His Gaze. It is not anything like to compare with on the earth. The soul has been ignited by Grace. Lit up. Your soul is full of light. This light has filled you. And it is God's Light within you. Being flooded with light.

    Unfortunately in today's swiss cheese world, it isn't long before we are once again invaded by snakes and worms wanting to take you down.

    Once the soul lites up, the Demon comes to hunt you down. But, at this point, you are stronger than the demon. He comes to wear you down. You need to know how to defend yourself.

    Prayer, meditation, Sacraments. Stick close to God and the demon will never tear into you.

    Looking back the demon sent his servants after me. People out of nowhere, I've never seen nor met before, showed up in church and ask to be my friend. Isn't it strange?

    I thought, why is this guy here? What does he want? Later on in life, I realized, that he was sent by the demon. I can tell you many more, just to show you that Satan means business.

    Satan never stops until he gets his prey. He works like no other hunter. You need to know this. You must remain strong in the Lord. St. Paul encountered him many times. He even writes about it briefly. It is the hint that you should pay close attention to. Jesus even says, how much Satan bothered Him. Jesus even tells us to fight against the demon. That this is a true war Satan vs. Christ. Two armies. Good vs. Evil.

    It seems too good to be true, or even, silly for some. Nah, it can't be. It is true.

    Thus, the greatest advantage Satan has over us now, is that we cannot see him as Adam and Eve were able to, with their natural eyes.

    Grace, gave them the ability to see incorporeal beings. It's like being enhanced.

    Grace created them and Grace gifted them. Which means more than what we think. It goes beyond our current comprehension.

    They were superhuman at the point of creation.

    Superman has xray vision. Adam and Eve had better vision than xray vision. They had Graced vision. They were able to see God, the Beatific Vision and the angels were a common sight. Jesus explains this clearly.

    Some saints were able to climb back up this point. They were, pure souls.

    The pure in heart shall see God. From this statement we think about the time when we arrive in Heaven and see God. But, Jesus meant for souls that are on the earth as well as, the for sure Eternal Vision.

    A soul so pure and strong in faith can see God on the earth. It is absolutely possible. Some souls have been given this sight back to even see Jesus at Mass. When He comes to consecrate the Species, and give it to the faithful, as the High Priest, the Eternal Pontiff

    St. Faustina, was able to see Jesus at her cloister and she wrote a diary. At first the clergy could not believe what she witnessed. Her work was condemned and then, many decades later, Pope John Paul II overturned the condemnation and gave the blessing for her work to be published.

    Maria Valtorta, had Jesus come and visit her for 'years.' Along with, the Virgin Mary, the Holy Spirit, Angels and Saints. The same response was given to Maria as was given to St. Faustina. The Divine Mercy Chaplet was given to St. Faustina to spread to faithful all over the world.

    If we work hard and persevere, to become so pure and strong in faith, we can obtain this spiritual sight. We must maintain, in Grace and grow, elevate, become absorbed into God. Then God will give us the sight. I think this happens near expiration of earthly life for some, but I hope to find out if it is possible while still ministering.

    Peace be with you always

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    Post on Sat Oct 09, 2010 2:06 am by Poem

    "And the eyes of them were both opened"

    This is a tought one to grasp, and comprehend, without the Holy Spirit amplifying the Word.

    I remind you, that between man and God lies a great gap in Knowledge, Intellect, Wisdom, Understanding so forth and so on.

    Can man without God's help, understand God's words?

    No, absolutely no way.

    Isaiah 55

    [9] For as the heavens are exalted above the earth, so are my ways exalted above your ways, and my thoughts above your thoughts.

    The Holy Spirit, must ignite your soul. It is very gentle and slow coming. But for those who understand and know what I am saying, this is just a refresher. Very gentle. He is not pushy. He is very benign. As if He were not even there. A Whisper. But, His presence is undeniable. There's a certain desire He instills it's called love for the Word. The Word is the Son of God. He is Knowledge for our intellects, the mind. The Holy Spirit, is the Affections for the Word. The Love. The Love for the Word, which are the Thoughts of the Father. Love for the Word means Love for the Thoughts. Father and Son. And the Holy Spirit inspires us to Love Him.

    The Holy Spirit is the Convergence of the Two Loves and thus, He is the Great Love of the Father and the Son. A most powerful Love.

    Take two powerful rivers with great mass of water. The first river pours into the second river combining more mass of water. Then, the two rivers combined creates an large Ocean. This is Love. The Great Ocean.

    This is what we are given.

    Man was created to be filled. He should be the ocean. The Holy Spirit is this awesome Fire.

    Now let's take two great fires.

    The First Great Fire pours into the Second Great Fire and the Two Combined result in Massive Holy Fire. This is the greater Fire. The Holy Spirit.

    Man should be the Holy Fire.

    Now the Great River and the Massive Holy Fire, rests above ready to descend into some soul. But, it does not come down in it's full Massive Quantity. This would be catastrophic. Nothing left.

    Instead, these Two Greats Deposit their Essence into man.

    The Infinite deposits into a Finite. Small portions. Because that's all that is required.

    God is Infinite, Huge, man is finite, small and pale in comparison. The Father and the Son, combined generate this Massive Infinite Power. The Holy Spirit.

    God is Love. God is Most Powerful. The Angels, are waiting for man to come be part of the Communion Above.

    Heaven is a Powerful Place to be. A delight of all delights.

    I can't wait to see God. Have my sight restored.

    Now back to the verse.

    There flesh eyes were awakened to a non-spiritual world, and all they saw was the raw natural world which God created. It no longer was spiritualized to them. They lost the spiritual eyes.

    As I had mentioned afore about Jesus' Birth, where, Maria was the visionary for this awesome and most important event in man's history, the whole Grotto, changed. It became 'supernaturalized' for that brief moment during Jesus Birth. It was made most beautiful. The True presence of God is nothing but Beauty beyond your wildest imagination. This is what Adam and Eve Lost. And we have to gain back.

    And thus it is written; "and the eyes of them were both opened"

    Not to God, but to flesh and the natural world made of matter. There spiritual sight had become corrupted, by lewd hungers of the flesh. As if a veil had been removed. This is how beasts and animals are. They have natural hungers for to eat other flesh. Adam and Eve, became just like the animals in their passions. They craved each others bodies. They sated themselves with fleshly hungers. They fell from the Heights to mud.

    God created a simple flesh body to have a soul placed in it. And then, after a life in Grace, that flesh body would have become glorified just like Jesus' and Mary's Bodies and entered Heaven. The Final Judgment would have been, non-existent. But it would have been, a reward ceremony instead. For all God's sons and daughters to be given a nice, award. A more bountiful exceedingly joyful place than, the matter made Paradise. The Supernaturalized Paradise. This is the New Earth.

    The current situation calls for other measures to take place. Thus we read what these other measures are in the Bible.

    Two Paths were in the Garden. The Tree of Life was naturally placed because that's what God is. Life.

    The tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil, appeared. This is not naturally placed by God. Instead, God 'allowed' it to appear. He did not purposely place it there in the Garden. That is why, Lucifer is depicted as the 'Serpent.' Serpents, come in unnoticed. They hide in dark places and project, mask, cover their true looks to make themselves look more attractive, and thus, Oh, what is that? Never seen that before!

    Yet, God for some reason did not rebuke the Serpent, by sending angels to kick him out. He allowed this to take place to test Adam and Eve's loyalty. At some point the Presence of the Lord had taken to another place, or it seems, but what happened, He looked the other way. Just like the Father did when Jesus, was nailed to the Cross and had become Sin. That brief moment. That's all it took for the Serpent to lure Eve.

    Now for thoughts to fester into an desire takes time. She had made several visits.

    Some points: God is everywhere. The Angels are constantly watching and recording our actions and our thoughts. Say a thought to kill enters, you're being tempted. When the thought has formed into a concrete given action for one to take, then it is recorded. Because, a thought unless we meditate on it, contemplate it, it is just a thought. Like air.

    When the thought, becomes a concrete formation, as in this is what I'm going to do, that's a sin. But, if the thought has not been grabbed held, then it is the same as browsing. I browse the store until I find what I'm looking for. Most of the time what we're looking for is somewhere in the proximity of what we were hoping to find. Ok, so this leads to our shamby thinking. We are trying to find the exact thing. Yet it is not on the shelf. We can draw it out better than what we find in the shelves. Imagination. Thus, this thinking, leads to sketchy ideas about God. We do not see God clearly, because the world of products, distorts our thinking. After a while we loose the ability to imagine. And thus, we loose the ability to think properly about, sin and evil. And thus we are open to assaults and don't know it. Our minds have been deformed. The imagination is dead.

    Thus, we cannot comprehend God's Word. We thus need, to be 'regenerated' in spirit, to restore by rebuilding our faculties and imagination. The ability to reason, the ability to understand so forth. If we cannot visualize, which means to imagine, we cannot say we are 'intelligent.' Because animals do not visualize to imagine. They visualize to make a move. We have more than animals when it comes to visualizing. Which is to imagine. Creativity. Animals visualize to do something. To move, to dig a hole, to run. Movements. They do not dream. Men dream. Imagination.

    What is it that restores this faculty? Light. Light illuminates. God's Light is Pure Light that illuminates everything. If you're having trouble with this it is because of too much darkness in your mind. When God flips on the light in your mind to shed light, what does he see? Tons of thickets, coils and others as a result of the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil. In darkness then, Satan builds his kingdom in your mind. All of a sudden nasty words come out of your mouth. All of sudden you imagine vain thoughts, all of sudden, you're acting evil. See this? This is how he works, in darkness. Eve was lured to a darkened place, and the Serpent was glowing brightly in the dark place. She was intrigued and said: Oh, what a shiny thing! I will have a look, even though God said not to.

    The fact that God said to stay away, did not stop her, her desire to know more, prompted her to go. And the Serpent lured her with sweetness. Just as He did with Jesus, but the Devils language is not God's language and methods of speech. The words are different. Satan's way of speaking is always about, whatever your desire is. If you want to know evil, he will teach you all you need to know. If you want to know about what your neighbor is doing secretly he will fill your curiosity. Imprudence.

    Thus, the world is imprudent because they want to know everything that is going on. No privacy, no prudence. That's the world. And Eve is the one who brought this into man's life. She was not only disobedient, but imprudent. God said: Do not eat, which means to not ask. Do not look into matters, that is not for you to look into. We call it curiosity. God calls it imprudent. Which means you're not prudent.

    Faith, Hope, Charity, these three
    Temperance, Prudence, Justice, Fortitude.

    One does not need to know what is going on around the corner in your neighbors house. Only when the neighbor requests is when you are obligated. We are to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. Do you want paparazzi's snooping around your life?

    The world is imprudent.

    Read the Poem and the Notebooks to get the seed.

    Peace be with you always

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